Turn Your Unwanted Stuff Into Charitable Donations


The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s a great time to think of those in need. We know it can be difficult to be charitable while our holiday wallets are stretched thin, so we created an easy way for Listians to make dollar donations to charity without spending money.

From now until December 31, you can use your Listia credits to purchase special gift stars for any of our five holiday charities. You can buy stars with credits you already have, or give away your unwanted stuff to benefit a great cause. For every five stars gifted to a charity, Listia will donate one dollar to that organization.

Our five special holiday charities are:

Help us reach our goal of $1,000 for each charity before the end of the month! Together we can show support for these wonderful charities who strive to make our world a safer, cleaner, healthier and more hopeful place.



  1. Barbarita Gately says:

    I decided not to give feedback until I get the item. Today I got a great item boots the seller was great. I went to give her feedback and it said some thing that I did not understand and asked why but never gave me a chance to give feedback. Then I pushed archives not really knowing what that would do. Now I really can’t find her to say thanks nor give her a positive. Why was it not letting me just give a regular feedback as I use to. I just do not like giving out feedback before I even get the item. Thank you for explaining what and how I can give her her feedback.

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