How to Get More Bids and Credits from your Auctions

There are many ways to get your auctions to generate more bids and potentially get more credits for your items.  Because some of them may take some trial and error to learn, we wanted to help everyone by sharing some of the tips we use ourselves.  So here are the top 10 tips that work best for us:

10) Always include lots of CLEAR photos.  Blurry ones are a big turn-off.  Studies have shown that lots of pictures in auctions are worth a bazillion words.  Take pictures from various angles, in good light, showing relative size, etc, and again, never include blurry photos.

9) Give LOTS of info about your product.  Also, take advantage of Listia’s ability to add Updates to your Description, should you forget to mention something or end up getting lots of the same question.

8) If you live in a smoke or pet-free household, let it be known.  Some people really care about that.  My favorite from this week is from one of our user’s auction: “Items come from a smoke free home….I have cats….they don’t smoke either!”  Hahahaha!

7) Make sure your Seller’s reputation score is high.  Your online reputation is worth everything and will instill confidence in the bidders who are interested.

6) Be extra clear with your shipping options.  Ambiguity is your enemy when it comes to having successful auctions.

5) Unless absolutely necessary, try not to “hide” any comments.  Bidders will trust you more from your transparency.  Besides, any bidder can simply click and see what a seller hid.

4) Try to time your auction to start and end during a reasonable day/time when there are more Listians bidding–that’ll usually lead to higher credits.  Don’t have your auction end at 10am east coast time on a weekday, since that would only be 7am on the west coast, and many potential buyers are either rushing off to work or still sleeping.  Remember that Listia does allow you to schedule your auctions if that’d be more convenient for you.  Start times (thus end times) can be set while creating the auction, under the “Show Advanced Options.”  (Requires Listia Perks:  Click this thumbnail to see exactly where.

Where to set the auction's start date/time

3) Try setting your auction as a Premium Auction so that its title is bold in the search results, gets a special icon next to it, and it will get special placement in both the search results and auction pages.  The cost varies, depending on the then-current market demand, but it’s usually a good investment.  I almost always do mine as Premium with great results.  Details can be found here.

2) Offer Free Shipping because you’ll get more bids and better placement in the search results.  And you’ll make up the cost with the extra credits you’ll earn.

1) Communicate, communicate, and communicate often with those who are watching, fanning, or commenting.  Nothing else gives bidders more “warm n fuzzies” than a seller who’s friendly, helpful, genuine, addressing concerns, and commenting back quickly.  Did I mention that sellers should communicate often?  🙂

I hope these tips help you get more out of your auctions.

Do you have any seller tips of your own that you’ve found to work well for you?  Leave us a reply below.

Have a suggestion for a future topic?  Tell us here too.

Coming in the next Newsletter: Shortcuts to blaze through Listia, faster than a lightning bolt!


  1. BIGRONMONEY says:



    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Big Ron,
      It’s always great to read about someone having a blast on Listia! May you win some more great things!


  2. Sarah Gordon says:

    I don’t see the start day and times in the advanced icon when i list an item???

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Sarah, while creating an auction, look for “Show advanced options” near the bottom. When you click it, it’ll display additional capabilities, including one for setting the auction’s start date/time.

      Try clicking the thumbnail above in the body of the article for a screen shot of where that’s located.

      Have fun!

      • ListiaTae says:

        Ooops: in order to add this capability, one must have a Listia Perk. Details are here: Sorry for the confusion, but it’s still a great way to time your auction’s end time.

      • andrew garbline says:

        do u get ur credits back if u loose

      • Hi Andrew,
        Yes, the credits used to bid are returned to the account when the auction is over, should you not be the winner (highest bidder). So there’s no reason to not bid and try to win! Good luck.

    • Sarah Gordon,

      I also never see the start day’s and time either!! I would also like to know why it doesn’t show up?


  3. Lady Angel says:

    One statement is not entirely accurate— 5) Unless absolutely necessary, try not to “hide” any comments. Bidders will trust you more from your transparency. . . .

    Besides, any bidder can simply click and see what you hid.

    This is not a viable option any longer— people cannot click on hidden comments.

  4. dianaclarke says:

    I used to think I was the only one on the internet half the night, but now I find so many Listians bidding while I am: 2am or 5am dianaclarke

  5. “2) Offer Free Shipping because you’ll get more bids and better placement in the search results. And you’ll make up the cost with the extra credits you’ll earn.” — I have to slightly disagree with this statement because credits have no monetary value in the real world, thus you’re not making up shipping costs in any way, shape or form by gaining more of them (not until the Postal Service begins accepting Listia Credits for payment, and I doubt very much THAT will ever happen LOL).

