Protecting Our Users

Trading, sharing and renting almost any item or service has never been easier. With just a few clicks of a mouse, anyone can set up a rideshare, rent out their bedroom or swap away belongings they don’t want.

The increasing popularity of Listia and other collaborative consumption sites is exciting, but as these markets grow so do reports of fraud and bad behavior from users. At Listia we continously challenge ourselves to examine and reinforce our commitment to protect our users. We’re extremely fortunate to have a very honest and supportive community of traders, but still stand by our promise to safeguard listings with our Listia Assurance. Here’s a recap of our protection policy:


Buyers get a FULL REFUND of credits:

  1. If an item won on Listia is not received or significantly not as described in the listing
  2. If a seller changes the listing terms (as outlined in the description) after it ends, and the buyer disagrees

Sellers can KEEP ALL credits:

  1. If a winner does not pay shipping, is non-responsive, or otherwise experiences buyer’s remorse
  2. If a winner claims they did not receive anitem, but the seller has provided a valid tracking number

How it Works: 

  1. Contact the seller or buyer if you have an issue and try to resolve it
  2. If that doesn’t work, just file a dispute from your listing page
  3. We work with both parties and make a decision based on the guidelines above

What’s Not Covered?

Listia Assurance does not cover shipping charges or other arrangements and trades made outside of Listia. The best way to recover shipping charges is to use a trusted payment processor such as PayPal and avoid sending cash or checks in the mail. For complete details, please view our rules page.

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  1. Fairyduststudio says:

    Nice blog guys. It’s good to put a fact to a user. Question, any chance of you guys adding a few more mods? It seems the length of time to receive an answer to a question, or resolve a dispute is getting longer and longer. My daughter xfallenangelx sent in a help request regarding phone evaluation over a week ago and has received no response…I can imagine w/Listia popularity growing modes are inundated with requests. Just wondering 🙂

  2. Fairyduststudio says:
  3. I agree with FairyDust 100%! I, too, would love to volunteer my help as a moderator. I have been on Listia for years, and from what I’ve seen, you really could use the help!

  4. Why are you not following your Listia Assurance??

    • I would like to know why listia isnt following it own rule?

      Trade with confidence!
      Your credits are 100% covered
      with Listia Assurance Support » Listia AssuranceWhat’s Covered?
      Buyers get a FULL REFUND of credits:
      If an item won on Listia is not received or SIGNIFICANTLY NOT AS DESCRIBED in the listing.


      • I see now what you are trying to say yeah good point! I often wonder why Listia does not split the credits accordingly like if I get a Dvd and the case comes cracked and the seller will not send a new one. why not split the credits like the seller gets less credits because they did not ship the item properly and this way they don’t get the full credits because something happened in the shipping? Just and example it happens all the time with me getting Dvds. So if I put dispute in then they might loose all the credits and then I will have to mail back the whole thing I guess idk?

  5. lightmoon says:

    I won 2 auctions of the same seller and I did not receive the items that I won and my credits were not refunded. Listia did not help me. The seller was protected for stole my credits and for leaving my items. I opened 2 disputes and I didn’t refund my credits.

  6. Dana Taylor says:

    I love Listia but they didnt protect me. A couple days back my whole account was taken over by a hacker. I begged for help…but because the hacker also had control of my account I went unheard. I files around 50 complaints but instead of emailing me they tried to resolve the problem through listia….hello im telling you my account has been taken over and you dont listen? They created fake auctions for high credits on GIN and used the credits to win other peoples auctions and listia reward store gift cards. I left in comments when they won a listia giftcard from my account and listia still sent the code. Why? Now im out of my favorite site and afraid of what else this hacker may have done with my personal information. … if anyone from listia sees this and cares please please contact me at:

