New Feature: Higher Start Bid!

This morning we launched a feature that allows you to set higher start bids on your auctions!  Now you don’t have to worry about getting too few credits for your items, so start digging through your closet to find more of those things you want to list!  Some awesome benefits:

  • List those higher valued items that you were afraid to list before
  • List heavier things that you can’t ship like furniture, computer monitors & TVs.  Post them up for local pick up without worrying about your minimum bid.

A couple things you should note when you list a higher start bid in conjunction with Get It Now.

  • Your Start Bid must be lower than your Get It Now value.  Makes sense right?
  • If your Start Bid is over 50% of your Get It Now value, Get It Now will be disabled after the very first bid

Enjoy and happy listing!


  1. Leah Ruis says:


  2. Now that’s just AWESOME! Thanks for the changes, I am looking forward to listing a lot more soon.

  3. virginia schafer says:

    So where do we place our desired starting bid?

  4. That’s great to hear, I’ve been holding back on some stuff because I was afraid of getting burned!

  5. I’m SORRY this is not on topic …but I CAN NOT get onto Listia today (this has never happened to me before)!!? I’ll try to get on …Listia “flashes” on screen for a second then “false” appears on my screen …Does ANYONE know if Listia is having a problem today!???

    Tysm – Kidswriter –

  6. This is wonderful news!! Now, I can list higher value items and not worry about how many credits I may get:) Listia keeps getting better and better!!

  7. It would have been good to pair this no-maximum-starting-bid feature with mandatory free shipping or local pick up only.

  8. thats great…THANKS!! =)

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is a horrible idea and only protects greedy people who hopes to fool at least 1 person on bidding on their 10000 starting bid $1 Ebay item. Really disturbing!

    • I am using this by looking at other people’s past auctions and then setting things realistically. I want my “junK” out of here to be someone else’s treasure so I can buy someone else’s junk to be MY TREASURE!

      • i agree and some of these people start bids are WAY WAY WAY WAY to high ant even worth the values of items if you go buy it and spend your time and gas and then relist it here and pay shipping and 9 times of of 10 you still paid less than what the credits were worth people are listing stuff for

    • elizabeth says:

      I agree this is just a stupid idea im looking around trying to find something to spend my credits on and everything i see is listed soooo high a starting bid of 5000 on one shirt is just plan stupid. I think that after i spend the last of my credits i will not come back to listia i use to like it alot but not anymore.

  10. Wonderful idea, congrat’s

  11. “Great News!,… This should ony be open to folks with seller feedback 85% or better and about 30 sales/trades.” (Or something like that to block then newbbie {or under age}fakers!…)

    • The under age fakers are insane, Some of the things being posted should be slapped as well as flagged LOL

      • I agree! The underaged should be taken off! Oh sure they can make up a birthdate! Then their photo shows they are 13 or 14! They are rude and demeaning too and you cannot trust them, they are children people! Get real! Listia, where are you?

  12. IT IS PERFECT. Now you can list things that arent cheap and get the credits your looking for instead of not getting the credits you should have for the item. GREAT IDEA it’s like a reserve but not hidden 🙂 I have a ? How do you become a moderator? I can not find any thing on the site for it 😦

  13. the rock says:

    Brilliant Update. Excellent idea.

  14. Nice, I was actually considering putting a DS on auction, but really wanted to know I got what I expected! I have however had some of the best luck with great people! PROUD TO BE A LISTIAN!

  15. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Some people are listing small value items and starting the bidding off at 10,000 credits and even more! This is rediculous. Let’s change it back? Who agrees?

  16. This is ridiculous! Sellers are going crazy! Listing a bottle of nail polish at a starting bid of 10,000 or a perfume paper sample for 600 credits to start! This new option is making Listia look bad to the new ones coming on here. Sure, these sellers aren’t going to sell their items this way, but it’s taking up space and time for the True Listians that take this site seriously. I sat go back to the way is was!

    • Completely agree. I love auction sites (Live/in person, ebay, and especially Listia) because of the thrill of something starting low and watching it climb and climb. I don’t even look at auctions with starting bids that are ridiculously high, even if I have the credits to bid. It takes all the fun out of this being an auction.

  17. this is the dumbest idea
    LISTIA should cap this at like 500 or 1000
    people are listing items at 5000 for s2 thing the bought at the dollar store REALLY
    39,999 for 10 stamps whats wrong with people this is supposed to fun and free
    not only that therer supposed to be profit and you have people on here start bid 10,000 for 2 lipsticks the really cheap garbage and 8.50 to ship rreally

    loose this start bid at any price thing
    i have used it a few time and my items are worth WAY WAY WAY morre than most and i still never went over 500 this is rreally a dumb idea

  18. can i please give newbies a hint. you are new, no reputation yet as a seller. setting a super high start bid is usually not going to get you any bidders at all. look around at what something like your item usually is going for and consider that in setting a start bid if setting one at all. if you learn to trust listia, for the most part you can trust that your item will go for what it is worth or more setting no start bid. course i have some with start bids because i dont really want to get rid of the items yet. LOL

  19. I don’t know where to comment this but I won an Auction in Feb. and submitted my address 3 times..I never got what I won and I am now out 499 credits… not very satisfied with this!

  20. I really love listia

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