    • ya and never send cash like i did the seller seems to think they can lie keep your shipping money and resale the item agaqin or a third time like warrenharper did to me you cant trust alot of people that sucks

      • ListiaTae says:

        Hi Aaron,
        If that were to happen, you’re still protected if you file a Dispute on the site. That’ll allow the admins to review the case and make a ruling in favor of the innocent party. And it’s usually a risky thing to send cash to anyone, regardless of which site you’re on. So it’s a good idea to use the site’s process and procedures, in order to get maximum protection (just in case something in the transaction goes sideways).

  6. Veronica Hayward says:

    Could you add a search on our messages & closed auctions? If you’ve been on listia a while and trying to find a message, or item you have sold or won, it takes forever. I will be so much easier to just type a word that’s in the title or description similar to if I was searching for an item to bid on.


    • ListiaTae says:

      Request noted, thanks for the suggestion!

    • Yes I agree with you Veronica it is a pain if you have a lot of auctions owned or have won to look for one that ended a while back. I think that they should also separate them as to years also so you can look back and see how people grown over the years from year to year.

  7. Free shipping is a good thing, and I do on some auction then only charge half shipping on other items. It does get expensive.
    I enjoy being able to list and bid on this awesome site. I have made friends ummmmmm and 1 enemy
    Thanks LISTIA

  8. I absolutely love your site!! I have won lots of awesome stuff, and met some really great friends. Even a friend that ended up being a Best Friend. Won a raffle, this was my first raffle I have ever won in my life, and I love it! What a wonderful site you have here! It’s also taught me that there are many wonderful people still out there, and also some crazies. But I have had blast,and will continue to be one of your many fans. God Bless!

    • ListiaTae says:

      Glad to hear Amanda that you won your first raffle on Listia! I for one have never won a raffle or lottery. The odds are so much better on Listia’s raffles! =)

  9. Love Listia! However yesterday my credits went into the negative and now everything else on my account is messed up. All my auctions went to pending status, credits in 10 days. Can’t leave feedback for anything that ended from yesterday or today so far. I have items ending that I have been waiting to bid on and Listia admin won’t respond to my support ticket in a decent amount of time ( last time it was 5 days). A LOT happens on here in 5 days! I’m missing my watched auctions that are ending today 😦 1626 feedback with 100%, seller wings and trusted seller. Very Disappointed right now!

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Jacque,
      Sorry to hear about that. There must be a good reason that happened, so can you please open up a support ticket so that your username is included for investigation? I know the tickets response times is now within ONE business day currently (usually same day in fact). The admins have been working really hard to improve our response times, so we should be able to get back to you really fast now.


    • Jacque,

      Hun, your not alone, i’ve put in 2 or 3 support tickets (see, I can’t even remember, it’s been that long!!! My last support ticket, I put it in over a week ago and have heard nothing, as well as the others before that one. It’s really a waste of my time, if they aren’t going to reply on them. It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!!


      • ListiaTae says:

        Hi Mona,

        That’s really strange that you didn’t get a reply because the support team has been really on the ball….all tickets are currently getting responded to within 1 business day, so you should have gotten responses by now. Please post your ticket numbers here and I’ll personally look into them for you. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

      • ListiaTae says:

        Hi again Mona,

        I was able to dig around and find your account and see that your most recent ticket (#173643) was opened on July 17th and responded to on the 18th. But that’s all I can see other than another one back in May. So I look forward to getting your other ticket numbers here so that we can investigate what might have happened.

        We take the quality of our support very seriously, so we want to make sure that nobody’s ticket gets lost. Thanks in advance for your help in ensuring that this doesn’t happen again.

    • the support ticket feature is really a false sense of security I too have waited many days for a reply to support ticket what’s the point in fooling the people here why do you have this feature if it useless,and rude?

  10. myranda dial says:


    • I have an important Q. My Listia credits went to -436(negative) Idk why it is doing that. i am brand new to the website, and don;t want to screw anything up

  11. How would I go about finding one of the sponsors. I would like to purchase something and would like to do it thru the Listia link and possible earn credits while I am at it.

