Rewards Store Updates


We are making some important updates to the Rewards Store today to ensure that Listia can continue to provide great new items to all members in a fair and fun way. A summary of the changes is listed below, but we encourage everyone to continue reading this entire post to fully understand the reasons for the necessary updates:

  1. Rewards Store items are being simplified into three different categories:
    • Staff Picks: Great new items shipped to you by Best Buy and Walmart (items previously found under other categories will be located here)
    • Listia Goods & Gear: Listia swag, including t-shirts, mugs, stickers and coins
    • Amazon Gift Cards: Official gift card codes, delivered digitally
  2. Most items, including all items sold through “Staff Picks,” will now be auctions that do not include a Get It Now (GIN)

The shift from GIN only items to regular auctions is the change that has the largest impact on Listia members. Since the Rewards Store first launched over two years ago, most of the items on the store have been available to Listia members through a fixed price (no bidding, just a GIN option). It was introduced as a nice benefit of being an active seller on Listia, and we felt that having GIN as the only option made buying from the store both quick and easy. It started off at a small scale, and the store was nearly always full of great products, and everything seemed fine.

In the span of the last several months though, we’ve noticed that items began to sell out extremely quickly (Can you imagine someone winning a 3-piece luggage set within 30 seconds of it being listed? It happens.) The Rewards Store started to look very sparse, and at times was completely sold out. An easy solution would have been to simply list more and more items, but as you can imagine, that would quickly become too costly for Listia to maintain.

There are two main reasons why the Rewards Store started to sell out:

  1. The Listia community is growing, and that means more members are using the Rewards Store as a great way to spend their credits.
  2. Items in the store were often priced much lower than what they would sell for on the rest of the site. In many situations, winning an item on the Rewards Store could be considered a steal, and who doesn’t love a great deal?

Over the last two years, we’ve steadily grown the Rewards Store. We’ve also changed the Get It Now amounts a few times to make the items priced more accurately. Those actions weren’t quite enough to keep the Rewards Store in a state where enough members could participate in a casual, stress-free way though. Hearing members’ stories about needing to refresh the Rewards Store constantly to immediately “snipe” something that gets listed is one of the things that keeps us up at night!

A few answers to some of the questions you may all have:

How long will the auctions be live for?
We are starting off with 5 day auctions, which we feel is short of enough to keep things exciting, but also long enough to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it. Items will be starting and ending daily, so keep your eyes peeled!

Will things get more expensive?
Since Listia will no longer set the price of most Rewards Store items, the bidding will behave just like any other auction on Listia. It’s hard to say if specific items will tend to sell for more or less credits, but in general you should see prices more accurately reflect their fair market value.

Our goal with today’s changes is to keep the Rewards Store as an enjoyable and rewarding place for our members to use their credits. While we are sad to see the GIN option go, we feel that it is a necessary step to make sure the store stays up-and-running for all members. Also, by having Rewards Store items as auctions with no starting bid and no GIN, everyone can place a bid early to have their opportunity at winning. As a separate measure, we will be increasing our focus on keeping the items as fresh as possible!

Thank you all for continuing to be a part of the Listia community!


  1. Soo sad 😦 i know there were some members who ruined it for all of us. Im really sad to see such an awesome part of Listia change. Its too bad you guys didnt do something about this situation long ago, so honest members like myself could have still enjoyed the great deals & awesome items you used to offer us. Now that credits have taken such a drastic turn in high priced items, im afraid this change is going to divide the community tremendously. People who have millions of credits to spend & the people who dont. Good Luck, i hope this works out for all of us. 🙂

    • I felt that Listia made no effort to keep the store stocked and yeah, overpricing things to a ridiculous level (IE: $17 item for 47,000 credits) really has ruined it.

      • EvenTrade Listia says:

        If idiots who couldn’t pass a 4th grade math class if their life depended on it pay the ridiculous prices, why WOULDN’T they sell them for such high GIN’s? Supply and demand. Blame the idiots who pay such high amounts, not the seller.

      • something worth $17 equals 54,400 credits so you are actually paying less.

    • I am new to Listia but the way the reward store used to be sounds SOOOOO much better than the way they have it now.

  2. NOT happy with the new format AT ALL. NOw we have to wait and compete, great for Listia, bad for Members 😦

  3. Store items were WAAAAAYYYY overpriced to begin with! Now it’s survival of the fittest. Listia members lose, listia wins! Horrible customer service, now this. Well Listia is going to be in the dust soon.

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      If idiots who couldn’t pass a 4th grade math class if their life depended on it pay the ridiculous prices, why WOULDN’T they sell them for such high GIN’s? Supply and demand. Blame the idiots who pay such high amounts, not the seller.

    • I agree they were way over priced for the real value of a credit. Unless you auction designer bags or gift cards you are lucky to break even. I never could build up enough credits for the nicer things that were listed. They were never there anyway just the image of what it was. LoL. I have to say I disagree about the customer service. They have always helped me and when/ if I felt my question was not answered I would let them know. I would get a reply back that same day. I’m happy with the customer service I’ve received so far. I have to say it was not always in my favor either

  4. Not good. You forgot reason #3 why the Rewards Store started to sell out:
    Users wanted the option to spend their credits on new, current items rather than older, used items that are often found within the member auctions.

    This change just looks like laziness to me. Maybe time to spend my credits and exit Listia.

  5. Sounds good to me, now every one has an equal chance to purchase through the rewards store. I got tired of going there and nothing was listed. Thanks for the update and the best of luck to all.

    • Except that you will be grossly outbid on every single thing. Watch $30 Walmart items get overbid to the tune of 167,000+ credits. 😦 Just re-instate the old GIN format and STOCK THE STORE HOURLY, there is automated software to do this

      • “An easy solution would have been to simply list more and more items, but as you can imagine, that would quickly become too costly for Listia to maintain.” ~Listia

        Too expensive. If you really want an item, go buy it.

    • You are wrong if you think everyone will have an equal chance. Just like before, the gift card sellers who are getting 4-5x the monetary value ($25 for 75-100,000 credits, $50 for 150k-200,000) of the gift cards will just outbid everyone else. If you are a non gift card seller like the majority on here you actually probably have less of a chance now of winning because they can drive up the price even more then what the GIN was set at before. I will say the new system will dissuade some of the gift card sellers but they will be cashing out there credits so be prepared to see gift cards and these new rewards store items go for even higher numbers for awhile. If you wait a few months when the mass exodus is over then you might be able to grab some items at reasonable prices.

      • I totally agree, couldn’t have said it better. This is a very bad move and will only increase the already increasing inflation on this site!

      • I should have added on if you wait a few months “and the site it still up and running” then you can get some items at reasonable prices. Listia continues to make moves like this which are “suppose to benefit us the consumer” but like all the times before it benefits them far greater than us. They just don’t see the bigger picture that this will drive away a good portion of the members. Funny, because most of the members on here see it. Well get your popcorn ready and see how much these new Rewards Store items go for. The Black and Decker which costs $78 at Wal-Mart is already at 140,000 credits and it’s been listed 4 hours.

  6. oneblondeone says:

    Don’t like the change at all. I do not see how it is fair to everyone. New users dont have a chance at all compared to people that have been on listia for years. I see all the new auction items going for wayyy more. I feel as though this change is going to run alot of people off listia. Bring back the GIN option!!!!

  7. Well, there goes the neighborhood. Everyone remember this day, because in my opinion, this is a very bad move and will only succeed in driving more people away from Listia.

