This Is Our Brain On New Music Tuesday


New Music Tuesday is the day when new music is released around the world, but for Listia members every day is a day to list, buy and trade music without spending any money at all. A few months ago, we celebrated Record Store Day for the first time, encouraging Listia members to both list, buy and trade vinyl records without spending any money.The results yielded an increase in high quality music on vinyl, but more importantly we watched as music fans who are also members of Listia swarmed together online from the comfort of their own homes as if meeting at a  favorite festival, making new friendships over music. Listia members have vinyl records, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, 45s, 78s, mp3s, CDs and many play instruments. Welcome to the music collector’s & musician paradise. With Listia, the value of the music or instruments you list, buy or trade is determined by credits instead of money. What may not sound as exciting to you on the stereo could be someone else’s favorite song, and probably is!

Check out  Music & Instruments on Listia and see all of the music & instruments available for free on Listia – here are some highlights we thought you might enjoy:


Donovan – Hear Me Now
Click to Get it!

David Bowie At The Tower Philadelphia – Double Live Album
Click to Get It!

The Kinks – Lola
Click to Get It!

Cabbage Patch Kids on Vinyl
Click to Get it!


Florence & The Machine – Lungs
Click to Get it!

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
Click to Get It!

Pearl Jam – Last Kiss (single)
Click to Get It!

Nirvana – Nevermind | Nivana – In Utero (2 item auction)
Click to Get it! 

Music Merchandise & Cassettes

Henry Rollins – Get In The Van (Audiobook on cassette)
Click to Get It!

Metallica – So What (Metallica Club Magazines)
Click to Get It!

AC/DC Throw, fleece blanket (new!)
Click to Get It!

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits Video, Never Viewed, on VHS
Click to Get It!

Instruments & Accessories

Dozens of Guitar Picks!
Click to Get It! 

Dozens of KISS items!
Click to Get It!

8 Note Xylophone
Click to Get It!

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, New!
Click to Get It!



  1. John Wexler says:

    You know how sometimes when you listen to music through out your day or night people seem to feel that some of the music comes to you as a message that has a lot to do with something going on in your life or how your feeling, It is like the radio is trying to tell you something. Well you might think this is weird, I have had that feeling at times just from browsing The music listings, some of the listings just pop out and make me think about my life and such. Maybe this is just the ramblings of an old hippie but I thought you might like to know any way. Have a Good Life.

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