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We’re so thankful to have a large engaging community of users. Not only is Listia a fun marketplace to discover new and used items, but many users also gain new friendships here too. To go along with this collaborative spirit, we’ve come up with some helpful tips and advice that will help everyone succeed on Listia.


  • Seller: A user who lists an item
  • Bidder/Buyer: A user who bids on an item
  • Winner: A Bidder/Buyer who wins an item at the end of an auction
  • “G.I.N”: This is short for “Get It Now”. For more information about our Get It Now option, visit this page here
  • “F&W”: abbreviated for “Fanned and Watching”


  • Always have a clear descriptive Title. This will help attract potential buyers to click on your listing and be more engaged to read your description
  • Always have a clear and detailed Description. This is where you can highlight your item and give potential buyers your “selling points”
  • You can set a starting bid amount (ranging from 0 – 100 credits). This is done by clicking the Show Advanced Option button
  • If you are not offering free shipping (e.g. flat rate, exact rate) and have a specific payment method (e.g. PayPal only; does not accept PayPal), make sure you include that in your description so potential buyers are aware
  • For high-value items (e.g. electronics), we suggest that you include photos with your user name on a piece of paper next to your item. This will help potential buyers know that you have possession of the item and ensure buyer confidence
  • The more clear images you have, the more attractive your listing will be (check out our latest blog for statistics)
  • Comment back to potential buyers in your auction(s) so that they know you’re an active user and comfortable buying from you


  • Carefully read the auction listing and description before placing a bid
  • If you have a question about the listing, leave a comment for the Seller prior to bidding so you know what you’re bidding on
  • Once there are multiple bids on an auction, you cannot withdraw/retract your bid amount
  • If you’ve placed a bid, but was automatically outbid, that means your bid amount was not high enough to outbid the current highest bidder.  Try again with a higher amount
  • If you’ve placed a bid, but did not win the item at the end of the auction, then your credits will be returned and made available in your account again

Be sure to check out our FAQ/Tips pages for additional tools & tips:

What helpful tips would you also offer? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!


  1. Debbie Donbraska says:

    I have a question about my listing. When I offer a bonus in my auction, isn’t it up to me what the bonus will be? Say if the winner wins 3 pair of earrings with 2 bonus pair, and wants to see a picture of the bonus set, and decides no that is not her style and asks me not to send them, but complains that if I do not send a bonus I will not get my credits. Isn’t it my choice what the bonus will be even if she doesn’t like them?

    • In my opinion…YES! Which is why I never tell anyone I am sending a bonus, I just send a surprise 🙂

    • Yes you right but I would say, just don’t tell them you are sending one. They have nothing to compline about then. If they do tell them if they do not like it to relist it is my answers. If it is a free gift has nothing to do with the auction itself then no they can no ask for a refund. But I did have one where I put “free gift” will be surprise when won and mailed out they get it. For some reason one of listias bests said I was to tell him because he did not want the item that was won! I think that was BS. So I keep quite about it they have not said anything that they even received it when they won as if I didn’t know it was their why say anything lol. I hope that helps

      • If he did not want the item in the auction he should have never made a bid in the first place! The bonus was to be extra and not recommended as the main auction.

  2. I have a question about bidding… What does it mean when someone has bid on one of my auctions for example they bid 1510 credits but in ( ) it says 3300 highest bid ???

  3. I have a question about my listing. I put a teddy bear up as an auction. Some girl bids 800 credits. I didnt put free shipping, i put a flat rate. She sends me a message about how she doesnt have the money, she’s having family issues. Its not that much money. My point is… I want to relist it, but will i ever get the credits she bid?

    • Hello Dani,
      If she did not have the money to pay shipping then she should have never made a bid you can dispute that if she does win and does not pay the shipping fee within 7 days you can keep the credits and relist it!! If she bid and the auction has time to end you or her can ask some one else to out bid her because she made a mistake and can not pay shipping if you want to add the reason why she wants some one to outbid her. Some times when you ask some one to outbid you with reason and how much to out bid some one they will. I would not relist it in till the first auction is done and finished and closed.

      I hope that helps if not for now in the future since you made the comment back in December 2012

  4. so angry! filed a dispute about pewter earrings, seller notified me 10 days ago that they would send new ones, still waiting. won another item which was a doll pattern, customer said they send over 2 weeks ago. when i contact the sellers neither will answer. but get listia to and they are on it rite away. listia makes it so hard to find page for disputes so cant even file one. quitting this site. and telling all friends not to use it. this is disgusting!!!!

