Rule Updates for Shipping Payments


As the Listia community grows, we need to continually evolve and improve our rules and policies to protect members and create as safe and enjoyable a marketplace as possible.  Today we’re introducing some more specific guidelines surrounding how shipping payments should be made between buyer and seller when auctions have fixed or flat rate shipping.

The updates can be read in their entirety on our Rules and Listia Assurance pages, but below is a summary:

  1. Shipping payments are now limited to PayPal, Google Wallet, check, money order and cash.
  2. Sellers can specify which of the above methods they support in their listing, but may not add additional payment methods not allowed by Listia, and may not specify “Cash Only” (sellers must accept at least one of the other methods as well).
  3. When sending payment through PayPal, Google Wallet, check or money order, your credits are now protected by Listia Assurance in the event there’s a problem with the shipping payment being received.

While we always encourage sellers to offer free shipping, we understand that it is not suitable for all sellers and all items.  For these situations, we hope that these updates make both paying for and receiving shipping payments as simple and worry-free as possible!


  1. when sellers have a shipping fee i offer my shipping method to them ( if i am interested in the item & i win) i always ask them 1st before an auction ends to make sure they are ok with it, so my question do the new rules effect this? I use Ups and can have an item picked up directly from them, we get a tracking number and ALL shipping is covered. It has protected me as well since there is no money being exchanged & i know my packages have always been sent out. Plus, if a seller has only a partial shipping fee, it covers all of their shipping fees. How do i offer this option to them without breaking the rules?

    • mpantelis says:

      no stamps for shipping ?

      • I hate when people send me stamps in place of Shipping costs, I end up paying for a label because the post office does not allow a bunch of stamps on a package. I understand if it is for one or two stamps but I have gotten slammed before with over $3.00 worth of stamps that someone sent me instead of concealed cash.

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Allie,
      That’s a creative way of doing it to avoid any shipping related issues! =) I wouldn’t worry about your method being against the rules, especially since you’ve been prearranging it with the sellers in advance. Thanks and have fun!

    • I got burned by someone who “offered” to pay for the shipping label. After I sent the package with the label he gave me, Fed Ex sent me a bill for over $200. They said that the person could refuse to pay and if they did it was the responsibility of the sender. The packaged didn’t even go to where he said it would and the label said it was $10. The package was forwarded to Africa. So, I hope Listia is aware of those types of scams. It cost me dearly and I had no recourse.

      • thanks for the heads up Laura, I have accepted this way a few times with no problem but this now makes me more wary of doing it in the future because with being on disability I sure don’t have the money to cover for it.

      • thats soo crazy Patricia, i would have freaked, but remember my shipping? I got $100’s of dollars of shipping costs from you & UPS picked up the boxes directly from you. Thats the only way it would be ok with me, is if the label was coming from the shipping company itself, not from an actual member. I guess not everyone has as good of a system as i have set up. Thats insane what happened, what a super turd!! Dont scare people away from me tho lol i guess thats where the seller can look at my feedback & decide based on that. Hopefully!!! 😛

      • so True Allie your a great Listian to work with

      • Oh sorry, i thought Patricia was the one who got burned, Laura, that is just awful, what was that person thinking? Ive never heard of such a thing. I would have been soo mad. Thank goodness my shipping has always been awesome. Ups comes to the seller ( who is charging shipping) & has the prepaid label with them. I have also been using the exact same shipping for myself for 4 years now. Some people should just stay off Listia & not ruin it for the honest people, i hope you ripped the guy a new one. 😛

      • Never ship before getting payment as well make sure you take the shipping payment by goods and services invoice or by g&s with a detailed note.
        Make sure it states it is for shipping cost for (item descriptions) and that it is to be shipped to the address on file with paypal only and to cover type of shipping US only unless you know for sure what it will cost to ship outside the Us and the buyer is ;paying that exact amount.
        Many times you want to make sure you include what it cost for tracking insurance to be added.
        For example an item shipped US only excluding canada be say $6.80 to ship in a flat rate bubble mailer now that is just what shipping cost but lets say it is a $100 item you will want to add $50 additional insurance to this package so it be best to say shipping cost be $9 to include shipping and insurance coverage. Or simply say shipping and handling also do not forget paypal will take out a small payment fee so that is another reason to up the shipping charge. Alot of people think shipping cost should just be exactly what USPS would charge for postage cost not shipping and handling means just that what it will cost to ship and to cover any loss damage or material used to ship the items in the package.
        This is why it is important to know as much as you can before listing an item for sell.
        Hope my two sense help and taken into consideration as I being a seller have learned good and bad to be very mindful of all of this.
        Come join me at fb group Salvage and Sales

  2. Stacey JacksonRayburnFinley says:

    It would be great if Listia ” required ” shipping transaction numbers . With so many new members there is quite the problem with scam artist. Plus it protects the buyer and the seller. I don’t believe the buyer should have to pay extra to the seller for transactions to be tracked. A lot of the buyers require buyers to pay more for this.

