Post-Holiday Savings: List-A-Day Promos

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but can leave us feeling strapped for cash once the merriment is over. Which is why January is the perfect time to trade your unwanted stuff on Listia. You can trade away gifts you didn’t particularly care for to get items that Santa missed on your wishlist. Or trade away extra stuff in your house to get those practical things you need, just to give your wallet a nice breather.

To help everyone kick off their 2012 trades, we’re running listing promos for ten full days. Check out our calendar of categories below, and click here to list an item. 



  1. Umm… okay so these are promo days… but what do we GET for listing them? It doesn’t say! lol Kind of forgot that info! Do we get free bonus credits? If so how much? Are each one different amounts or are they the same? Kind of need more info! lol

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    @briguynv: Thanks for your inquiry. The information can be found on the List Auction page ( On the top, you’ll see a blue banner stating “List-A-Day: Get 25 Bonus Credits today when you give away…” You can also find this information in your Goals page ( Hope that helps!

  3. delma544 Wallmark says:

    Hi, Just checking out the blog. Haven’t been here before.

  4. Listia Inc. says:

    @delma544: Welcome to our Blog! We usually write a post about once a week so be sure to check back for more blog posts 🙂

  5. EbookDelight says:

    This was a great idea on Listia’s behalf. I have been looking at all the recent posts for the List-A-Day promotion and it has obviously more than doubled the listings of everyone. I think this should be a constant promotion or maybe the begging of every month? No matter what you decide, I personally think this should continue.Thank you,EbookDelight

  6. freelandvillie says:
  7. LeftOverJunk says:

    I can’t find the Calendar on the Listia site! I found it before for the month of February, but when I try to go the place it was at earlier, I can’t find a static link to it or locate it anymore… If I go to , it just takes me to a page to list an item. I’d like to see the calendar thing so that I can earn even more credits by listing items on specific days.I can’t find it on this URL anymore either: someone please help?

  8. Listia Inc. says:

    @LeftOverJunk: The calendar will only be featured when there’s a listing promo going on. If you’re not seeing a calendar image in the List Auction page (, that means we do not have any promotions at this time. Thanks for understanding!

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