  5. its hard to make people happy.everyone seems that they are never happy.take the bonus and put it up for auction and be done with it.use the credits for something u do want.ppl should be grateful they get a bonus.

  6. personally tho,i dont think ppl should get to keep the credits if the other person dont get the matter the reason.its bs. if i bid on something, i make sure i bid on the free shipping. but if i person decides last minute they cant get it,then relist it but dont expect to keep credits,thats greedy. thats if u dont get an item then why should the seller keep the credits? thats bs and anyone who disagrees can just kiss my azz

    • Well Rich, I agree with to some degree. If the item is offering free shipping and you don’t receive the item and the seller keeps the credits – that’s greedy. But if you bid on something and check the little advising you that you will responsible for paying shipping fees on an item and then you don’t pay the shipping fees and the seller keeps the credits – that’s just business

  7. Debbie Dee says:

    Yep, next time if ever I will deal with winners of my auctions with ” I will decide what I want to give you as a bonus, or this auction on this item will end” Yep I agree with you rich if they disagrees they can just kizz my azz… lol

  8. I wasn’t sure where to sent this. So i decided to use the blog area this is not a complaint more of a concern. I have notice that alot of user with zero feedback and zero verification making mulitiple auctions. Floods and flood of auctions. I personally will not bid on these auctions but for people that are. They more than likely are not getting their item. This is a problem for everyone including staff,seller, and bidder. It threaten the very existent of listia as a whole. Understand im in no way trying to tell anyone how to do their job. Im a firm believer in the policy “If you see something say something.”

    Hopefully someone who can address this problem see my message,

    Dave 23

    If anyone has any input to fix this problem please reply to this message.

    A simple solution i thought of is. In order to sell on the site you should have 3 verification badges.

    One major verified contact. Like a email or phone number.

    And 2 social contact twitter or facebook.

    • Late to the party here but just found the Listia blog. The only concern I see with this is that not everyone has a social media presence. Because of my profession, I am not permitted to have accounts with twitter or facebook (because things I say may be incorrectly interpreted as coming from the company not me and/or professional advice and there cannot be any liability issues).

      I do agree that perhaps there can be some badge requirements that show active usage of the site-perhaps comments, fanning, buying first (esp. since you get free credits at account opening), leaving feedback to sellers you buy from, etc. It would do the same thing to prove that they are not robots or scammers (or they are scammers that put 20 hours into the site for a low profit long con).

    • I agree completly. I recently bid on something for my God daughter. I have not heard a word from them or the item. I am totally bummed.

      • I am still pretty new at listia but had a lot of auctions already. Won some too. So far so good. No problems yet. One time I wanted to bid on something but the person was new and had 0 feedback and this was the first thing he put up. I told him I wanted to bid on his item but he had to verify himself first. He did so within the hour and I put a bid in. If he had not done it I would have not bid on it. If a person is new I am only bidding on small items that will not go high. That way I can’t lose a lot of credits if something goes wrong and they have a chance to start building up a good feedback.

    • Tegan Nappari says:

      I totally agree. My thing is, if it’s a person who has a brand new account, I try to have a little faith. But then if i see a user, with a months/years old account, and no feedback, i avoid bidding on their auctions.

      • All of this verification issues could be avoided if Listia would make it part of the process of joining the site. Too many folks think if they have facebook or twitter they are verified. I got a response from Listia and it said they want the new people to have a pleasant experience. So how is having to verify if its part of the joining process not pleasurable. It would certainly help sellers out because I don’t think it should have to be our responsibility to keep telling these people to please get verified. You don’t get a credit card or anything else with out giving out some information.

      • Jessikah609 says:

        That doesn’t make sense though, I found listia in 2010 and went off for awhile. So I never sold anything back then. So what if someone is completely new with no feedback, how does someone get their starting point if nobody trusts new users? I try to give everyone a chance, if they don’t send the item. I’ll turn them in and not bid on their auctions. That simple, new users doesn’t mean they’re not trustworthy, just means they’re new. Only thing I watch out for is bad reviews

  9. ok well i have a listing the winner told me all the nessary information i needed to complete their item an i sent them the item but havent heard from them sense an they have not given me my credits for it, would relisting the sed item give me the credits instantly? instead of having to wait the whole 20 days?