    I had to laugh when I read this part of the statement:

    “In many situations, winning an item on the Rewards Store could be considered a steal, and who doesn’t love a great deal?”

    When the heck did the Rewards Store items become looked at as a steal? Maybe a couple of years ago when it started. But, over the past year, everything on there was way overpriced!

    Sure, i’ve got tons of credits, but who wants to spend their hard earned credits from selling good stuff, only to pay out ridiculous amounts in a bidding war with others that don’t really care about the real market value of the items they are purchasing.

    So, in the recent past, if you were lucky enough to catch one at the right time, you could snag a Nintendo 3DS XL for about 330,000 credits at a GIN in the Rewards Store. With this new system, they will surely be bid up to over 500,000 or more, when you can actually purchase them in any store for about $200 or less. To earn the 500,000 credits in the first place, one would most likely have to give away over $200 worth of merchandise including paying to ship them out.

    In the end, this little “So Called FREE System”, will end up costing most of us more money to list and ship the items than any credit value we could ever seek to recover to justify giving our items away! And, I for one will be very sad when that happens because I enjoy using this site. Seriously thinking about cashing in the credits and moving on; it was fun while it lasted! Thanks Listia!

    • CobaltCrazy says:

      I agree with you completely. My daughter messaged me and said she is done! For another reason adding to this one… As she spent a pile of her hard earned credits for what was suppose to be a ‘New’ item of clothing, when she opened the package… It had body stain and odor. What’s wrong with this picture folks? No customer service number for help… And no help from Listia!

  8. Robert Fumarola says:

    good job listia its about time every time I go to the Rewards Store everything is sold out fast I like the new way good job.
    love this site

    • It seems Listia is BANKING on the belief that members are STUPID. Combat this by NOT buying ridiculously overpriced Walmart/Best Buy stuff! Burning your core membership by instituting a new sales plan that highlights GREED is really a letdown……

      • EvenTrade Listia says:

        Newsflash: The average member IS stupid! Look at the people winning the auctions, do some math, and see how much money they are losing in the purchase (retail items they sell value, vs items they purchase value, in terms of MSRP).

    • You just don’t realize that you really still have no chance of winning. Unless you are a gift card seller, then you may have a chance. 🙂 The big sellers on here will outbid you 10x. I guess it is better to actually see the item and pretend you can win it then seeing it sold in the Rewards Store already when you check on it. Don’t get your hopes up though, you will not win an item in the Rewards Store for awhile unless you are prepared to spend 500,000 credits on a $100 item.

  9. BAD, BAD move. I’ll give you 2 more weeks to reconsider your unilateral change (no one asked us) and then I will find a way to cash out my credits and be done with Listia.

  10. Listia: LOOK at these comments and PLEASE take it seriously. We have been OK paying overpriced rates for easily bought retail items in the store, but this is a smack in the face to Members and is an outright INSULT.

    I too will cash out my credits and abandon Listia since this move showcases Listia’s desire to abandon the FREE moniker and become another PAID/RIPOFF auction site.

    Listia’s decision in the face of outright Member hatred towards the new plan will both determine the future of the site and show what’s more important, a loyal customer base or PROFITS.

    Wait and see.

  11. Well, I have just had confirmation that Listia is in it for the money and does not care about the little people! If you try and win a gift card now it sells for about 3 times what it is worth. you used to be able to get gift cards for only a small amount over what the cost. now with te store going this way normal non selling gift card Listians will NOT get anything out of it!! So looks like i will be leaving this site!

  12. Liz Newman says:


    LISTIA. if u TRUELY desire to FIX the problem with the rewards store…..THEN FIX THE REAL PROBLEM! Stop the madness that is going on with the gift cards! U think u fooled us into believing each person could only list so many a month…..but u got around that saying….”unless they were approved to sell more than the quota!” Well I have seen ANYONE with a monthly quota….and since that annoumcement….GIFT CARDS HAVE SPIKED TO THE TUNE OF 4 & 5 TIMES THEIR FACE VALUE….giving gift card sharks the advantage to buy the reward store out! Who cares about the rewards store anyway! Nobody I know of!

    CAP OFF THE PRICES OF THE GIFT CARXS AND U WILL STOP ALL THE UNFAIRNESS! Listia star ed out with the right morals and values and has let current management RUN it in the ground floor o now it is the epitome of exploitation by a corporation on a mass populous!

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      This is the first good idea I’ve seen here.

    • I have to say I agree. I love winning gift cards but they are sky rocketing. I have to auction off a month or 2 worth of items to just get in the game. I know more then likely the CAP will not happen but that would solve quite a few issues on this site. Also the free starting bid should be higher then 499. I like this site but it is beginning to be quite costly.

      What got me was the remark about “continually adding items to the Reward Store would be costly”. Well it is costly for us too that offer free shipping!

      • Has anyone noticed now that the people charging outragous gift card Gins are people with less then 50 feedback???? Its cuz they have no idea what this site used to be. They are fresh to Listia & to them, the high price is normal. I cant tell you how many $25 dollar Gins i saw people listing for 100,000 credits or more just today alone. WTFffffff???? I needed $60 in ebay gift cards this week & i spent sooo many darn credits i wanted to kick someone. And i only buy them for the lowest Gin price i can find. Which is anywhere from 10,000-25,000 less then most list for. If $25 codes hit 100,000 im outta here & Ive been on Listia for 4 years. If only Listia had limited the rewards store purchases to 2 a month per member, none of this gift card craziness would have happened. Ugh!!!!!!!

  13. I think the Silicon Valley geeks who started Listia because they were golden child geniuses with regard to coding or creating apps need to go back to school to get trained in economics before they are going to start running their own functioning economy. At least get a consultant in there who knows something about economics (or business). Within a year, this site will be toast. Users, cash out now before it’s too late. We’ve seen the site go downhill just in the past 12 months.

    • Jack Enhoff says:

      I had over 1 million credits and luckily I spent them all in anticipation of this dumbass move. I will NOT be selling in Listia and more

  14. I’m cashing out!!!! this is so dumb. I list quality stuff all new and save my points to purchase stuff. You should have stopped china from selling and buying on here.
    I think the site is on the way out too

  15. I list LAPTOPS on Listia which is a rare thing, w/o being able to redeem my credits fairly, I now have NO REASON TO SELL LAPTOPS ON LISTIA!!!!

  16. If things stay this way I will be one of the users leaving, this was implemented with no advance notice. Those of us that have been saving up for items in the “Reward Store” will now have a handful of useless credits… Booo Listia

  17. Let the credit dumping begin. Just dropped about 250,000 credits on various items in the “New Rewards” store just to see how crazy things are going to get on day 1 of this disaster move by Listia. Maybe when they see how high things go within just a day or 2, and how this move will price out many of their new Listians, they will reverse this awful change and come up with something better.

  18. This so sad, very disappointed in Listia. Remove the REWARDS since this is no longer rewards but auctions. Overpriced items and not able to keep with the demand. Very sad.

