The Listia Blog Gets a Facelift

Listia Blog It’s been a little while since our last post, but we’ve been super busy building new features and enhancements for Listia.  Once such enhancement is a new look for our blog, which is launching today!  We think it’s a bit easier to navigate, and we’ve added more links to the most common activity such as browsing and listing so you can get back to the site quickly.  It’s also wider and a bit easier to read.  Let us know what you think in the comments and remember to subscribe to the blog using the “follow” button at the bottom or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get all the latest news, contests and updates!


  1. You’ve come a long way, Listia! I am glad to have discovered this gem of a site. I’ve been spreading the word like a mad woman.

  2. Melissa Nelson says:

    Please help me…I do not know what to do…I have messaged the seller of an item I won many times and have gotten no response.
    I really do not want to leave negative feedback just in case there is something going on with the seller in there personal life…i would leave positive feedback if I just hear from the sell and get my item.
    I really really wanted this item and the bid did not go very high so the seller may not like that they did not get a high bid for it but honestly I was willing to bid alot more for it but nobody else bid on it so I won it for only just over 100. Can they change their mind about selling something if that happens?
    If they can then they should set a reserve amount to start the bid.
    Please let me know what I need to do now…I want the item and do not think that just giving my credits back really makes things right at this point.

    The seller has claimed they sent/delivered this 18 days ago…that is what it says on my confation of my win page…I have heard nothing from the seller after asking several times for when it was sent or also asking for a tracking number.
    Please contact the seller and get back to me with some info…I am still being patient like I said on the feedback thing.
    Thank you very much for your help with this. Do you guys have a dirrect phone number or contact email for Listia?
    I have asked SEVERAL TIMES about this problem on the FB page and on the suggestion area and have heard nothing from anyone from Listia either…

    How are we supposed to contact Listia? I have bought credits 3 times since I became a member…$160.00 because I really like lista and I want to stay a loyal
    member and keep on bidding. This is not the only problem I have had with getting in contact with sellers…there is a problem that needs to be fixed with that…like the seller should not get my credits until I get my item…it should be pending until the transaction is complete…because I cannot bid unless I have the credits available so the seller would know I have the credits to pay for the item.
    I am so frustrated…I left this message on the Listia Facebook page and nobody answers them either I guess.
    My email address is…
    If you need to contact me by phone please call me AFTER 4:00 PM…central time zone….Melissa Nelson…320-230-3080…I want the really want the item…not the refund of coins if it is possible!!!!
    I do not want to put the person’s name on here but will give it to whoever contacts me to get this solved.
    I am sorry if this is not the way I’m supposed to contact someone but I have found no where else to get responses so now I’m trying here.

  3. put a support ticket into listia they will deal with it

  4. Msmimi50 says:

    I was searching for a digital camera with low prices but with the mega pix I needed. I found Listia. And many mire things to bid on. If you don’t mind doing free survies and earning credits, this is the spot.

  5. I’m bidding really high on a set of mini speakers for iPhone. And winning. The lady states she is blocking me and reporting me to your co. High bids wrong. I want my bids with drawn. Cause I have the feeling she isn’t sending them when I win.

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