    • Debbie Dee says:

      Write the person and ask if they have received your item. If they have ask them to go in to where they bought your item and check the box that say’s “I received my item”, and that should take care of everything…

    • Hello Alziana
      If I was you I would click their picture and see if they have been on and up to date on. After you click their picture and then look under their picture it reads
      Member since: Date
      Last login: Date
      see if they are still active some times they no longer active or they lost their account this might help.
      If that does not help maybe they not getting your massages (nothing you doing wrong)
      then I would say wright something nice in their auction ((if they have one still active))
      say something like “Hello their I was just wondering if you have got my item yet?” If still nothing then I would just block them and move on.
      Or if you still have their address send then a nice card in the mail that said you was worried about them and you did not want to keep bothering them but you could sleep better at night knowing they got your item make sure they have your address and also know what it is you are talking about and where your from and Id from listia.

      If still no answer let it alone sometimes it is not always what we want but it is best that way.

      I hope that helps!

  10. Debbie Dee says:

    Contact Listia, and let them know if u can. If not looks like you will have to wait the 20 days.

  11. I am a new user (have mainly used ebay) but what does it mean when someone says they fanned someone? And as many dont trust new users what is a way to build trust with sellers that just because I am new I wont rip them off?

  12. what does it mean when you flag someone on listia?

    • Hello Ma’am when you flag some one on Listia means you are reporting them for something. I hope that helps

  13. I really love this site but I have a few issues with it. I had an auction up for Luis Vuitton purse i had found at a consignment shop. I have had it for about a year and just don’t carry it anymore. I couldn’t tell you if it’s authentic or not and there is my problem. I’m not allowed to list it on Listia because I am not sure it is authentic. So my problem is why do we have to go above and beyond to prove that something is authentic only for the purses. I am still relatively new to this but I don’t see other users having to jump through hoops to prove something is real or not. People are allowed to have auction with no pictures, no descriptions of what they are giving away, and even pictures of theirselves but I can’t list a purse that I plainly said that I wasn’t sure of authenticity. If people want to bid on a purse like that they should have the right to. I completely understand why this is against the rules but there should be the same restrictive rules for all the fake auctions. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Completely agree with Amanda! Seeing all the fake auctions are getting old. Listia should definately require it with Betsey Johnson items. Yikes! And appaently there are even fake make-up auctions that involve high end name brand. Do your research and you will quickly know what is fake…but, sellers shouldn’t be allowed to rip off the unsuspecting buyer.

    • Hello Amanda,
      If an auction does not have a picture ask them to post it! If an auction does not say what it is you want to know ask them about it in a nice way. If that does not help then flag the auction Listia will take care of it.

    • Hello Amanda.
      If the purse you are trying to sell you do not know if it it or not authentic take pictures as many as you can and say that in your auction you are not sure if it is or not. many people do it all the time this will help you some times people tell you it is or is not also if you ask. Other things like going to say YouTube and looking it up say how to tell they say the name brand is authentic or not they have videos to show you how to tell if it is or not from people just like you and I. I hope this helps you and others who maybe reading this also with the same questions.

  14. I’ve been trying to get in touch with an actual person regarding a problem with Listia and have had no luck. I purchased one of the special offers today under the impression that I would be receiving 5,600 credits for doing so and after my purchase I never received my credits. I checked to make sure the order went through and it did. After doing so I attempted to go back to the offer and it was gone. Needless to say I am a little upset and disappointed about this. I’d like some help resolving this issue and I’m not sure how to get in touch with someone who can help me. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much, Danielle.

    • Go to the bottom right of the Listia website. Click on Member Support under Connect. There you will be able to submit a support ticket (file a claim). The form will ask for the auction link. Hopefully you will be able to pull that up through any email contact you had.

    • Laura. Lor24lis5ia says:

      Also, any time you are earning credits take screenshots of your activity, and be sure to capture the completed page. This way you hAve evidence of your earnings.

  15. What does it mean to fan somebody?

    • Hello Danielle,
      When some one fanned some one means you are now friends or fans just like face book or other sites means you are now connected like that as friends or fans. you have to click their picture and then you will see the button that reads [+[Become A fan] click that button back then you are then fans and other ways is when you see their picture say in an auction and they have the faded heart click the heart it will turn pink and they you are fans. It the button is not their they you are fans if the heart is red you are already fans no needs to push it again.

      The other thing people will say is Fanned and Watching or F&W same thing but they now fanned you and are also watching your auction till it ends.