  19. Carolyn Voiles says:

    I am very disappointed Listia, just like the Gin option for the Amazon gift cards last year. I have listed very few items since you took that out and I know A LOT of others who have quit Listia or very sparsely use it anymore. There are many of us that work hard to earn our credits. Getting only face value for them yet Amazon gift cards and item in the rewards store go for 3 to 4 times their real value. I love the friends I have met here but you are losing a lot of great Listians because of this and the scammers. 😦

  20. trina tyler says:

    i think its too hard to get items as the gift cards are now so now everything is going to be that way it don’t make it easier it makes it much harder I think it is a bad thing for Listia to do 😦

  21. All I have to say is Listia Needs to go ahead and Shut down the REWARDS STORE due to it’s not a REWARDS STORE at ALL. If Lisita wants to List stuff to be Auctioned off they need to list their Stuff just like everyone else does. LISTIA you need to sit down and think of a better way to REWARD your PEOPLE!! You say that you are Letting US bid on NEW STUFF as a REWARD, That Is SAD!!! Because YOU are not the Only ones on here that are Auctioning off NEW STUFF……!! I Just so Happen to AUCTION off NEW STUFF all the TIME! With Tags and Everything! Oh YEA…I Offer FREE SHIPPING as well…. So your NEW STUFF is NOT a REWARD> SORRY! I Like the Store the way it was. It gave me a GOLD to earn more Credits to get the things you did have set up on a GIN…. GET IT NOW>. REALLY…..THINK OF SOMETHING Else better. this is really SAD>!

  22. I saved and spent for over a year on this and that and then realized if i would stop spending on members Listia items and keep my credits to spend in the Listia store for nicer better things, i felt compelled to offer more free shipping and sell better quality items to other members. ..sometimes when said and done, I’d have about twenty+ dollars invested in shipping and an item would fetch me about 35,000 credits. I figured to get a Nintendo Wii U I wanted, I’d have to flip 10 auctions to aquire the costs to redeem in the store. I was spending money to literally spend in an imaginary online shop that was barely refreshed with new items and i literally watched that Wii go from 235k to 370k in less than six months. I felt it was worth it and i enjoyed helping make this a great auction place to share our items. Now you want us to fight amongst ourselves to be rewarded for the same rewards? Only to be out bidded because i might have a real life and must tend to my 6 month old when he needs me rather than hundreds of other people who must be glued to their laptops to watch auctions every second of the day just to have the chance to snipe an auction at the last second? No way. I thought about coming back and doing it all again with new items in my home but not when i have to babysit Listia and fight others just to be rewarded. I don’t have time for that, i have a life.

  23. Jack Enhoff says:

    Seriously, you idiots at Listia have the audacity to say “It’s hard to say if specific items will tend to sell for more or less credits, but in general you should see prices more accurately reflect their fair market value”. BULLSHIT!! The credits prices will skyrocket, guaranteed! Why? Because you have a few million users fighting over a few select items! Do you expect us to believe that totally bullshit statement? You slopes blew it big time!

  24. If the same ppl are getting the items in the store, wouldn’t it be more logical to put a limit on how many times one can win in the store? Say once a month for example. I would think this would give others more of a chance. Just watch the gift card listings, so many times you see the same person win the cards. Just my 2 cents.

    • I agree with Shar Pei. Our local radio station had to put a limit on how many times you could win their contests each month because some people would be “glued” to the radio and win every contests in a month. Limiting the callers to only winning once a month made it much more fair to the entire listening area.

      If Listia would limit winnings to only 1 Or 2 items of a kind in a 30 day period it would increase the odds of winning for more people in the Listia community.

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      This is also a good idea. A monthly “cap” for how many items a winner can purchase or “win”. I’m glad some of you guys have brains.

    • pnm2001 says:

      So I should be punished for having more credits than you??
      Because I list better items, make more credits than you do???


  25. Given that I have over 500,000 credits and YOU changed the rules of how I could spend them, Listia, would you be willing to cash me out? How about letting me transfer the credits to other people? I no longer want to be a part of this.

    I have auctions closing in the next few days and I have NO incentive now to complete them and send out the merchandise to my customers. You have made my credits worthless, so would you at least be willing to throw some of your loyal users a bone?

  26. UnFan LISTIA if you don’t like how they are Handling the REWARD store! Maybe we can get our Point across.!! Having to BID on REWARDS are NOT REWARDS at all!

    • I agree! If we all unfan and keep commenting on the site and here, maybe one day they will finally comment back to us! The moderators unsurprisingly have not done anything on any of the comments, they must be waiting for the “higher” up persons to do something about it…this is ridiculous!!

    • pnm2001 says:

      You REALLY think stomping your feet and “unfanning” Listia will matter??
      Sounds like a 2 year old temper tantrum….whine & complain because you don’t get your way??

  27. Roku 3 – under $100 in stores and online.
    As I type this – over 140,000 credits on auction and with over 3 days to go yet.
    This is what we’re all talking about – it’s ridiculous. It’s causing items to be way over-valued in the rewards store.

    Another good site gone bad. Sad.

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      Items were selling 2-3x their value in GIN price prior to the update. At least now it’s not a scam, but rather a reflection of peoples lack of 4th grade math skills.

  28. Wow, some people are just not happy unless they are complaining about something!!

    Get over it!! So it’s no longer a “store”, it’s an open auction.
    Save your credits. List something GOOD to earn more credits!
    Quit you beechin!!

    • You my friend are a blind apologist if you think all these people are just looking for something to complain about. To many on here the Rewards Store was the only place they bought there items from. Where as I am sure your a trusted seller, many learn quick on here there are a good majority of sellers who are not as trustworthy. Even trusted sellers with over 1000 feedback have resorted to scamming people on here. People bought from the Rewards Store mainly because 1, they knew they would get there item from a trusted seller, 2- the item would be brand new from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, not a used item like most things listed on here. If you did not purchase items from the Rewards Store then you really have no need to comment on here as it doesn’t pertain to you. If you did buy things from the Rewards Store and still do not see the problem then you are a bigger fool then I thought. I would like to borrow your rose colored glasses.

    • Ah, yes, complaining about the end of the whole reason why I joined Listia and being stuck with over 500,000 credits makes me SOOOOOOO happy.

    • And pnm2001 your not happy unless your blindly defending Listia. Keep holding that blind faith. It suits you well. Many of us have more then enough credits to buy the items in the Rewards Store right now but refuse to pay 3-4x what the actual item is worth. Why should we list “better auctions” as you put it when the value of the credit on here keeps decreasing whether it’s because people dumping credits and leaving or because all these gift card sales for crazy amounts. Regular items cannot compete with the gift cards on here. Items in general are down on here. Not as much quality or quantity. I love this site as much as you do but I am a realist. Listia if your listening. Cut down gift card sales or eliminate gift card sales, go back to GIN items in Rewards Store, limit how many items can be purchased in the Rewards Store-2 per month or 500,000 limit and you might save your site. Might.

      • Hey Jack, what if i told you i found a site similar to Listia with items at a fixed price & a lot of items like the rewards store had? Without the auction hassles? Owners who care about each seller & you can get really good deals at good prices again? Like the old days on here? We all made Listia, why not give them a little competition? I think were all ready for it

      • Jose Chavez says:

        I’m in.

      • Sweet,I will update you soon. 🙂

      • Connie H says:

        Is there already another site out there that works the same way Listia used to work?

      • I would say gift card sellers will probably ruin it too. 🙂

      • Thanks Jack! Appreciate you clearing that up for me and providing some insight.

      • Allie, please message me about that site. Thanks.

  29. What my password now? I want win cash and yugioh cards

  30. Just dumped all my credits this morning BYE BYE

  31. begonia41353 says:

    I agree totally. It also seems that there might be shill bidders on Rewards Store Amazon gift cards. The same people win time and time again for ridiculously high bids. Is this to drive the prices up on all gift cards?

    • Just said my piece.Very Very Disappointed ..

    • CobaltCrazy says:

      If you follow many of those that have run the credits up… You will see they turn around and flip them back into their account for auction or higher GIN price as soon as they get their notice of transfer! It is a real game of win win for them!