  7. Sharon Eft says:

    March 5, 2014 at 2:25 am

    I am personally tired of all the boguas auctions through out Listia. All these new so called Litians join just to get the free credits and the to more free credit they list a auction that 2x I got had and won and never heard from the owne of the auction. All that does is tie up peoples credit because we first have to wait 3 day in order to file a dispute requesting our creditsback, then we have to wait another 5 days so we can still not hear from the auction owner before we can get our credit back. But L:istia never des anything to those kids that are not going to be good Listians in the first place. If Listia has time to scan our IP addresses then damn why can’t you take a look at all these bogas accounts that have already claimed out credits that have to be held for 8 days. How fair is that. I had a new person all she was her for was to collect all those free credit listia gives freely to people and kids and one of them won an auction of mine. When I refused to send the item because she was not listia verified I was called the most disgusting vile, vulgar names I have ever heard. Listia even flagged the profanity, so I then asked listia for created support ticket and copied the auction link as they request and just incase they didn’t want to go to the actual auction I copied and pasted every comment from me and from her proved that I refused to engage her and the response I got back made me so angry as all this agent did was recite listia rules back to me as if I didn’t already know these rulesshe recited to me. I went back with a vengeance and asked her would you want your mother or daughter called to be called all the disgusting and vulgar language and profanity to have to put up with that! I then said I wanted her supervisor, because all thhey seem to read is the tital in which you have to choose from that there was none that applied tol what was going on, so all she was read the title which prompted her to recite listia rules. Long story short It made to a supervisor and finally after 2 weeks of this going on my credits were refunded back to me and finlly removed the slug of a person from the site. Why does anybody have to go through that kind of ordeal??. And it started because Listia doesn’t put obstacles in place to detour these kinds of people that are just here to take whatever they can and are rewarded by listia by giving them credits, then listia will give them another couple 1000 if they list and auction FOR CRAYONS and no pictures. There is seriously something wromg with Listia’s recruiting these bottom feeders, and something is seriously broken that us older and dedicated Listians are paying for it dearly. I could care less about these raffles as again these bottom feeders get there hands in the raffles to and take away from us as well. FIX LISTIA then you can FIX the raffles Enough saqid


    Tigras Mallin says:

    April 1, 2014 at 5:07 am

    I agree with you totally I had my share! I just want to say Thanks You so much and well said even with the typos. I think Listia should start a say a kiddy pool for new people to test them out and have different levels to unlock to be able to play with the “long term Listians” before they are able to bid on people who been here so long, and then rune and destroy what we built up over time in our seller feedback and such, or like you said Rob us out credits then run away with free items also. I just got a bad feedback because the idiot is new and he not listening to reason. All these years I worked and was proud of my work and all it takes is one new idiot to come in and Poof only a few seconds GONE!! Us people on listia who have been on for a long while its not right!! I also think that them new people who was booted off listia should also take down the Negative feedback that an older time Listian has gotten because they just was kicked off not for good behavior for bad why should we still suffer????? I am willing to work with everyone why does listia, not listen to reason I been here long enough things do happened and it was totally out my control now they will get the item and the credits Listia gave back to them. All because things came up in this really bad time for everyone! Money is tight for everyone and things happened!! I cant help that it will take time to catch up I still willing to mail their items why can then?? Life happens New People have no right to do that to us that’s not Fair to us over the dumbest freaking things. And like you said I just got a threat If I no send it right now! They will give me a bad feedback Listia give them their credits back!! I Lost internet for 2 weeks out of my control then truck no start out of my control I promised everyone I will mail all items out things came up I am sorry. Listia I only can mail on Saturdays that gives me one day every week to mail If it was missed or skipped that Saturday then I am in the wrong. I now am paying shipping cost, lost my credits, and will now loose the item. I am honest like that but the bad feedback will still be their for years to come no one will even know what I did all that for FREE totally. I think I earned trusted seller spot don’t you??? Nothing seems good enough!! People make mistakes or things come up!! I have people call me ugly stuff also if they can not be an adult kick them off listia!! I can not help things come up! I still mail what. I can help but I cant not always control when it gets mailed out do to the funds of money and life unexpected happenings. Keep in mind some people are also Disabled and can not get things done A/S/A/P but as long they no do it all the time I mean come on Listia like get your act together where their is a loop hole some one will use it!! Thanks again Sharon for posting that! I hope listia hears us loads and clear Add me as a buddy on Listia!!! I send you a random link of one my auctions so you can add me as a buddy.. I not sure why can never look a persons name up on listia! Lol thanks Sharon… The other thing is why is it ok for them to threat about a negative feedback???? If I gave their credits back because I do make mistakes and they are still allowed to give a negative feedback well then I lost totally how is that even fair??? If you ask me I think that is BS! I messed up I admitted it to give a Negative or Neutral feed back is so BS also.