      I hope that helps

  16. I have a question. PayPal takes a fee when a winner of my auction pays for shipping which means I have to make up for it in order to ship my winning bidders item off. I just can’t afford to always do that. Would it be against the rules to add in the description box of my auction that in order to bid on my item all bidders would have to agree to click “family & friends” to avoid having fees taken from their shipping?

    • Hi Jenny – well you helped me figure out my question, so I want to offer help with yours. As a seller – you are correct, if you RECIEVE payment from a buyer and they select “paying for goods and services”, PayPal will charge a fee to the seller. If the selects “sending funds to friends & family”, PayPal will NOT charge a fee seller. However, as buyer – if you select “Paying for goods and services”, PayPal will NOT charge a fee to the buyer. If the buyer selects “sending funds to family & friends” AND has the funds available in their PayPal account, PayPal will NOT charge a fee to the buyer or seller. However again!!!!!….if the buyer does NOT have the funds available in PayPal, PayPal WILL charge a fee to send funds from the buyers backup payment selection – such as a credit card, debit card or checking account that the buyer has added to their PayPal account. So in closing it’s best to build a good reputation with PayPal and once this accomplished PayPal no longer will REQUIRE you to provide payment selection. At that point, you can go into PayPal and remove all of your backup payment selections, leaving the option for payment to come from you PayPal balance, ensuring that the buyer AND seller are not a charged a fee. The catch 22 there is….you HAVE to have the funds available in your PayPal account or the transaction/ payment will not process at all. Whew!!!!!! I hope that helped. I was just playing in PayPal the other day trying determine why I was sometimes charged a fee and sometimes not myself, so you helped me find that one missing puzzle piece to finalize my full analysis surrounding this BIG question.

      Thank you,

      • But WAIT!!!! there’s more. Per Listia policy “If you accept PayPal for shipping charges, you cannot require that users pay using the “personal” or “gift” payment option. This is because those options do not allow buyers to request refunds from PayPal if anything happens”. So the answer is a big fat NO – damn it, cause it was fine idea.

        As a seller that’s absolutely fantastic, because unless you communicating with the buyer and have the buyer provide their PayPal email address to send money back to (another form of ”REFUND”), the seller gets the money and the buyer cannot involve PayPal in a dispute to assist with a refund in bad case scenario. So that’s the catch 22 x2. Here’s my idea., shhhhhhhh!!!

        Once you have retained return customers that you have completed the transactions with several times successfully, without issue. You can email said loyal customers on the side asking them to select “sending funds to friends and family” going forward. So although you may not be able to require ALL buyers select this option as a policy within your listings. You can still create a situation where you are getting a percentage of your transactions processed through PayPal for free (both sellers and buyers) and as the saying goes…. a little is better than nothing.

  17. i have a question i won a bid and after 20 days it still has not shown up plus when i try to send the lister a message it says the page is no longer availible

    • Maybe the auctioned deleted his profile?

    • Hello malcom,
      If you won a bid or won an auction?
      If you won an auction you should know it because you have to give them your listia approved address by pushing a button. If you did not push a button that read your listia address then they never got your address to mail it! In this case they can keep your credits and your items if it was not sent in 7 days.

      If the account said No longer available then this means they was booted off listia for good but please make sure you did not loos your internet connection when doing this like refresh your page and try it again to make sure.

      If this is the case then yes you should be able to get your credits back. in that auction it will come up in small righting if the auction did not go as planned click that and when it comes up select a option then wright or type the reason you are asking for your credits back. Never got item and they are no longer on listia to get an answer from them. Listia will check into it then if all is well they will send you your credits back depending on what they discover but it is worth a try anyways.

      I hope this helps you and others with the same question

  18. I was very enthousiastic when I came on this site not even a week ago but it is fading away already. Did not buy or sell anything yet but spotted a few “fake” listings already. I think it will be hard to built up trust when you are new. It would be real good if listia would give a real tutorial on how everything works.

  19. sandystrong547 says:

    It would be cool if there was a members forum to trade tips and best bets. Is it buried and I am just missing it?

  20. Jessica Love says:

    When people verify their account providing a phone number, bank account or visa, how safe is this and who gets and sees all this information? I am new to Listia and cant seem to find the answer

    • hello Jessica
      Listia only does no one else does! All I see is badges but I can click your face book badge and it will take me over to your face book account because I have a face book account I believe the same with Twitter also but everything else is private info only Listia can see that info.