  32. Lets sum this up real quick,,,,There is NO REWARD STORE, and as a online seller for over 9 years…I thought Listia was different and really enjoyed the way they set it up,, but I hope they understand what they did…..They are gonna lose Everyone,,, I enjoyed selling stuff and saving credits to get something BRAND NEW that I would enjoy….Now there is NO REASON to even be on listia…Lets see, we all sell stuff on here for a certain amount, and get credits not money, to try and bid on something knew in The Reward Store,, … Someone needs to re think this, our honestly shut it down… There is way to many Flee Markets out there that are laughing at you all… cause we can get stuff 50% cheaper with them now with what you all are doing and put them on EBAY… ..Im gonna give it 2 weeks, and then if nothing changes …See ya… cause this is all about GREED,

  33. P.S. Listia please Change your Slogan on toip…Get rid of old stuff to get New Suff…. hahahaha yeah if you have 500,000 credits you may get something new… …

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      Hello, please pick up a dictionary.

      not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.
      already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time.
      “her new bike”

  34. Like all good site, they always start out great and once they get too greedy, it only goes down. I t was fun here but time to move on, it is not worth the time and money (to ship stuff to others for free to help this place grow) just to get screwed with ridiculous amount for “rewards” to sellers. It is not officially cheaper to sell your stuff at a tag sale and just buy the items at the rewards store yourself at walmart or best buy, it will actually cost you less

  35. After my listings end, I will not sell on this site until they bring back GIN for rewards, anyone else in?

  36. REWARD STORE name needs to changed to Listia AUCTIONS cuz well thats what it is….,I have also noticed the high amount of over seas people joining, hmm 30 to 60 day wait for items..(the flood will hurt lista same as it did ebay) and will chase many listians away (like ebay)….You need to make it to where we KNOW right away they are in china, orients and those places it take a month or more…I liked listia being USA, Canada and mexico (3-day to a 2 week turn around)… also I have notice how now card points are double and higher in points from last years (thats our points base value). guys more points for same type item is not good at all. brings down the value of our points. I remember when 300/500pts=1.00 then 800/1000=1.00 now its 2000/3000=1.00.. guess thats good for the seller sort of!!!!! but still means you have to put out more for what you want to. Oh btw Listia that means the high base start needs to be raised to 1000 at least to cover the stamp value…..high start was/were 100 then went to 499…… stop handing out credits for all the are flooding the system with free credits lowering what ours were worth,MANY of us work hard for the points we have saved up and now they are NOT worth what they were when we earned them……. these people do a survey on here which are just email and or just plain spamming set ups but listia gets paid right. all those HIGH/condensed free points flood the system,especially with spammed multi accounts. (I seen it kill a few online games cuz of it) but people come on spam those get the points and then flood those cheated/spammed FLIPPED points into/onto the Amazon and other cards with gins and or bidding. ……….thats B A D….Bad bad… is that against the law???… also I use to think it was cool extra 500 point after listing 4 items (wait I do that anyways.. hmm) yes I know its incentive to list stuff. but also shows less people are listing why?????? ……………. please please make people verify their address before they can bid…WHY DO YOU GUYS make us do your job. I know 4 people who have stopped doing listia .. Cuz they can not handle the bull… sad to say this will probably be my last year to. Its just not fun anymore becoming to much to handle and costs are rising to keep it up. the balance is no longer there/here. …sad face

    • Well said, you made some excellent points. Is Listia even reading our posts here? I havent seen one reply from them. Usually they respond to some blog comments. Ive been on here for 4 years & im getting really nervous. I sell my beads/items for low Gins i guess, but to me it makes me cringe what i have to set my Gins for now. And i sooo agree, the starting point should be 1000 & what is 500 bonus credits for listing? Nothing at all!! How about at least a 2000 credit incentive. That at least could get you a minimum Gin set up sheesh lol

    • equalityforall says:

      Please also remove, monitor and not just state you require…users to be over 18. I have 9, 12 & 14 yo bidding. Of course if they bid and are not verified I keep their credits but it’s a PITA waiting too. Age limits must be set and kept in stone! If they cannot be verified as REAL adults, get rid of them!
      Most of above I agree. I have seen credit value drop exponentially and postage rates are not going lower people. The choices for ME to bid on things have diminished too, Listians are leaving, good sellers are leaving. I try hard to sell for a long period, 21 days, and start at ZERO and put a reasonable GIN on because many people are disabled, have a limited income, and I try to gear to all people. If someone is willing to wait, then they get my item.
      I wish Listia would go back to a REWARDS store as it was 6-8 month ago. Things were listed all hours of the day. Chances of winning were fair. Then it began, the repeats, the things no one wants, and no where in the BLOG can we write on a WISH list to perhaps LISTIA can look for items we want! Nice idea!
      Sad to see so many going….

  37. Most of you dont remember the rewards store & how amazing it was a little over a year ago. Unbelievable items for low low Gin’s. I would get $40-$60 toys for 25,000-45,000 credits all day long. Ps3 & xbox 360’s were 175,000 credits and they listed them all day long. The store was always full of amazing itemd but then the gift card craze happened & more items went up in price, the higher the prices got, the faster they would sell out. I guess for fear that the next day the prices would double. But some would sell gift cards for high prices then go & wipe out all the killer items the rewards store had to offer. Schmucks!!!! They had found the key to buying good items at 75% off & then go & sell them in their own store & make a killing & killed the rewards store. Im so bummed. Its sad how Listia has changed. Someone mentioned what i thought was a super great idea & made a lot of sense. Since all of the problems started with not being able to stock the rewards store, why not give each member a limit as to how many items or how many “credits” they could spend in the store a month. That would have solved all of the issues right there. You could have kept the prices down, the store full & gift cards wouldnt have become so much of an issue for all of us. Now very few people have a chance of getting anything from the store. You should not call it a store anymore but Listia auctions, since that is what it has become.

  38. Thanks for all the feedback from the community. We listen to every comment and are always looking to make improvements. Once we get everyone’s feedback we’ll make changes accordingly, thanks so much!

    • Connie H says:

      Listia seems to be ignoring the feedback and keeps listing more auctions in the “Reward Store”

      Some one should have thought this through before making the drastic changes causing many users to leave… Listia used to be a fun site where you had the potential to get some great rewards now the only rewards are going to the richest 😦

    • I hope changes are on the way

      • Jose Chavez says:

        Why can’t they just add more items to the rewards?? it just seems silly that all this is because they can’t keep up with the demand. Just list more rewards, stop raising the credits and Listians will be happy.

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      Allies Suggestion that you limit:

      The amount of Gift Card auctions a seller can list per month.

      The amount of items you can win from the rewards store each month

      The credit value of the items you can win each month from the rewards store.

      Are all good points.

  39. Agreed. A 500,000 credit limit per month or 2 item per person in the Rewards Store a month would work. Makes too much sense though. 🙂 Still if they did this, the gift card sellers would still rule most of the Rewards Store but other sellers would at least have a chance. If they want to really change the site, limit gift card sales to 2-3 a month per person as well. That’s where the real downfall began. They won’t though, look how many credits Listia gets for gift cards. They won’t change the Rewards Store back either. At least not for awhile. They are gonna make a killing on these newly listed items. We will see whose left when the dust settles.

