Introducing Listia Plus

Listia Plus

Listia is made for people who want to simplify their lives and homes while connecting with others. Over time, people have come to use Listia more and more each day. With that in mind, we wanted to reward our most loyal users for the things you do every day. Whether you’re listing items, buying credits, or completing offers we have more to give you with Listia Plus.

What is Listia Plus?

Listia Plus is a paid monthly membership that gives you access to benefits across Listia. Benefits include extra credits deposited to your account every month, bonuses on credit purchases you’re already making, and bonuses on offers you complete.

When you sign up for a plan, you’ll get $10, $20, $50, or $100 worth of credits immediately deposited into your account depending on the plan you’ve chosen. As your membership remains active, you’ll continue to get this deposit every month.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up at Membership ranges from Bronze, Gold, and Silver to Platinum, each with bonuses ranging from 5-15% on credits and offers.

Can I cancel my membership?

Listia Plus is completely flexible — change plans or cancel your membership at any time. At any point during your membership, you can schedule an upgrade or downgrade to your Listia Plus plan. The change will be automatically made upon your next renewal date.

Is Listia still free?

Listia is 100% committed to always being free to use. You will never need to pay to use Listia or our main features. Listia Plus was created to reward anyone who is already completing offers or purchasing credits to buy items on Listia. Listing and selling your own items on Listia is still the best way to earn many credits without spending money.

We’re always working hard to bring more value and make Listia better for you. We’re excited to know what you think! You can sign up for Listia Plus here.


  1. I don’t understand this. How do you get the free credits? Does it cost to do that?

    • ericklistia says:

      Each plan costs $10, $20, $50, or $100 and you’ll immediately get that amount of credits plus 5-10% bonus credits every month. Does that help?

    • Yes its the same as if you were just buying the credits. Its just another way to get screwed around by listia. And has no one noticed listia never answers up back . i was on here for a few years and loved it and then it got more and more outrageous. I have not sold on here for over a year. I have 63,000 credits left and cant even spend them lol. They messed up a good thing. 😳😳😳😳😳

  2. you should throw in a couple of free premium auctions and give us all the perks for free with the monthly membership as well 🙂

  3. Cant afford this on disability income!

  4. tracy brown says:

    I’m curious on what the amount of credits would be deposited every month for each amount/package? The last I checked, it was at 7700 credits per $1.00 but the price per dollar figures cannot be found at the moment.

    • ericklistia says:

      It depends on the current market rate of credits. We let you know in advance and calculate the rate and credit amount *two days prior* to your renewal date. For example, if your plan renews on the 10th of each month, you will be able to see how many Listia Plus credits you’ll receive starting on the 8th.

      • And in those 2 days the credit will have lost about 2% of their value. Please do something to stabilize the credits. Enough is enough already.

      • Carolyn Castrillon says:

        Take a look at tophatter. Look at complete site, try one listing, judge for yourself

      • Carolyn Castrillon says:

        What “CURRENT MARKET RATE”? What is the calculations for this? What hyper secret mathematical equation is being used? What financial information forms this calculation?

        Me thinks just the blatant need for real money for fake, and sell that same fake money back and charge a real money percentage….this has become, dare I say it, a ponzie scheme or a landermat. It’s not even fair for credit buyers to buy these inflated credits, as, there will be no auctions when these credit ratios hit higher. By creating a credit to dollar ratio, listia, you have also created a “NOT FREE SITE”

  5. Matt Probert says:

    This is a TERRIBLE idea. Now even more people will buy credits, so what’s the point in listing items? It costs us money to post items, and we can not get anything back because those with money are driving auction prices higher and higher. It was bad enough with companies selling cheap crap through Listia and selling their credits back to Listia. Oh well, lets see how long it is before my account is closed down for daring to criticise the Listia hierarchy….

    • Lisa Norris says:

      I completely agree with your statement. I have written down each hike on a daily basis and prices were raised twice on one recent day. They are driving up prices out of control and losing good trustworthy old time members. I’ve been losing friends left and right! All complaining of the same problem…the ridiculous greed in the price gouging. I dislike the overseas auctions that don’t even have to show that the item is in their possession and can list with just stock pictures while the rest of us are told that we have to have the auctioned item in our possession and sometimes even prove it with our name or the Listia sticker displayed along with the listing. Where’s the fairness in this? But like you, I also wonder how long it will be before my account is closed too for the same reason. Hohum…..

  6. Take back point selling option or listia won’t live for a long time

  7. Jett Rink says:

    Whats next a Bidders fee of outrageous amount like the listing fee twice

  8. Jett Rink says:

    “Listia is 100% committed to always being free to use You never need to pay to use Listia or our main features” then why is there a listing fee therefore this statement is not true

    • Amen! I agree with Jeff. A listing fee does not classify as free. Free is why we signed up in the first place.

  9. Within the last week and a half the credit to $1 ratio has gone from 8,900 per $1 to the rate today at 10,500 per $1. This hyper inflation is getting worse by the day and devaluing our credits every time we sell something. With inflation rates like this skyrocketing on a daily and weekly basis, why on earth would anyone want to commit to buying credits on a regular monthly basis? This makes no sense to me unless you lock down the credit to $1 amount to say 9,000 credits per $1 or something fixed like that.