      I hope that helps

  21. Debi Smit says:

    Thank you for clearing up several of my questions and giving me answers to questions I didn’t realize I had.

  22. when I go to bid a higher amount on some auctions I was out bid on I placed a higher bid but than it says that I’m still outbid and that the auction bid is now higher but when I refresh the page to see who the higher bidder is it says that the higher bid had placed their bid at an earlier time. For example I just bid 102 on an auction since the last bid was 101 after the page loaded after I placed my bid it said that the bid was 103 and I was outbid but the times don’t match up. This confuses me.

    • Let me try to explain this. Lets say a bid is at 100. I bid 200. The bid then goes on 101. You come along and bid 102. Then my next bid goes automatically on 103 because I have a bid in already for 200. So my bid will automatically go up till it reaches 200. Because that is the highest bid I put in. After 200 my bidding is stopped and then it goes to 201 for the next person. Hope that makes sense.

      • Hello Janny,
        What you bid is what you put in to bid. So if you put 100 credits in an auction and it comes up 101 then that is what others have to now bid to out bid you. If you are seeing it for some one else then you would have to put in higher to out bid them it will also tell you if you did or did not out bid them if it was not enough it will tell you in red. Their is no auto goes up. What you put in in credit amount is what is in as a bid. I hope that helps if you already figures it out then this will be good for some one else to read and help them to if they read it. Thanks

    • Hello Heather,
      You are experiencing what I call a double bid!
      It is as if I do this in the auction yesterday ok
      Bid 100
      bid 200
      right after each other for example ok, When you go to bid on that today you say bid 100 and then it comes up that I bid already yesterday ok that is why its like a double bid. To out bid me keep going in till you out bid me then you will be the top bidder that’s how that is done, and why that comes up like that. People do it because when I bid the 100 credits like (Janny said up top) it comes up 101 then you see it and you know already to bid say 200, that’s what you are talking about that’s why that is like that.

      I hope that helps you out now and others who also read this.

  23. LISTIA
    I want to say Thank You Listia for changing the way the auction was!!!
    From not being able to see right away if it was free or not when it came to shipping in a flash. I love the way it is set up when it comes to that now. Now if a person would not see it a pop up window comes up for paying shipping and lets you know. This had made it better a lot better for me. I am sure it has for others as well. Thanks for taking my advice on that and changing it! Nice idea you came up with for that!

    Now I have people who when I want to do a GIN they put it up and forget to take down the pay shipping as we agreed. We then argue about it and I tell them I can not go on with it because of it and let them know with argument sake, that if I was to do GIN and they say “do not for some reason send it” I would be in the wrong even though they stated it in the auction that they would do free shipping if I do a GIN. I make them change it before doing a GIN or any kind of bidding at that matter. Thanks again Listia much better!

  24. I have a question if i bid on something and im the high bidder and the seller ends the auction do i still get what i bid on

    • Hello Marie,
      If you won yes you win that item! Sellers can not end an auction they go off. Only listia can end it if Listia took it off for a reason then no. If some one did a GIN (Get It Now) then no some one else won the auction by pushing the button for GIN. Some one could have also out bid you at the last min other then that Yes you won the item or in some cases Items in that auction. They should be notifying you that you did and or you will have it in your list if you have won it.

      If you lost it then you would got your credits back.

      I hope that helped you. If not please explain more in detail what you mean.

  25. How do you see what you have watched?

  26. 1whiteyford says:

    I am new, have bid on 2 items only to have been out bid in the last seconds. I did not see that other persons bids show up so I could have increased my bid. Please some tips for this newby that feels I will never win a bid at this point. Also does my internet speed come into play on bidding in the last few min. of bidding? What can I do better to be a winner?? Thank you for this forum!

  27. Can anyone bidding on an auction see my highest bid to win?

    • No they can’t – only if that is the highest bid at that moment. Lets say the highest bid is standing at 1000 but your highest bid is 2000…..No one will know that is what you put in. The only number every one can see is the highest it is standing at at that moment. I hope I am making sense.