    not copy past that then will take you to my auction even if it did end then add me Tigras is the name Totally talks to much is the gain lol

    Thanks to anyone who also reads all of both Sharon’s and my post and also agrees and joins in!!!!


    • Oh I am sorry when I posted that I was tired from staying up so late waiting for auctions to go off.. Why is it ok for people to keep badgering me or anyone about something?? I can not delete the messages on here so people just stop saying negative comments!! Listia rules said no negative comments but people are still doing it over and over and over again!?????

      (( I am no way perfect and I never said I was! I am human just like everyone else but I also chose to Respect Everyone!!! Not only the ones who seam perfect but Everyone!! ))

      I think is if a person gives their credits back or listia gave them back they should not be able to give a negative feedback!!

      I also believe that it is not right to be made threats to in auction or out of auction. I get E-Mails already through listia and their was no way to report it!! The way people talk some time when they block you from replying back to them and you can not report them either for talking crap.

      I believe Listia should have different levels to unlock for new people for about a year this will put an end or slow it down to this fraud with new accounts!! Let new people bid on Listia sticker and low value items like that. A lot of kids are on here and they are winning free items when claiming they never got it or other things that fallow! I also believe that New people should not be able to charge for shipping in their own auctions into they unlock again that level of like 50 or more trusted auctions they themselves also delivered on. This with the new people and getting money from other sellers worries me they could take the money and run again.

      I believe older listians should also get more respect from Listia when it comes to raffles and other auctions from listia. Why not send a free sticker to them hard working people on listia I mean really will it break listia’s bank?? Why can we not get free awards because we are perfect seller or buyer and or both? This will also give people a reason to be better on listia. I know you give badges, thank you for that! Everything as we grow on listia should be something we have to unlock. Like if we goof enough to get a badge then we should be unlocked to a different level.

      If a new person was booted off listia then I belive then listia should auto boot the bad or neutral feedback or the auction from public view. I also believe that the feedbacks should have its own space like we have all in one I believe that they should have on a persons page 3.
      1) Positive sellers.
      2) as a buyers
      3) for neutral both seller and buyer

      The other one is if we come up with positive ideas and it was used on listia from listia we should get a high reward like credits or cash for in proving Listia itself. Also a Email that they will be using your positive idea(s)!!

      This will give you a positive website on listia also. I said did give the ideas of the free watch movies for credits already. I should have a some kind of badge also for that.

      I love listia and I am addicted to the site it is a great way to trade all unwanted items to get new items. I wish people would also stop badgering me as I am saying nothing but negative things when I am only trying to in prove the site for every one if they can not grow up then they should get off the site those people are taking the fun away from listia .

      Give me some time I will come up with more some more I may have forgot.

      I want to also thank my friends for their support in my auctions and repeated buyers and awesome sellers, who is willing to meat me half way and or understands me in all my auctions and or theirs all on Listia. I have met a lot of people on listia who are considered my listia Family and I have made some really awesome friends from Listia and invted to face book family!

      Thank you Listia for this site and all the positive in provments! Their is always room for more.

      To everyone Respect goes a long way if you treat people the way you want to be treated with “respect” You will also get it in return. Again thanks you!

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