    Also, how about creating a program like this for sellers. Kind of like a Powerseller program like some other sites do. Create a program for high volume sellers to keep them from leaving this site, because right now there is no incentive with these high credit ratios and the 20% Listia takes to sell credits. Maybe it could look like this:

    Premium Seller Level 1 – sell 1 million credits worth of items in 1 month and get a 10% discount or rebate back on your overall sales.

    Premium Seller Level 2 – sell 3 million credits worth of items in 1 month and get a 20% discount or rebate back on your overall sales. Also, on this level, sell credits at 15% rate instead of 20%!

    Premium Seller Level 3 – sell 5 million credits worth of items in 1 month and get a 30% discount or rebate back on your overall sales. Also, on this level, sell credits at 10% rate instead of 20%!

    This is a basic outline, but you get the idea. It’s fine to offer a program like the one you just launched for buyers of credits (not sure how successful it will be), but the better and two-fold approach is to encourage your longtime and high volume sellers (who are leaving in droves I might add) to continue to list high quality items. After all, what good is having a bunch of buyers on a program to buy credits at a discount, if there are no quality items for them to purchase because many of your longtime and high quality sellers have left over the increasing inflation and diminishing returns on the items they list.

    • Great ideas, but they never listen to the users.

      I’m glad someone brought up the credit inflation here because there is nowhere else to talk about it.

      For high-volume sellers, how about abolishing the 20-day wait period to get your credits? Why not make credits available as soon as the auction closes? If the buyer claims non-receipt you are going to take the credits away anyway while there is a “dispute”, so why not give us all our credits immediately so we can use them immediately? Credits are losing about 15% of their value over a 20-day period. Either do something about the inflation or give us the credits we’ve earned right away. Listia, you have the power to do this.

      • Amen Robert, I had the same idea about the credit holds. In fact, I have a list of changes like that that I would love to see Listia make in order to make things better on this site. They may fall on deaf ears, but at least I will have tried. Going to submit a ticket with the ideas soon, and I suggest you do the same. Maybe if enough of us send over the same suggestions, they will finally listen and maybe even enact some of our ideas. Good luck, and thanks for the response!

      • Jett Rink says:

        Robert and Kyle I agree they NEVER listen to the users,by the way I agree to abolish the 20 day waiting period,of course no one from Listia will ever read this and respond which proves you are correct.,Thanks for bringing to the readers attention

      • Interesting.. Found all this when I was looking for a user forum. They don’t give a place to vent, so I guess it was created. I’m also annoyed at the increase in cost of points, but my personal dollar ratio was never as good as they say. When I figure shipping + value of the item I’m listing… My point for dollar ratio is very different from listias. And sellers are getting grumpier and grumpier. So many times I see sellers repremanding buyers for asking questions or for making reasonable requests, or reasonable complaints. Calling users ungrateful for the opportunity to get “free” items… Nothing here is free, lets be clear. Right now listia has points at 16400 per dollar, mine cost about 19000 per dollar. And when im bidding or asking questions, i want to be treated like a customer, rather then a bother.
        And I wonder.. Are we all seeing the same points value? Only way to know is to ask each other. But there are no forums to converse in, or complain in.. And listia is obviously ignoring these posts.
        Hey Listia,
        How bout you practice what you preach?
        Answer your customer complaints! Be informative, clear and communicative…
        It’s what you expect from us.
        Give us a place to converse, where we can complain.. And look at the posts! There are not so many here that it makes it impossible to answer.
        Lets be sucessful together instead of having us feel we are adrift here.
        Im pretty much done here once my points are spent. I need more from listia to continue. Looks like I’m not alone in this.

    • That’s a great idea to leave a ticket, but Listia NEVER makes changes based on user input. Thanks for wishing me luck. Back at you. 🙂

  10. Wow, credits are selling for 11,100 as of 6:45pm today!! That’s up by about 1000 since this program was launched. Listia, this is getting out of hand, and you need to do something fast to stop the bleeding. Buyers and sellers are leaving in droves!!! When I search certain categories now, like Blu-Rays, a few months ago there were about 8 pages of items, and now there are 4. Other categories that had several pages are also down by about 25% or more. The writing is on the wall, so act fast or this site will be going the way of the Dinosaur!

    • connie hanson says:

      My current auctions are going to end …then I am out. The changes are not working and Listia does not listen.

      Was fun while it lasted.

      This site is going the way of Ebay :(.

      • Jett Rink says:

        Connie I have been with Listia for almost 6 years and I agree their destiny is doomed.I remember when there was no listing fee,wonder if I ever got any of your stuff…furthermore you are correct they don’t listen thanks for sharing your opinion

      • Carolyn Castrillon says:

        I’m trying tophatter. Already sold, what would be consider here a GIN. Fees straightforward for seller, it creates a net profit per item per month. Can even purchase at NO MARKUP or fee postage labels and packing slips. No coversion ratios no guessing at exchange rate. Direct deposit to bank or paypal. They track the shipment provide all notications to or from buyers and sellers. So far seen much the same stuff. Searching is about the hardest thing to figure out.