  28. Is there a way of seeing who is watching my listing?

  29. Wendy S. says:

    This is about shipping fees. I usually offer free shipping when I can, but on higher end items where I have already made an investment of funds I feel the need to charge shipping as I cant afford not to. So sad that even when I do charge exact flat rate fees that people are so unwilling to spend 5 dollars on nice items. So then I find myself setting a higher start bid so I am not giving items away, or I will make incentives like if credits go past a certain amount I will pay half, ect, throw in bonus or similar. Was wondering what do you all do with shipping fees..and what has worked best for you? I myself, will pay a little for something I really want that would normally cost me $$$ plus shipping on Ebay, and I still feel like I got a good deal. In my flat rate boxes I fill them up with higher end products, so I would think that a buyer would see the bargain, but it is not always the case. Thanks in advance~

    • Hi Wendy,
      In my case…When I joined Listia I knew I would get addicted to it. So I made a deal with myself: I always ship for free (no matter what the cost) ……and I am only allowed to bid on items when shipping is free. (No matter how bad I want it).So I do skip all the items where there are shipping charges. I am willing to bid higher because the shipping is free, I do take that into account. I personally think that a high starting bid is better then shipping charges because it is still for free. That is what most people like. If People see the value they will bid anyways even with a high start. I look at it this way: If I pay the shipping on everything that I offer for free and get everything shipped to me for free, it evens out.
      Good luck.

  30. Hey this is kinda of off topic but I was wanting to know if
    blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted to get guidance from someone
    with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. I accidentally budded on something because my bd wasn’t working and I was testing it out and I need my points by today since it bidded I can’t get the item I want

  32. I bidded on a gin item with no asking amount. I spent 26 credits for the item and PayPal shipping amount. What I need to know is how many credits will be taking from me.

    • If you did not use GIN but ended up winning with 26 credits then just 26 credits will be taken because that was the highest winning bid.

  33. cassie sue dixon says:

    I joined Listia in Feb 14 through a survey site. I did not start using actively until August 2014. I love the site. I have listed 30+ auctions and have had no issues with them thus far. it is easy to get Listia verified. I have won 45 auctions. In fact, today I got a Sophia the Princess sofa thingy that lets into a small bed for a sleepover type thing. It came fed ex and I only paid 5155 credits. It is buyer beware w/ new Sellers. I took a chance on the sofa as it was her first sale. However, listia will always refund the Buyer the credit if they did not receive it. I won pullups and a cute Nordstrom rolling bookbag also from 2 separate new Listians and they never sent item or responded. I got my credits back, no big deal. I generally only buy from Listia verified and established Sellers. If I really want an item i will take a chance knowing that if they Seller flakes out I will be refunded my credits. My name on Listia is: cassiesuedixon

  34. When it says free shipping, does it go straight to the address you gave, completely free of charge? Im new to it and not exactly sure how it works so just making sure i understand fully

    • Yes Bailey. If it says it is free shipping to your country then it will be send free of charge to the address that you gave to Listia.
      Welcome to Listia, good luck and have fun 🙂

  35. I won an auction for a necklace, and the seller said she’d send it as soon as possible. It’s been 21 days. I let her have some time to send and I finally requested for a refund of my credits and she contacts me 3 DAYS LATER! She started talking about how it’s been a “slow send”, and how she doesn’t log on much. She also said that she sent it today, is there a rule that has a time limit to send the item??

    • Yes. If you did not receive the won item 20 days after an auction ended you can file a complain and the seller has 5 days to react to it. If they do not react or if you think it is taking to long you can ask for a credit refund. Happened to me a couple of times and I did get my credits back…never received the items. I block these people right away and never buy from them again. In my opinion….if you can not send an item within the seven day rule then you should not sell on listia.

    • marie hancock says:

      Ok not to be rude but people do have lives outside listia and sometimes people have to get paid before shipping a item and that person may get paid every two weeks so cut them some slack

      • That is a completely ridiculous and lame excuse.

      • I would suggest to list the item on a time that you are able to ship within 7 days then. Juggle it so with payday that you are able to do that. I waited for an item a lot of times longer then 20 days because I trusted the person and then it was to late for me to get my credits back and never received the item….Cost me a lot of credits…Not doing that anymore.
        And yes I do have a life outside of listia and I also have to sometimes figure out if I will be able to ship on time…if not then I don’t list and do it at a better time.

  36. When you bid with credits does it mean you have to pay ? Is credits like money, and all I pay is shipping or when I bid 520 credits, I pay $520 ? Im new and I don’t get it.