  40. trina tyler says:

    i think if you have a mix of GIN items and auction of the same kind of items it might be better but when you have something going for normal of 25.000 credits and it goes over 75.000 or even more how can you call it a reward I was saving my credits for something nice now I cant even do that and you know other sellers are getting items from you just so they can sell them back to others on here I think ppl are not being fair and I don’t think that what you did with the store was fair I think a limit idea would be ok say 3 or 4 items a month or even every 3 months that way it gives others a chance to save for something that they want or even need for me its hard to get something I want when its an auction and its not that I don’t try its I don’t like t go past an amount if I think its going too high for what it is worth I work hard to make my credits like many here do I do like to feel like I am spending too much for something I try to be fair to others on my items I hope that others will be fair back its fun but not if your paying too much

  41. I agree with many of the comments on here. I have been saving up credits to buy items at the rewards store. Yes they were a bit expensive but at least I knew they were new and that I would get them. This was my incentive to sell on listia. If this new change stays in place I will no longer sell items.

    I thought this was a place to trade things that we no longer want or need for things we do want and do need. Listia and many other sellers are buying things to sell at much higher rates.

    I also find it interesting that Listia does not follow their own rules. They do not give feedback even when they receive it, They list items as free shipping even though it is a digital delivery…

    The current set up is not a “reward system”. Listia has just become another seller.

  42. There is no need for “Limits” on anything, this is a free market, people want to pay 3 ties as much for something, that’s fine, Listia wants to charge 3 times how much something is worth, that’s fine, don’t be surprised when half the sellers leave. If Listia want to turn a reward store into an auction because of greed, that’s fine too, we don’t have to be here. But just like ebay, the sellers here, the good ones, who will offer free shipping, and the ones who to send the item no matter if we get 100 credits for it or 100,000, we still ship because we are honest, But like ebay, as soon as they get greedy and want more, it’s the sellers that get screwed, the people who made them (listia and ebay) who they are, and the success that they are. And like ebay, listia will loose a lot of good sellers, including me. It is just no worth it to me to put the time and money into this place only to work 3 times as hard to get a reward that will be jacked up 3 or 4 times. A yea ago, the system was great, the prices in the rewards store were fair. Now, nothing here is fair,but they want us, sellers to keep them going. Like Amazon took so many people from ebay, due to their mistake, Another site like this will pop up that will take a lot of people from here and Listia will never recover. I just don’t understand what people think that once something works, just leave it alone. Old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

    • Yep!!! Well said, there does happen to be another place like Listia. If listia is like evay then this one is like Amazon. Unfortunately they were doing sooo good & idk what happened but it slowed way way down. I was really excited about this new listia-like-place, i was getting better items for better prices too. 40″ flat screen, sonic toothbrush, 32″ flat screen, pur water refils, blueray, shipped from Amazon too, like the rewards store. I hope this site gets the funding they need cuz Listia sure could use some competition, i think everyone is ready for that. I was making a killing too, & only had to list 1/3 of what i list on here. I had stopped listing altogether on listia but not much i can do now since the site is at a standstill.

    • That was well said. I was telling someone just today that Listia is a lot like eBay. They are making changes that penalize the sellers or make it harder for the sellers or worse for the sellers and they are not even realizing they are shooting themselves in the foot. I think, just like eBay, the people at Listia who are making the decisions to change the site are CLUELESS because they have no idea what it is like to be a seller. Maybe Listia should take about 50 of the best sellers and do a really in-depth survey and see what WE think would make the site better. I’d love to be on some sort of user advisory panel. If you don’t do something like that then you will have this disastrous top-down way of making decisions that look good (to you) on paper and will ultimately cause your business to be ruined. Do you want that, Lisita? Do you want to go the way of eBay or MySpace? Listen to us and change it back to the way things were just a year ago, or do a survey to get the ideas from the people who have the most to tell you: your customers the users.

      • Excellent idea, now if only the Listia staff would read these comments maybe we would be in business ( no pun intended) lol but just like they have always done, ignore the comments from their customers. There was another company that was growing bigger & bigger everyday. It was called yardsellr & as soon as the greed hit them the site was gone just as fast. It was such a great site & the owners killed it. Just wait, there will be a company that will give Listia a run for their money & when that happens, then they will think, hmm maybe we should have listened to our sellers more.

  43. Kingdompower2013 says:

    We understand that the growing Listia community makes it hard to keep items stocked in the rewards store, and that with so many members the items were going fast, costing Listia more money.

    But now, with this new system, only those with the most credits will be able to buy anything from there because they can afford to bid astronomical amounts.

    I just looked at the rewards store, and with 40 hours left, I can imagine that I will not be able to afford ANY of the items in there in the end.

    I believe that some of the users are actually businesses who are able to buy in bulk at pennies on the dollar because in their listings they say that the items are coming from overseas and will take up to 30 days to be delivered. THEY have the credits to bid up everything in the rewards store to the point that none of us “regular ole people” will be able to get ANYTHING. Listia should have at least SOME GIN auctions.

    (It is not at all about idiots who only have 4th grade math skills bidding things up to ridiculous amounts like stated many times above. So to that user, please refrain from making that same comment to THIS post. Thank you.)

    What would happen in the world if food (or such) went to a bidding system?
    Only the rich would survive.

    Listia’s rewards store has become a “rich man’s paradise”.

    So I guess us po’ folks will have no other option but to only buy items from the rest of the po’ folks…that is IF the “rich” don’t start runnin’ us over in THOSE auctions too! LOL

    • It seems to me, the only people on here with a 4th grade math level are the people who came up with this genius idea. ( and i am being sarcastic when i say genius) if they were smart theywould have come up with a different system. Each member can only spend a certain amount of credits or only buy a certain amount of items in the rewards store each month. This would have solved everysingle problem they were facing AND it would have fixed the insane prices they were charging for everything. Everyone would still have been able to get something they really wanted & the store would always be stocked. The people who were abusing the system would have been put in their place & the rest of us wouldnt be sooo annoyed at this crap.

      • I’d rather not see members limited in choices, but why not simply increase the amount of store items available? Listia is full of sh*t saying it would cost them too much money. They now sell advertising space on the pages and ask a triple markup on what used to be GIN Reward Store items + sell credits!

        Listia, don’t use a bogus lie to cover the fact that the owners now want to see increased revenue from the site. Believe it or not, but many of us do possess Graduate Degree’s or better 🙂

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      Yeah it is due to idiots lacking a basic education. And your post proves it.

      They aren’t “big businesses” or “rich”. They simply buy the crap from china and “Drop-ship” it here. LOL

      What’s next, you going to complain about the Illuminati?

  44. Catherine says:

    So very disappointed in this new “system” for the Reward Store. I have been a member since 2011 and like so many others I am considering shying away from a once great site.

    I totally agree with Allie’s suggestion. of limiting the redemption amount in the Rewards store for every member.
    My opinion : 2 GIN Rewards per month, per member sounds fair to me.
    As of now calling this a “rewards” store is a joke. It’s just another auction. An over priced one that only a few will be able to afford

    • Thank you for supporting my idea. Had the listia staff asked our opinion in the 1st place maybe they could have come up with a better plan altogether. As for now, i dont think anyone is reading our blig posts. We might as well just be commenting on their listings cuz its not like our thoughts seem to make a difference. I too have been on here seen 2011 & this has been my favorite place for 4 years now but i cant seem to keep up with all these high prices. There really is no rhyme or reason to any of the listings anymore. I won something for about 850 credits last week w/free shipping but a $5 item will sell for 30,000 credits. I dontget it.