    • thats because the post office charges extra for the number 1.05 to be exact for a number that dont work 1/2 the time …without tracking number 2.32 to send a 1 ounce item but with tracking its you have 5 one ounce items so you figure its 16.85 with tracing numbers..without the # its 11.60..thats an EXTRA 5.25 out of sellers pockets.and only on 5 items.HONESTY SHOULD be on both parties,,seller must be honest on sending items and buyers/winners should be honest about recieving the items..but they aren’t…people have lied many times stating they didnt get items but i had proof.from tracking numbers and reciept soon as i put in that info..the buyer cancelled their its on both parties not just one

      • I ONLY offer first class shipping for free, I can’t afford the extra for tracking and if buyers are want it I’m sorry but they are going to have to pay for it via a safe pay site (ie..Paypal). I started listing a starting fair bid that includes shipping and tracking in it and sold nothing so that didn’t work so I stopped listing all together. I still bid on stuff every now and then though, and when I do I make a GIN offer to include just first class mail. I do not expect anyone to flit the bill either for tracking.

      • Hi, Dena, lisitia allows you to charge a small handling fee, which is what I do and have not had any problems with having people pay me for the most part. 2.00 fee can cover all kinds of costs like Ink, paper, poly bags, etc.

      • I use to print all of my postage and you get discounted rates. A 1oz package is only 98-cents without tracking and only $1.93 with tracking for First Class. Plus you don’t have to wait on postal lines. Just drop off all of your packages and leave… or you can hand them off to the postman when he delivers your mail and save a trip all together. 🙂

      • if you set up a paypal account the tracking number is free and part of the price you pay. I can ship an item out that is 4 ounces and wit h tracking it only cost me $2.05. you should try it

      • if you print your labels online, it is $1.93 for a package that weighs up to 3 ounces. then it increases about 17 cents each additional ounce up to 13 ounce for 1st class mail.

      • I was told that was just a scam of the post office to get us to spend more money. I heard that the packages already have a scan # and that you don’t have to pay extra for it. But I like the online deal. Although, not everybody has a precise scale or printer.

    • Gayle Bally - youthemom says:

      That’s sort of impossible Stacey, I use and never go to the PO anymore, so I don’t pay for tracking –it’s automatically included for my packages. BUT if you are shipping an item in an envelope first class mail, I’ve been told by several postal workers that if it doesn’t meet the requirements for tracking (package) and they can’t include it. Some people will differ with that I’m sure, but my account won’t let me add tracking either unless I send something as a “package rate” and it HAS to meet the requirements of 3/4″ or thicker to receive tracking.

      • Gayle,
        I agree, I too have a account, so I know what shipping rates are, so when I see a seller asking for flat rate or $5.00 to send a battery that makes me so angry, because I can send that same battery for $1.98, and I know if you have to go to the PO, supplires are free, and the cost is still only 2.38ish. People seem to think they can bloat the shipping fees and it’s not fair to have to line the pockets that my for a handling fee. So I personally don’t see anything new in these rules!!

      • i understand exactly what you are saying, the only change looks to be the Google Wallet was added. As far as, I wish I could afford this service but it is too expensive for some people to pay this monthly price to ship a free item. I agree some people charge too much. But it is also Listia Moderators fault to a certain extent because they no longer will allow you to have any kind of break down of fees for people in the description, if you offer different kinds of payments for ex.(money order vs paypal) it is cheaper through paypal than directly at post office but because of the Moderators If it is a flat rate I have to make sure I cover for the higher price. Plus, as far as material fee, people pay a lot for ink for the printer, paper, tape and I buy poly bags. Being on disability I do not have the money to buy ink every month to two months on my income.

