Fall Shopping Guide


The Labor Day holiday weekend is upon us and that usually means a few things: Summer is coming to an end, our kids will be back in school (if they haven’t already), and the next shopping season is here! Labor Day marks a symbolic end to the summer, so many retailers and department stores are clearing out their summer inventory and stocking up for the Fall season. According to articles from About.com, Yahoo! Finance and LifeHacker, there’s always an optimal time to buy anything. Here are some suggested items that are best bought in these coming months:

September: appliances, computers and laptops, grills, lawn mowers, party supplies, school supplies

October: cookware, jeans, toys and games

November: aluminum foil and plastic wrap (strange, but true), HDTV and home theater items, wedding dresses

December: gift cards, tools, winter clothes and coats

And remember, if you don’t want to buy these items new you can also find these items on Listia! Check out our Clothing, Shoes & Accessories category for jeans, our Toys and Hobbies category, and laptop computers can be found in our Computer & Networking category.

As mentioned in our earlier blog about going green and reusing, consider donating your unwanted items or better yet, list them on Listia!

What items would you like to see more of on Listia?


  1. Connie Fountain says:

    I post a lot of collectible stuff that doesn’t fit into any two-dimensional category. They are nicknacks, valued statues, 3-D items, plaques, etc. I would like to see a category that describes these type of items rather than sports or fantasy game cards. Maybe there could be a household items category which would cover accessories for your home. You cannot find these items sufficiently under home and garden because most listings are seeds and garden items.Please consider my suggestion so this area of merchandise can stand on it’s own and not be lost in the myriad card and seed lists.Thank you,Connie

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