  45. jeanine schuster says:

    No longer using GIN for rewards store… Perhaps the closing fee for GIN should be waived for us

  46. Kim Williams says:

    The decision to discontinue the GIN option from the reward “store” is not a good one. one of the main reason I sell on Listia was to be able to use the store. Which by the way needs to be changed as it is no longer a store. To me the name “reward store” no longer applies. To my fellow Listian users All I can say is the only way to make a statement to the executives who made the decision, is to stop bidding on items in the imaginary reward store. To Listia your products should be listed with the rest of the products seeing it is no longer a store.


    • Connie H says:

      How did yo try to sell out your credits? Thought they were not transferable….

      • There is nothing banning selling your existing Listia credits to another member, and you can do it thru multiple ways (have the buyer set up a ‘blank’ auction for the amount you are selling and give it to them)

        Listia is aware of the possible mass exodus and looks as if the Mods are now trying to prevent this.

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      That’s because it’s against the rules, and has been for years….

      You people are really foolish.

  48. I joined Listia a few years back, 2010 or 2011, I think. It wasn’t until last summer that I even realized there was a Rewards Store. I did luck out and pick up some neat stuff, a lawn mower, a FitBit, some kitchen gadgets, and more, but I think the real treasures here are the things that other Listians are auctioning off. That is what keeps me here. I like finding books and clothing and jewelry; I don’t need brand new; I like “new to me.” I like to live by the “reduce, reuse, recycle” way, and Listia is a good way to do this.

    If I wanted to turn my unwanted items into brand new merchandise, I would have a garage sale, and sell my items for cash, and then go buy something new.

    I can’t imagine using Listia just for the rewards store. What am I missing here?

    • First wave went through and all items sold for at least double value, with the majority selling for 3-4 times there actual value. About what I expected. The Electronics, Leap Pad, etc… were the ones that went far more then there actual worth. Also of note, the 3-4 highest items were won by gift card sellers. Go figure. The 3DS XL listed and the Ipod Touch will go crazy high, both are above actual cost already with time left.

      • What do you all mean when you say that an item is won buy a “gift card seller”?

  49. “Gift card sellers”- People who sell gift cards on Listia- they sellAmazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc…
    They sell $50 gift cards for 175,000-200,000 credits, $100 gift cards for almost 300,000 credits, etc…. While most sellers on here sell non gift cards items at about a $25 item for 25,000 to 35,000 credits $50 item for 45,000 to 75,000 credits. I suppose it’s smart of them to sell gift cards because Listia allows it. It’s a large part of the reason Listia is in this position though. They say inflation is what caused all the Rewards Store prices to go up. So Listia decided to punish the 90% of it’s members who do not sell gift cards. The only “inflation” going on was the gift card sales. Simple answer would be to cut out or limit how many gift cards a person can sell. That’s too simple an answer though I suppose. Plus, Listia sells there Amazon gift cards at ridiculous prices. So I guess they would be hypocrites. Anyway, I see less and less things listed including higher end items on here. It’s pretty bare right now.

  50. Right now this very moment at $78 blue ray player is at 400,000 credits. ARE U KIDDING ME? This is not working. You are going to lose thousands of people. People are already flooding other sites. You can have bidding. But u must have a gin. Your site is going to crash. Igobono took in 6,000 new members in the past two weeks. I bet u will see that number soar to 100,000 by spring. U can’t have a $78 item go for 400,000 credits and keep people here.

  51. Btw stop gift cards and it would fix listias problem immediately

  52. Its not working in a few weeks there will be no one left. All listia has to do is say we listened to your comments and we will go back to a rewards store. Yeah and maybe change some of the rules on purchasing. Like place limits on the amount of transaction in a month.

    • Agreed, I have already noticed a big decline in items listed by members. Quality and quantity. As I predicted a week or so ago, people are cashing out there credits and bidding up these Rewards Store prices to absurd amounts. Listia, stop gift card sales and bring back the actual “Rewards Store” before it’s too late, if it’s not already. Or keep waiting and losing members daily. Your call. The good news is you will still have pnm2001 on here. So your guaranteed to have 1 member in the future.

      • Im letting everyone know that there is another site that is similar to listia and has items like the rewards store but not at these crazy prices, they are all Get It Now prices. its about time listia got some competition. Even though i love listia, it seems to have gotten way out of control. Im not saying the name of the site yet cuz i just want to get everyone input on this 1st.

  53. Be careful what you say here. Listia IS reading these comments. They might not be going to act on them, but they are reading them and they may use the comments against you in the form of a suspension (yes, it happened to me).

    • Im not trying to get myself in trouble, if it makes them a little nervous that there is another site similar to this one then so be it. But i seriously doubt it will matter. I have been a pretty good loyal member to listia for 4 straight years now & have never caused any trouble but i dont think my opinions have ever really mattered anyways. I think this blog is more of a venting page then anything. They are probably sitting there,reading each comment that comes in & givin us the raspberry for every one of us who comments that were annoyed by the way things have been handled. What sucks is, all of us who have been on here for years, are the ones who want to leave or are complaining about whats goin on, so if we all leave, guess who’s left? All the new people who know absolutely nothing about whats going on & will be the ones who continue to build the site THE WAY IT IS, listia doesnt need to change a thing, cuz it wont matter. Sad but true

      • EvenTrade Listia says:

        So….what’s the new site? Someone already said igobono, I checked it out and it blows….hopefully your suggestion is better?

  54. ariel enlund says:

    Can I plz get verified


  56. Smart Seller says:

    It all started with Gift Card sellers listing gift cards for 4x the value and taking those points to the listia store. so essentially, they are getting items at the Listia Store for 75% off. ie. Selling a $100 gift card for 400,000 points then using just 50,000 points in the Listia Store for a ipod Shuffle.

    • It’s supply and demand, so whether the gift card sellers start their auction at 0 credits and it gets bid up to 400,000 credits, or a buyer buys it at 400,000 on GIN, it’s not the seller’s fault if people are willing to pay that much.

      I don’t like this new system that Listia has in place either, but i’m not going to blame sellers for providing a product that obviously others want to buy – no matter how inflated the price that we all think it may be. If there wasn’t a market for $25 gift cards at 100,000 credits and $100 gift cards for 400,000 credits, then people wouldn’t be selling them on here like hot cakes the way they are. They’re selling them because people are buying them, plain and simple.

      • I agree with both comments above, the sellers started charging a ton for gift cards & that makes me sooo annoyed when i see that HowEver!!!!!!! I get even more annoyed when i see someone Gin’d that crazy high priced card.
        About 8 months ago, when a specific seller was the only one on listia selling ebay giftcards at the time ( which i thought was odd) he had started raising his gin’s & i had commented on one of his listings & this totally annoying listian commented on my comment, saying his Gin price was fine & we should all be thanking him for being so generous to list a $25 gift card. I was like, you stupid lady. This was one of the sellers that was cleaning out the rewards store of their electronics & video consoles, daily. And the person who i personally think is partially responsible for this whole mess right now. I have not seen him on here lately but im assumming he made his mark, probably made $10,000 or more off Listia & bailed when they started raising their prices in the rewards store. Why not just kick off the people who were abusing the system rather then punish the rest of the site. Seems a little excessive to me.

  57. When you try and win a gift card on the Listia rewards store, you find the same people bidding high on every one. Listia makes it worse because they don’t have to list their feedback on any of the buyer’s purchases. How do we know if there aren’t Listia
    scammers bidding them up!

  58. I just cannot bring myself to spend 180,000 credits on a Roku player. That’s (approximately) twice what it sells for in stores. This change is ridiculous. It creates an auction economy for a select few – the gift card sellers.