      • you can only add tracking to a package that is over 3/4″ thick. if it is under 3/4′ thick it is considered a flat and the only way to track is certified mail or signature required. you can still send it as a 1st class package even if it is under 3/4′ tho

      • Why do people use instead of the USPS direct website?” I think it would be better if Listia just allowed us to list a shipping charge in Listia credits. I offer free shipping by adding the amount into the auction, if the bid passes an amount that would cover the shipping then shipping is free but I rarely use the free shipping up front option. Another option could be to have a buyer email you the shipping label after paying for it via

  3. I so agree. I offer Free Shipping all the time. However not everyone can do that. I think that a Seller who sells an item, or items should make sure they get played first. There should be a special Badge for Only Trusted Sellers. Then after other Listians are trustworthy, then they can get played upfront as well.

    • +++++ I Meant PAYED First +++++ I was Speed Typng +++++

    • That’s a good idea. I also always offer free shipping because I like getting all the more credits, but some people can’t, I understand. Still, there are people charging as much as they possible can for items that can be mailed for 2 or 3 dollars cheaper. They need to do something about the overpriced shipping.

    • Forrest Branton says:

      I have also, you can look in the free supplies page offers and they have these stickers with a tracking number on them, so if the postage is only $1.19 you can still have a tracking number to give the buyer and a copy for yourself. has saved me a ton of money, and time, with just printing out the postage labels on my printer using plain white paper.

  4. How about assurance getting shipping money back that was paid to seller, after a dispute? I just paid $6 for software that was registered and expired for 2 years. I got my credits back but not my shipping money

    • i don’t think listia assurance will ever cover actual money. if you use google wallet or paypal – you file a dispute there and get a refund.

      • only if you are covered under the Paypal Protection Plan. Just had to refund credits, because someone would not add their Listia address to their Paypal Business Account and Listia moderators said I had to send item to the Listia Verified Address. You are not covered if you have to manually enter an Address. You are correct Money is more important than credits.

    • no business, replaces shipping for items, if you have a problem with an item, ether that person should replace the item at their expense, or give credits back, but the item should be return if say just the wrong size or proven to be broken etc. Most items offered on this site are completely free if you live near the person and can go pick them up, paying to ship the item is for the buyers convenience

    • No, because you can easily open a dispute with the payment processor to get that money back. Most of which offer buyer protection.

      • buyer protection for the price that you pay for an item not the shipping cost-For example: if I order something threw say Walmart or even etsy cost 10.00 and shipping is 5.00, if I put in a claim then you would only get back the 10.00 that the item cost not what it cost you to ship it. Threw Listia items you win are completely FREE they cost you nothing. You pay to ship the free item to you.

  5. This still is not addressing a major issue which could be really a simple fix. i just lost a dispute about someone who wanted to use their “husbands” business paypal account to pay threw Paypal which is fine but they wanted me to manually enter their Listia shipping address. Which then does not protect the seller at all against Fraudulent use of someone else’s account for ex. using a person’s business account for personal purchase that they do not have permission to do. Listia is all about protecting the buyers, by telling them not to send as a gift option because they will not be covered under Paypal Protection Plan to receive there money back when problems arise but what about us Sellers in order for us to be covered threw the Paypal Protection Plan we can only send to the Paypal confirmed address. I think Listia should put a clause in the shipping address section that states ” if Paying for shipping charges threw Paypal then both the Listia Verified Address and Paypal address much match.” That addresses cannot be changed. Paypal allows for multiple addresses.Please everyone contact listia and suggest this change, more happens in numbers.

  6. What my password?

  7. stephanie burkett says:

    I wish that Listia would offer a Link at the auction page for us to enter payment instead of having to go to the actual pay pal web site.

    • Although, a lot of buyers like this kind of an idea, it is not good for Sellers because most of those cart options like stripe, the money goes directly into a person personal check account for this reason most people prefer Paypal.

  8. listia needs to interface with the USPS, like ebay does. that way you can print you label thru listia’s site. it would also confirm that the label was shipped and when it was shipped.

  9. if the seller is charging a shipping fee, I always ask if I can email or send them a prepaid label. this covers me from high shipping fees and if it is a honest seller, there is no reason they would decline. if they don’t send the item. I get back my credits and cancel the label. all good

  10. Janet Nixon says:

    I won two bids with freeshipping. Ive heard nothing. Could u please help me? Email mme. I’d like to recieve what I won.

  11. Reblogged this on Krafty-Senior–Needle News and commented:
    Have been on , had to slow down a little. Great place to shop & sell

  12. Silver Farr says:

    I am a retired letter carrier. If a package doesn’t meet the ‘thickness’ requirement, simply wad up something like bubble wrap or tissue and enclose it in the center of the envelope. This will make it so it DOES qualify for tracking, and it doesn’t add any substantial weight. It is now considered a ‘small package’. I do this all the time, and have never had such a package rejected.

