Listia Stories: An All-Around Awesome Experience

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar2_021815 (drinxx) I joined Listia in 2010 and have to say, it is a wonderful community of buyers and sellers alike. The best part about Listia is that any of the listed items can be gotten for free!! Sure, you might have to list a few items of your own, or earn free credits by completing surveys or tasks to get what you want, but it is ALWAYS worth the effort. So many great things to win on Listia. In addition, I also love the raffles and the fact that Listia offers ways to donate to charities as well. It’s been an all-around awesome experience and I hope to be here for a long time to come. Thanks Listia!! 🙂

allstar_021815 (amystahl94) After being a member on Listia for almost two years, I am writing this letter out of much happiness and joy. I have gained three friendships from this site and would like to thank you and them. I also have 100% feedback which means so much to me. Last year my son was very sick and to keep him calm, we decided to scrapbook. Since we couldn’t get to stores (because he was hospitalized) we got our stickers from Listia. It really helped him and when his spirits were low, we used to take out all the beautiful scrapbooking supplies and start scrapbooking! I am happy to say that with his new medication, he is doing much better. He still loves to scrapbook and loves all the stickers that we got. Whatever we get on Listia is a treasure.

2014-09-19 02.54.06

(KariLody) I signed up on Listia a few years ago but I didn’t understand what it was all about, so I didn’t do anything. Then, the beginning of this year, I needed a lot of craft supplies (stickers, paper, etc.) for my scrapbooking hobby.  As usual, my husband said “it’s a waste of money, sell some of this stuff we have around the house on eBay instead”!  Well, I tend to agree that hobbies can be expensive, but I dislike eBay and all their rules.  Around that time, a friend of mine told me about Listia.  I went to sign up but noticed I was already a member!  From that day on, I was able to get rid of many things that have been accumulating around this house lately, and, I was able to stock up on hundreds of dollars of scrapbooking supplies, for FREE!!


  1. I love lists I have got a lot of free coin’s and also got rid of some things I did not need any longer and have made a lot new friends. It my favorite site now. Thank you for having a free site like this to make other like mind people like me on this site.


  2. I love the listings on Listia!! I have been able to find items that I love that have been discontinued, but are like new!! The deals I get can’t be beat because I get them with credits. They are like new and I cannot find them anywhere else. I even bought a box of tanning bed lotions (single use) with credits and contacted her later to find out if she had more. She did not, but hooked me up with a great deal that I did not even know I as looking for! I Love Listia!!

  3. if you pople love this so much then you did not have over 250,000 credits stolen from you for no reason

  4. I also joined way back in 2010 and although it’s been a bumpy ride at times, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experiences here on Listia. The things I have won here are way too numerous to count!!! Everything from dog beds to sneakers to gnomes to makeup…. Each transaction remains etched in my memory. Mainly because of the special people I have met along the way. Because it does take a special person to become a True Listian ~~~ their kindness and generosity just make them shine!!!!! Yes Listia is made up of hundreds of these shining stars and together they make a whole brilliant giving and taking constellation!!! Shine on Listia!!!

  5. I am a new member and really enjoy browsing. I love the fact that you can share information about products that you are interested in. There are a lot of great sellers for anything you want. I make jewlrey with all the love in my heart and enjoy sharing and making people happy. I have always been a giver and have recieved some of the sweetest cards and feedback that have brought tears to my eyes. I just want to thank all the people that work hard to trade their products and share their love or their passion on lista. Very positive site. I love all my customers. Thank you Lista!!!!

  6. LISTIA has become a great pact in my life. I’ve gained friendship through out it and opportunites to help my son with his school and help my artistic ways.
    As being a artist i have received many stuff from listia to help me.
    And i continue to be a listia member ! 🙂

  7. Win soon.

  8. I spent my points on a lot of skateboard parts, and they never arrived. I contacted the seller a number of times with no luck. 😦

  9. Yeah!!!! Congratulations Amy and Kari! Two of my close Listia friends! You both have been reliable trustworthy sellers in my book for a long time! I’m not surprised that you are both Listia All Stars! You both go out of your way to please the sellers and always go the extra mile! Now, that’s what Listia is all about!

  10. I Love to see all the amazing stories on the blog from every walk of life. Its amazing to see all the wonderful members and Listias way to support them 🙂

  11. Soon.

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