    I do question why anyone would buy a $50 gift card and sell it on Listia. Let’s say they get 150,000 credits for it. Doesn’t everything begin to equal out anyway? Meaning, that 150.000 won’t be enough for something that actually costs $50 so that seller would be losing money anyway. What gives?

  59. After doing the math I have figured out why everyone hates the new rewards store. People are literally dumping credits and running. It’s due to gift cards. If u get rid of gift cards all of your problems are over. You can list them, but do not allow members to. You will lose some people. But the minority is who you will lose. The gift cards are killing listia. The people who list them rack up insane credits at far far far more credits then an item of the same value. So a gift card person will be 500,000 credits like nothing. A person selling items has to save. This is what’s killing your company. You are gonna lose listia. Get rid of gift card listing. I’m as guilty as the next person of doing it. But not everyone can. I’m a international business major. I know a little bit of what I’m talking about.

    • Heres the thing, youve got people on Listia who have cash to spend & you have people on here who use the site as a means to get items for their kids & family members who normally would not be able to afford those items. Like me. For 4 years this site has funded my kids birthdays, clothing, diapers & tons of other items that i was able to trade my credits for, but now, since the people who have cash to spend are listing gift cards for high credits & the rewards store closed & all the great items have sky rocketed, this has pretty much killed all my chances of supplying my kids with great birthday presents, & getting the things ive been getting for the past 4 years. Gift cards are not necessarily killing listia but the heart of Listia is now gone. I can not afford most of the good items anymore which is why i joined this site in the 1st place.

    • 326sunshine says:

      Hi, I know the people selling gift cards are racking up. But I think it would be unfair to stop it. Listia only offers Amazon gift cards. The people that are listing the gift cards are listing cards that people want and it is a variety. If, others want to give/loose credits for 3 times their value that is up to them. The sellers are not the problem it is the buyers.

      Maybe, Listia should start offering gift cards other than Amazon that would help some. I love gift cards. I have not listed any on here, but I may seeing how you can rack up on credits.

  60. Btw the original rewards store would have worked perfectly if you had no gift card listings. Also the new rewards store is no better for anyone but you. The same people are going to win. Your rewards store only looks fuller longer. No one cares. The same people are winning. The people who list gift cards. I’ve been looking at the winners and bidders. They are little almost always gift card listers. Nothing has changed except you get to keep items up longer. Once again a benefit to you not us. Take a look at the winners of the high priced items. You will see I’m right. Get rid of gift cards. Problem solved. Listia fixed. And 80% of your members are happy again. Right now its about 20% happy.

  61. This has been going on for a month now and no one is listening, or no one cares. I still have over a half million credits to dump and I really don’t have time to weed through everyone’s auctions to see what I want, hit the “watching” button and hope that I am in front of my computer when some of my “watching” items are close to ending (and then battle with people to spend more $$$ than it’s worth). It’s been a very tedious month trying to buy things with these useless credits that keep losing value as time goes on. I want it all to be over.

    • Connie H says:

      We all want it to be over. Listia is not listening or does not care.

      • You know what sucks too? Your right, the value of our credits are depreciating more & more. In the last month gift card listings have gone up even more. A $5 card is now selling close to or if not more then 20,000 credits. Its absolutely fricken ridiculous. The $10 codes i saw some listing for over 40,000 credits. Omg! The Problem is all of the new people dont know any different. To me, im floored at the insanity since when i started a $10 card was 5000 credits but to someone who has only been on listia for 4 months or less, its totally normal to them & it seems i have seen more & more listings that the sellers have less then 100 feedbacks. That means that the majority of people on listia are newbies so this insanity will never stop, it will only continue to get more & more frustrating for all of us long time Listians who helped listia grow to where they are today 😦

      • Ebay did the same thing to the user base who helped build it to what it is…they kept raising fee’s until its not worth it any more, same thing here.

      • EvenTrade Listia says:

        Listia doesn’t read the comments, and no one cares about pointless whining (which is what 99% of you are doing here). If you want to make a change, email a support ticket with SOLUTIONS to the problems you describe, and maybe, just MAYBE, something will change.

      • EvenTrade Listia, you’re stealing a line from politics: “Golly gee… everyone is complaining and no one has solutions.” That’s supposed to somehow negate or dismiss legitimate complaints. Please re-read these comments. Solutions abound, and simple ones at that. Email a support ticket? Are you serious? That would be as effective as presenting complaints AND SOLUTIONS here. They won’t be listened to.

  62. John Payne says:

    I guess we have no choice or voice in the matter. But really this is ridiculous. 200,000 for a toaster oven. Walmart carries the same oven for $59.00. It sold for 209,100 credits as an auction. In which if I bought the credits almost $120.00 I would have to buy 72,000 credits for $40.00 buying 3 of those for $120.00 I would get 216,000 credits. My Point being Please go back to the GIN. It is so unfair to New Listia members as well as many older members , So many today host multiple auction a day almost running a listia store with items they have brought to run there credits out the roof. Leaving new members and and those who only offer an auction every once in a while in the dust . Please go back to the gin

  63. WHOA! $3.99 for 10,000 credits? Listia credits are now more devalued that ever. I guess that explains why the iPod Touch 16GB is going for over 560,000 credits. This has gotten out of control.

    • Wow! $3.99 for 10,000? Ouch! Is listia trying to see how crazy they can make everyone? Lol And 560,000 for an ipod touch? When the rewards store 1st opened a cruise trip to the carribean was 500,000 & the girl who bought it worked her bum off. Like i said before, all the new people who are just starting on here dont know the difference, so, if listia is trying to push away all of their long time members, all that would be left is the new people & to them, there is nothing wrong here. They only know how it is NOW! Such a shame. I noticed all the top sellers from 2 years ago are no longer on Listia. In the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 gift cards were roughly $100 for 115,000 credits now, $30 is roughly 115,000 credits. I still enjoy listia but i have to admit, its not as fun as it used to be. Everyone has gone mad!!!!

  64. 707,000+ – That’s how much a 16 GB iPod Touch went for. at $3.99 per 10,000 credits that’s over $275.00. Retail is $199. That’s over 35% higher than retail and that’s assuming ALL credits used were purchased at 10,000 for $3.99. How out of hand is this getting? This out of hand.

  65. Lisa Bragg Leavitt says:

    I put hundreds of items on Listia much of which was to GIN things out of the rewards store when there were no auctions I was interested in … with the way the rewards store is now .. there’s no “fun” in it for me and I think a lot of member feel that way — I’m just going to spend my point and wave goodbye to Listia … the new store has increased the “Inflation and economy of the site” to a ridiculous point so even auctions are extremely priced by sellers so they can hope to bid at the extreme point level needed for the rewards store … if they change it, I’ll be back. But for now … farewell Listia! I had a great affair with you over that past hopefully you will become “fun” again.

  66. I am really enjoying my life a lot better now since I have found this site. It gives me something to look forward to each day and keeps me busy all the time. I am meeting some awesome people and the few I have encountered the good outweigh them so all in all I love listia, My husband says I love this more than him! He sits there and gets ignored while my face is buried in here. I am really having fun and it has been a ball and I am going to continue to have fun and meet good people. And get really cool stuff for free. It is like ebay but better there is no money involved. Thank you Listia for changing my life and making it worth getting up in the morning and actually worth looking forward too!!!!

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      Go to hell.