    • My postal person says if i pay for a flat envelope to be a package i can have tracking, which he does. Never been a problem! Don’t have to add a “wad”…

  13. Listia – Nothing changed except you added Google Pay. The reason your users are notoriously unreliable and scamming is because you pull marketing stunts from the 1980s. If you just announced you now accept Google Pay, it would be easier to respect your flea market. After all these years you still cater to the lowest common denominator so that’s all you will ever attract.

  14. Just returned to Listia site after a period, wow ! it’s crazy how so many folks on here are charging an enormous shipping fee (using site as a selling vendor) and being allowed to sell through here, not like old times where you could actually get great deals. Credits to get items have tripled, i.e…..a shirt used to be bout 1,000, now it’s running average 3,000. No good bargains anymore. Guess I’ll be going away again in search of good bargains. Vendors need to stick to the esty sites………

  15. Carol Moses says:

    I’m not sure how this works. I have loads of clothing and other things I no longer need but not sure what I need to do here. Please give me some step by step guidance to start. Thanks

    • Wow,there is so much to tell, where to start.1. collect the clothes together, decide if you are going to put on individually or by size in a say Flat Rate Box. 2. Take Pictures while writing down, the name & Size of each item. 3. I usually make a Word Document That has What is packaged and the weight. (may need to purchase a scale from post office)so I can refer back to it should someone ask what it cost, I can just check the word document for weight instead of hunting for item.
      4. Package item either in a Poly Bag or Flat Rate Box-Mark what is inside and weight on the package. 5. Put away 6. Transfer photos from Phone (Camera) to Computer under the Catagory Listia Pictures, Folder for the Date put in and then Folder for the item. 7. Now you are ready to start listing on Listia go to Listia Click List Auction-From here you will put in the Title of your items for ex: LFRB(stands for Large Flat Rate Box) Women’s Jean’s-Size 12, then the Catagory ex: Women’s-Clothing-Bottoms, then Add Photos & then Add your Description-This is where that extra list I had you make when you were taking Pictures will come into play-using that list write down each item that you have in that box, making sure that each number corresponds with your picture above. This way people will see that say picture #1 and item #1 Women’s LA Jeans-Size 12 match. Now select how it will be delivered-Shipped or pickup or Digital Delivery, then Where you are Located, Then click show advanced options-this is where you will put in your Starting bid and the number of days you want auction to run for. Then Submit Listing. 8. After this if your auction is an exact shipping auction you may have someone ask how much to ship this item, get there zip code go to, using the weight of the item and there zip code and yours you can calculate what the cost will be.9. When auction ends send them a message as to the way you will accept shipping cost for example: Paypal, Postal Money Orders or Concealed Cash or you can also do free shipping. If you have any more specific questions do not hesitate to contact me at I hope I have answered most of your questions.

  16. HELP! I can not get my listings to show FREE SHIPPING, both say digital delivery?!? I have tried to edit (I know I put them in as free shipping) but it will not let me pick the shipping option? Any suggestions?

  17. hi this is goochiemama0774 I’m trying to put a new camera on action but I’m not sure how to go about it right. its saying I need a sellers badge is that true?if so how do I era that? and also I have border on thing and won but when I try to put my PayPal card #threw its saying I can’t. I really want my things that I’ve border on. please get back with me. thank you. my email. is please help me!!!

  18. ok i’m having a dispute with some one on stuff i sold and the shipping was 4.50 and he got 6 items o\ff me so the total for that comes to 27 and i gave him a deal of 20 bucks and he freaked out wanting a refund and he never gave me any credits nor sent me any money i dont know who to contact to look into this and im looking to lose 50,000 that i never recieved

    • go to the bottom of the page of your listia account to member support, and file a complaint. you did not send the item did you? How could he not give you the credits if he bid on and won your auction then if he does not pay for the auction in 7 days you automatically keep the credits and re-list the auctions again.

  19. Ramona Moore says:

    Great to be apart of listia


  21. Drew Gibson says:

    I sent shipping info but closed out the box before I could enter the tracking by accident..just working to fast and not paying attention is there anyway to add it ..I emailed the info to the bidder is that good enough I also can watch the package arrive since I have the number as well..have I covered myself well enough on this with emailing the tracking or should I do something more ..thanks community

    • Patricia Collette says:

      That should be fine as long as you send a message to the person with the tracking number then you should be fine. Sometimes the box doesn’t all show for me and this is what I do also.

  22. What to do if buyer never marks as received when they have received the item?

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