Giving away free stuff should be easy.

Like many great ideas, Listia was built as a solution to a messy and frustrating problem. A few years back one of our cofounders, James, posted old snowboard boots in craigslist’s free category, thinking he could quickly clear them out of his closet while earning himself good snow karma. His inbox immediately filled up with inquiries, and he found himself juggling multiple conversations, questions, schedules and levels of interest. After carefully selecting one person and politely notifying all other parties, James anxiously waited at home with his boots for the pickup. He waited, and waited. And then waited some more. When he realized his chosen recipient had actually flaked, he threw his hands in the air in frustration. Giving away free things should never be this difficult.


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Listia was created as an alternative to classifieds, with an emphasis on being easy, free, nationwide and FUN. Our auction-style listings have a leg up on regular classifieds and swap sites because:

  • Sellers can connect with local or national buyers
  • All questions and answers about your item appear publicly in your listing – no managing multiple email threads
  • If someone wants your item, they’ll bid to win. You can also set a “Get It Now” price on your item. No need to haggle
  • Listings can be posted for up to 21 days! More time means more exposure and more potential buyers
  • Safety: sellers are rated and verified, and all listings are backed by Listia Assurance
  • If you like a particular seller, you can easily follow them and bid on their listings
  • Selling your stuff for credits lets you save up to trade up, or spend on a variety of smaller things


What are your favorite things about Listia that other sites just don’t provide?


  1. Listia Inc. says:

    Thanks Gabrielle! We appreciate all our supportive users who make the community a fun and safe place to trade. We love to hear from you, so let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve as well.

  2. linda farrar says:

    i agree, i have made a few friends on here. and enjoy the fun of looking for that one item that only i would really appriecate.

  3. kkshizzle85 says:

    Oh man I feel almost like Listia is a savior for me. I don’t wanna get into a life story but econmically it is the greatest! My b/f is currently unemployed. I make enough money to get us by, but when you’re so used to going shopping and bringing home those precious new items and spend hours decorating/trying on clothes/etc whatever it may be. Well since he’s been unemployed I feel myself getting deeper and deeper into a depression w/out all those late night shopping adventures! Anxiety kicks in, etc. the whole 9 yardsfor me! Well then I found Listia, and it literally does take you away from a world w/ so much drama decision confusion etc. Listia takes me to place where I stay happy! Things to look forward to, things to get excited about. And you get even more excited when things are FREE! I won a 4 piece set of luggage even (never thought that was possible when I first heard of Listia)! I just love the fact that I’m not “Rolling in the dough” and though it looks as if I order from the internet daily. Everyday I’m receiving something off Listia! I honestly can’t show my gratitude enough for such a thoughtful, well orgaized “company” as Listia, and as humble! Truly, Thank you!Listia is my little miracle!

  4. linda farrar says:

    i know i have posted once here and posted everywhere. i just can not get my questions answered . so i keep posting making friends post some more. i just only want to know who can i talk to period. just talk to them. well type to them.

  5. linda farrar says:

    thank you gabrielle. but what i need apparently you are not in the position with listia

  6. Listia Inc. says:

    Hi Linda. If you have any questions for Listia, please submit a support ticket ( We’ll be able to better assist you there. Thanks!

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