  37. madison smith says:

    I have a problem and I need to know what to do. It says that my account is no longer active and I was in the middle browsing then when I tried to bid on something then I had to sign in but when I tried it said my account wasnt active what do I doooo

  38. Tami Crowe says:

    What do you have to click on to get the 5 point check in bonus? I open everything I can but it randomly gives the points not daily. I’d really like to know. TIA

  39. I have a really dumb question because I’ve never had this happen before … How can I relist one of my deleted auctions now that I have them in my possession?

    Thanks Bunches,

  40. If I gave something away how long does it take for me to get the credits

    • If the person gets you item in the mail they have to click on the “got it” button and then you get your credits. At the same time they can leave feedback. Once you are have a good sellers rating and you sold enough and they consider you a trusted seller then when you
      “sell” something you get your credits right away and don’t have to wait. So you just have to built up trust first. You have to proof that you are a trusted seller.

  41. How delayed are the timers on auctions? I try to place a bid with a minute left and it says the auction is closed.

    • Tami Crowe says:

      it depends on the last time you refreshed your screen and how fast of internet you have but they are usually pretty accurate

    • Jessica says:

      That only happens because someone placed a higher bid than yours. When you bid, you place the highest bid you want to do so when other people bid, if yours is higher. You win. It’s happened to me many times. I always wait until the last 15 seconds and then place the highest I would pay. The bid that it shows is the highest, isn’t actually the highest bid. You have to bid higher. You can read about this more, just Google bidding on Listia

  42. K so I hope someone can help me asap!!!
    I just won an auction the shipping says free but she is trying to charge me $15.00 for the actual item is this allowed I thought you could only charge shipping

    • Jessica says:

      No not allowed, if it said free shipping then they can’t charge you anything. There’s an option on the item where it says you won to cancel the transaction and let them know that they’re trying to charge you

  43. I won an item and the lady didn’t let me know if she sent the item out with in the 7 days. I requested a fund and now she says in a message that she has sent the item but hasnt click sent on the item yet. I don’t want the item now because she didn’t send it out within the 7 days. It’s not fair to me that she is unprofessional about it so I don’t understand why I can’t get my credits back.

  44. magnificent submit, very informative. I’m wondering why
    the other experts of this sector don’t understand this.

    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

  45. Christian says:

    Really pissed off i was biding on an item for days and at the last second somone buds 50 more credits then me and wins, like wtf if you couldn’t be any more sneaky..

    • Christian:
      That happens a lot…it is an auction so that is allowed…I have that happen to me half of the time that I am bidding…Only thing you can make sure you win is to put in a very high amount of credits….But hey, that is what an auction is all about. Take your loss and disappointment and go on to the next thing.

  46. is someone allowed to remove there bid if they bidded on your item?

  47. A girl said she didn’t mean to bid on my auction but she did and won. She wants a refund. What do I do?

    • Personally if it was a small amount of credits I would just give her the credits back and re list…if a lot of people bid on it and the credit amount is high I would let her not get away with with it. But it is totally up to you….In this case you do not have to give credits back at all.

  48. How do you actually bid by proxy? I still don’t see how to complete this action. Can someone help me. Thanks.

  49. What if I win and don’t recieve my prize text back asap

    • If you didn’t get your item in within 20 days you can request a refund of your credits. The listian you won it from has 5 days to respond. They either give you your credits back or (if they can’t prove they send item) Listia will give them back to you. Hope that helps.

  50. pasaros por aqui que merece la pena por los precios de
    los televisores

  51. how do i lower the bid day?

  52. Question? Can you lower a GIN after there is a bid on it?

  53. Alison Grange says:

    I am a seller. I recently sold a tiered makeup lot to someone. I stated in the description box what they would get for certain amounts of credits. Now they are demanding I send them something i clearly stated i would send only if bids reach over 500 thousand. If I relist my auction will I get my credits?

  54. Alison Grange says:

    I am a seller. I recently sold a tiered makeup lot to someone. I stated in the description box what they would get for certain amounts of credits. Now they are demanding I send them something i clearly stated i would send only if bids reach over 500 thousand. They only won with 197260 credits. If I relist my auction will I get my credits?

  55. I think you should make the videos go higher credits because all the other stuff to get credits you never recieve them at all the videos take forever just 60 credits is not enough i love this app but it would be more interesting to get more credits yall our the best app to get free stuff i hope this app stays forever maybe add a spinning wheel to get credits that would be cool

  56. I needed to flag a comment on my auction, which i was always able to do before, now the flag does not show up. only comment, hide comment & reply! Was it removed??

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