Creating a Custom Subcategory

We have a new tool feature we want to share with all of you. Starting today, users will be able to optionally create custom subcategories that can help better categorize your listing.

The purpose of the custom subcategory tool is to provide a more descriptive listing and increase relevance when browsing. For example, under the Music & Instruments category, you will only find the fixed ‘CD’ and ‘Records’ subcategories. Previously, if you had a guitar, there would not have been a subcategory relevant to your listing. But now, users can create a custom subcategory called “Instrument”, resulting in a more descriptive listing. Over time, the most commonly used custom subcategories will be evaluated and included into our fixed subcategories as needed.


To use this tool, simply go to the List Auction page. Under any category, you will be able to find the Subcategory drop down menu. First look to see if the current sub-categories are relevant to your item. If not, you can click on “Choose your own” and enter your custom sub-category label.


Using the earlier example, you create a custom subcategory called “Instrument” to further describe your listing. Once you have created the custom subcategory and finished your entire listing, click “Submit” and you will find your new subcategory in your listing page.


All users will have the ability to use your custom subcategory for their future listings.


NOTE: Custom subcategories are optional and are to be used for descriptive purposes only. Custom subcategories are to help better categorize your listing so misuse of this tool (e.g. irrelevant word/phrase, providing profile information (seller feedback, free shipping offerings, location) etc) is not allowed. Listia reserve the rights to remove a custom subcategory if we find users misusing this tool. Any abuse of this feature will and can result in listing removal, partial or permanent suspension.

This information is available on our Support page here:

We hope this feature creates a better listing description and search result. What sub-categories will you be creating? Help us help you!



  1. This past week I ran into an issue that is somewhat similar in nature. All it amounts to is wanting to have an item listed in multiple categories.Say someone has an *XL T-Shirt*, but it could be Men’s OR Women’s. If they list it in either category, they could end up just having women/men look at it. If they put it in the general “Clothing” category, potential bidders ALSO might not see it, because they may just be looking at all “Men’s” clothes, simply to weed out irrelevant results.So the seller feels bad about deciding on a category, because either way, you assume it’s going to hurt your potential page views and bids.Can you comment on this please?

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    @MattChance: Thanks for your feedback. As you may know, our “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories” is only limited to the fixed subcategories of Boys, Girls, Men’s, and Women’s. This is a good example for creating a new custom subcategory for “Unisex” items. Hope that was helpful.

  3. Hi Listia. I love this idea. In the past I’ve wished that some categories had more subcategories, when listing and searching. For instance, when I searched “Cell Phones”, I have wished for a sucategory such as “Cell Phones Only” besides the “Accessories” subcategory because I wasn’t intereted in accessories, but had to look at those as well when I searched cell phones. Also in the “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories” category, I wished they had subcategories for “Tops”, “Bottoms”, “Full Outfit” (such as for a dress, or set), and “Footwear” because it would have simplified the search down to items which I did actually want.I also love the idea of the Updates we can now do on our auctions.I just wanted to say let you know I’ve said it, THANX Listia! Ever since I’ve accidently stumbled upon you, and signed up, its like the page where I’m on the most! I wake up in the morning, sign in, and go on numerous times throughout the day! I didn’t actually believe that Listia could be real, until I actually tried it. You know how many websites there are out there that claim that you will get free stuff, but then have terms and such rules that are practically impossible. They’re all bummers, but LISTIA ROCKS! I’ve won numerous items here on Listia, and love the idea of sharing the items I don’t use with others. I have come to trust, and LOVE Listia soooo much! It just seems to grow on me. I’m your #1 addict and loyal fan! GO LISTIA!! Luv you! ❤ And thanks for every, single moment I spend on you! =)

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