  12. hello im not sure if this is the right place i go to to complane about a seller who dose not reply aon his item i won and STILL have not got it its been 4 days now i won SMALL PAIR OF BINOCLARS and i want my credits back for failer to deliver and respond to my messages

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Bryon,
      Please request a refund using the link on the auction itself. That’ll start the refund process since you didn’t get the item. Thanks!

  13. Taylor Burke says:

    What should you put for the starting bid for your auction

    • Hello Taylor Burke

      I would think it would depend on what the item is. I start mine at 499 because it is free up to that amount. If you go higher is when Listia charges for you to do that then. The other thing is if it is too high you might not get any bids I have also noticed in the past with auctions.
      I would say think of it as if it was someone else’s auction how high would you start bidding and how high would you say well that’s too high and say to yourself He/She is crazy that way to high?!.

      Remember starting them high you are also paying credits for to do so.

      The other thing is If you have your seller wings badge you could always again do a GIN (Get It Now) on your auction of how high you want in credits for this item but again Listia will charge you to post the more higher you go.
      Example if say you want 5,000 credits for something you could always do say 5,555 credits this will take care of the charge only if some one does a GIN you will get the 5,000 credits the rest will go to listia for posting it that high when some one does GIN.

      That should help you determine for yourself what you will start your own auctions at.

  14. I have had a Listia account for awhile… I finally decided to try it out and, WOW. It has been a great experience so far… I have had lots of fun and won some GREAT items for myself and my kids so much faster than I thought was possible. On top of that I have made some very nice people very happy by auctioning things I dont even need anymore. All in all it has been a very fulfilling experience, albeit a bit addictive…

    • Hello Jason Bullington

      Yes I agree it is a addictive way addictive! For those people who do not realize its either listing up your own stuff or looking for other things from other people and some times at the same time and can be really busy at times also.

      Anyways I agree with you!!

  15. Hi, I would like to know about the android tablet that I had you get upon registering, how does 1 get since I have an account at bid4gold but I don’t have 1 myself.



    • You can fill out a support ticket without logging in and tell them the email address your account is under. Good luck.

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  18. How can you put a get it now amount on your listings?

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  20. Tonya Slaughter says:

    Credits do have monetary value for the listians who make it have value. I sell my items and get credits then I buy gift cards with my credits. So if I’m paying for shipping, it’s eating into my ‘profits’. Offering free shipping for me had increased my bids immensity. I have ‘earned’ more than $800 in gift cards in the last couple months. So if listia is just a hobby for you, then no they have no monetary value. However, for people such add myself, credits can definitely equal $$

  21. Lorraine2 says:

    I just got credits for bidding bt dont knw
    hw to place my bids in competitive auctions

  22. I want to know this why is it that “Listia” can do Raffles and we can not? Or listia say no food such like that but “Listia” does it!!! The other thing is Why can we not get cash for our credits?? I think their should be a place to be able to go to on listia like call it an ATM machine ok and we can get cash for our credits, This feature would also be great when having to ship items out can get the cash to pay pal then to the band then go pick it up we have to go to Bank anyways!! Why not add that “Feature” Would make Listia a lot better!!

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  24. Tigras Mallin says:

    check out my auctions here it the link of a good one I got others up lol

  25. karlie-pie says:

    this doesn’t answer my question about how much 1 listia credit is worth? it is confusing when I am bidding or setting a selling price. I cant seem to find the information. Thanks!

    • Jason Vancelette says:

      look at it like one credit is worth one penny…so 499 which is the highest you can you without paying for it in credits is like 5 bucks. hope that helps

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  28. When the highest bidet wins the auction does his/her postal address come up

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  43. Janie Elizaldi says:

    How do I know what to list my auction at?? It’s all by points so I’m a little confused. Not sure how much each point is worth. Please help. Thank you!

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  65. pnm2001 says:

    Somewhere over the years I must have missed this blog. Seems members are using my line that I have used since I started…..
    8) If you live in a smoke or pet-free household, let it be known. Some people really care about that. My favorite from this week is from one of our user’s auction: “Items come from a smoke free home….I have cats….they don’t smoke either!” Hahahaha!

    From my auctions:
    Smoke free home although we have 4 dogs, they don’t smoke either! 😉


  66. I got into negative because some ask for refund I didn’t have. I had listings listed and people won them. I haven’t received any credits and even sent the items out. How disappointing. Where my credits? How come I can’t get them earned back. This is ridiculous.I sent all my request for help and no one will help

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