Exploring Inexpensive Local Activities


Summer always reminds me of having fun and being out and about. The three day holiday break last week encouraged me to make this summer season memorable and adventurous (while watching my wallet). That’s why I came up with some cool goals to hit this summer: To explore inexpensive local activities.

1. Visit a local Farmer’s Market
Most cities regularly hold a weekend farmer’s market, so if you’ve never explored one before, it’s worth checking out. Not only does it bring a community of people together, but farmer’s markets host local vendors with fresh seasonal produce that can be more affordable than your average supermarket. I’ve been to a fair share of farmer’s markets in the past, so I always know to bring my reusable bag and cash with me.

2. Ride on two wheels – Bicycling
With the rise of gas prices in recent months, the amount of bike ridership has increased. Not only is it a cost effective mode of transportation, but it’s also a healthier alternative and reduces your carbon footprint. My goal this summer is to bike to work, which is roughly 3 miles one way. Whether you want to bike for pleasure or for purpose, change your pace and give bicycling a try. It’ll definitely be a rewarding workout.

3. Pick up a book from your local library
Visiting the library and joining the summer book club used to be an annual ritual when I was a kid. Nowadays, we have eBook readers, tablet devices, and other technology products that take us away from the physical copy of a book. Going to the library not only lets you explore and browse, but it’s also a rewarding experience of borrowing and reusing an item.

4. Take a day trip
Whether you live in a rural neighborhood or in a big metropolitan city, it’s always nice to step away from the familiar and go somewhere fun. I live close enough to lots of entertainment spots and dining, but far away enough from the big city life. Exploring what’s around you allows you to experience the city in ways you may not have before.

What goals would you like to reach this summer? Leave a comment and share with us your plans. Also if you’re a regular biker, what tips would you suggest for someone who hasn’t ridden in a while? Any tips would be helpful.

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photo credit via Weed Whacker


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