Economies of Sharing

Since our launch in 2009, thousands of companies have joined our mission to change the way we consume goods and services. Instead of buying new things in isolation, people can now turn to local and online communities to share, trade and rent just about everything. From books to clothing to cars to apartments and even childcare–collaborative consumption is making our environment and wallets a bit greener.

A popular form of measure among sharing communities is “idling capacity”, or the social and economic value of under-utilized spaces, skills and stuff. Stop for a moment to look around. How many items in your home go unused?




  1. REALLY like this! It is an awesome visual explaination / description. Love it. I am surprised no one has commented. I plan to use this on my Blog and Facebook! THANKS!Marpopins . . .”Plant a seed . . .Watch it Grow”

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