      • Ohhhh Derr, eventrade you were commenting to rhondas post im such a dork, i thought she was commenting back to my response saying go to hell lol now the go to hell comment is much more understanding & hillarious. Serves me right for not paying attention to who was commenting. So sorry,
        Its a shame i didnt realize that earlier cuz i love it, too funny. Again, a thousand apologies, i didnt mean to take away from your great response. Haha

    • Hilarious, Ronda! Why didn’t I think to post something like this. I laughed even harder at the response from the Listia moderator. 🙂

    • Hmm actually my comments that i left are not here. Thats weird. Maybe its better that way lol my point that i was making in the comments that are not here was… that rhonda proved my theory, that new Listians dont know the difference. While us older members are outraged over the nonsense thats been going on, & 100’s are leaving, meanwhile 1000’s of new people are joining & they dont have any clue how Listia used to be. To them, everything is fine & dandy & all of us older members will slowly fade away & what is left? All the new members who think the site is perfect and Dont Know The Difference. Listia wont fix anything because they dont have to. All the newbies will take over the site & leave us with our memories of a once great site. 😦

      • Ronda’s post was a joke post. Clue: “Thank you Listia for changing my life and making it worth getting up in the morning and actually worth looking forward to.” The Listia shill says, “go to hell,” because he recognizes that Ronda is making fun of people who say they really love Listia.

      • Lol no, rhonda is a newer listian who thought it would be a good idea to leave a comment on the blog but left it on the WRONG blog lol Eventrade is a long time listian who then replied to rhonda…go to hell. Lol

  67. Actually, this is no longer a “Rewards Store”, it is an “Auction Site”. A true store does not auction off its stock, it prices the stock and sells it. This is not a more fair way to have the Rewards Store. It just means that those members who have obscene amounts of credits will now be able to win ALL the items in the Rewards “Store”. Those of us who don’t have obscene amounts of credits might as well not visit the Rewards “Store” at all anymore. There is no point, as we can never win. A very sad change to the Rewards “Store” for many Listians.

    • Yep, i dont really even bother looking at it anymore. Except to see how stupid people are in spending their credits. Lol a $100 tv sold for 750,000 credits. That had to be the ultimate stupid score. Those tv’s were selling for 175,000 last year. Whats the point of working your butt off & all your time to reach 750,000 credits just to buy a small tv. They probably could have gotten at least a $200 gift card for that amount & bought a much bigger tv haha im just sad watching all of our credits get more & more worthless. Plus there has been alot less good items listed by sellers lately so i guess if you have tons of credits then you might as well spend them on new items rather then junk.

      • Robin Bills says:

        I agree completely Allie. Last year I got a summer pool worth about $45 at Walmart, got it for only 40,000 credits. This year’s pool, I had to spend 185,000 credits for, just so my grandson could have a pool to swim in at my house and it’s a small pool, which sells for $98 at Walmart. I keep looking at the Rewards store, but what is the use, really, You need 2-3-400,000 credits to win anything. Not worth it anymore.

      • You know what totally bummed me out? I took my kids to Toys R Us yesterday to spend some gift cards they had & it actually made me sad walking thru there seeing all these toys i used to get my kids from the rewards store at amazing prices. $40 or $50 items i used to get for 30,000- 65,000 credits and now Im spending the same credits now on items that are worth $10. Im really sad, i joined listia because i have 3 kids & very little money, whats the point if i cant afford listia anymore. Oh & 2 days ago i saw a lady on here Gin a $5 ebay gift card for 33,333 Stupid Stupid stupid lady i almost wanted to email her & yell at her but i mind my own business, its dumb chicks like her that are killing this site, meanwhile that seller is sitting back laughing at any of us who think shes crazy for listing it. Ugh!!!!! Listia is now more expensive then ebay. 😦

  68. Linda Cabrnoch says:

    Hi I am listia user HAWKINS11 and I still new to everything in listia. How do I create a blog? I won from bids some stunning pieces of jewelry, 7 dollar with Jesus Christ and scripture on it. I cannot wait to receive this. Mickey Mouse bracelet vintage bear I hope to receive it. Earrings, rings, and even banana lotus seeds or plants. I love Listia and it’s very addictive to me.Thank you, Linda

  69. Robin Bills says:

    Dear Listia, I have been a member for over 3 years and used to love going to the reward store and getting a pool for my grandson for the summer, or birthday gifts, wedding gifts or even Christmas gifts. The way it is set up now, even with the points I get I can’t seem to win anything. Your measure of points to dollar amount ratio was good before, you could have gone a little higher. But to go 100’s of thousands on things you can buy at Walmart for $30 or $40, even with free shipping is to high. I bid 75,000 credits on a hair dryer that only cost $35 at Walmart. That amount is about $70. I also was trying to bid on a canopy for my husband’s ham radio club to use during events, but 330,000 credits?? Really?? I have only 123,000 now and can’t get anything I can use or would like in your reward store. It seems that I am getting wasteful points now. I get things from other people, like clothes for my grandson, but not as many gifts anymore or anything that can be used as gifts. I loved Listia because I am a homebound disabled woman who doesn’t get to shop at stores very often, so shopping for gifts are all on line now, since the Reward Store changed. I am just sad that the Reward Store isn’t in my reach anymore. Thank you for your time in reading my sadness and issue.

  70. Although I don’t agree with the changes that Listia has made to the Rewards Store, what I find even more disturbing is all of the folks on here that think they have the right to call people “Idiots” and “Stupid” because they choose to spend their credits the way they want to. How about you open your minds a bit and look at a scenario where it makes perfect sense for someone to drop 300,000 credits for a $50 item. Just maybe the person had something laying around the house that they paid nothing for or just didn’t want, and it sold for 300,000 credits, so paying that amount to get something valued at $50 makes perfect sense to them.

    Personally, I have sold multiple items on here that combined to earn me over 1,000,000 credits that I had a total investment of less than $50 in (including shipping costs). So, why wouldn’t I use those credits to buy something like a Nintendo 3DS XL for 500,000 credits, even though the store price is $199. I obviously would not spend $199 cash for an item that I could use credits for, especially when those credits cost me only $50 or less. That’s just 1 example.

    The point is, don’t try to limit others rights to do what they want with their credits just because you don’t agree with it, or because you wish you had enough credits to get what you want. I too don’t like this new system, and I think that it was a mistake on Listia’s part. However, I’m not going to start calling for the banning or limitation of gift card sellers or others’ rights because I’m not happy any more with the site. And, I’m certainly not going to start calling people stupid or idiots for making choices that they deem perfectly appropriate for their individual situations.

    When you start calling people names because of your ignorance on how to use this system to your advantage, it actually make you look like the stupid idiot you claim others to be. If you don’t like the changes, there is a more constructive way to voice your concerns then to attack the very same people that are using this site as you are. We the customers didn’t make this change, Listia did, so stop attacking your fellow buyers and sellers over a decision that they had nothing to do with. And, if you really are that unhappy, you can always just leave and go somewhere else.

  71. I think it’s fine for now, but at Christmas time when everyone is getting things for there kids, you really don’t want to wait 5 days and have to watch your bid. I think for the month of December it should go back to the way it was.

    • Allie Luckow says:

      that would be soo awesome if they did that but they would probably have to start charging double or triple the going rate for an item just to keep the rewards store full

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  73. Been selling/buying on listia for 5 years and im soo disappointed in the way its just going down i feel like giving up!! Put it back to the way it was this really is not good for listia you will see it fall apart and become another ebay!! Lots of unhappy listians here!! Pay attention to what we are saying!! Its not working!

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