    • I predict that by the stroke of midnight on May 31, the credits will be selling at between 16,000 and 17,000 to the dollar. Anyone who buys into this new program for purchasing credits like this is a chump because Listia calculates your rate 2 days before they pay you out and in those 2 days the credits can lose their value by 2% or more. Even if you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning to check the rates, you lose money. Listia has turned into a hyperinflationary Latin American banana republic! This site is supposed to be fun, not cause anxiety about losing your money. LISTIA: YOU CAN CREATE CREDITS OUT OF THIN AIR. THERE IS NOTHING BACKING THEM. YOU CAN STABILIZE THE CREDIT VALUE FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYBODY WITH A FEW CLICKS OF A MOUSE.

  11. Jett Rink says:

    You think anyone from Listia ever reads these posts?

    • Sometimes they do. Last year, when they converted the Rewards Store into an auction section, I had mentioned that I didn’t appreciate their unilateral change of things without telling us or giving us any warning time to use up our credits because the only reason why I used Listia was to buy things out of that store (it was more convenient for me then waiting on and watching auctions). When I mentioned in the comments (a reply to someone else’s thread) that there might not be any incentive for me to complete the auctions that I had listed, Listia immediately froze my account. So, they do READ the posts, they just don’t take suggestions found in the posts, and they should be listening to US because WE are the ones in the trenches actually using this site. Whatever programmer genius or start-up whiz kid who came up with the idea for Listia and got the venture capital to fund it really doesn’t have a clue how it is to buy/sell on here. Not listening to the users will be the demise of this site. I guess nothing lasts forever.

      • I agree 100% We’re the users, if they don’t listen to us,it proves they don’t care about
        us and I don’t think they will last. I bet they don’t have as many users as they claim either.

    • They read these posts, and they read the Facebook posts as well, believe me when I tell you. They just choose which ones to reply to, as you can see them helping certain people with general questions about how to use the site etc. they very rarely respond to constructive feedback because they normally don’t have a good answer to give.

  12. Mac Gyver says:

    As of May 25, 2016 the $1.00 rate was 12,000 points!! I was wondering if anyone knew why Listia keeps increasing the points all of a sudden? I wrote down on a piece of paper back in Nov 2015 that the $1.00 Rate was 4650 points. And as of today 12,000 for a buck !! What is going on? Is listia in trouble and is hard up for cash? or do they want to put more credits out there so more people will bid on things? I am mostly a seller that used to post and re-post things every couple of days so that some of my auctions would end every couple of days. Now that the value of the points are going down, I am just posting things to end over the weekend and that is only if there are goals where I can receive the bonus points. (Even though the Bonus points like 1600 points for listing 4 items @$1.00 per 12,000 points is now only worth .13 cents.!!!)
    Anybody have any idea what might be going on with Listia?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best of Luck to everyone and hope something changes for the better soon.
    Mac =)

    • Carolyn Castrillon says:

      Bonus points (credits) are laughable. Just as is the various fees being charged. If l listed all my auctions at 499 start, on an item selling worth 15 to 20$, or like 222222 credits, it would probably close bidding at 35k, $3.50!

  13. Carolyn Castrillon says:

    I agree with all the statements made. Great dollar to credit ratio if you want credits, but as a seller…it doesn’t work. Listia needs to listen to us sellers, the credit value should be depreciating. The costs of posting, gin, premium listing optionx, free listing starting credit limits have not changed to accommodate this questionable ratio increase. Therefore in order to sell, Listia makes bank, sellers can’t sell at the current rates as cost to buyer would be outrageous. There is NO WAY for the buyers to sell and receive a good return in order to either bank back with listia, or reinvest in other auctions. Only benefit I see are for Listia.

    I’m all for making a dollar, but do they realize, with no auctions, the credit value is meaning less. They have rules about not selling intangibles that are available free to public, but that is exactly what they are doing to us. Unless of course, they are going to create their own credit version catalog, and cut out us sellers completely.

    Can somebody else create what Listia was supposed to be….please!

    • Unfortunately, I am starting to see a very alarming trend with sellers. Three out of four of the last items I purchased were never sent, and these are from reputable seller’s supposedly with good feedback. A few were high credit items, and I suppose that because of the credit inflation the seller just felt it wasn’t worth it for them to ship the item.

      It’s bad enough that these ridiculous credit ratios continue to inflate, and good quality items are hard to find, but now when I do find something and make a purchase, because of the inflation, the seller doesn’t even want to ship the item. This just compounds the already growing problem on this site and makes it that much worse! I guess it’s time to just cash out my credits and Move On because this trend is probably going to continue and get worse as many sellers are just cutting their losses, taking the negatives, and leaving the site all together.

      • Carolyn Castrillon says:

        It’s true. I deal with many sellers out there for supplying my own items on listia. It true, nearly all are done. No relisting, nor new listings. It’s just not worth the risk of getting low winning bids. Setting GIN doesn’t help either, as it’s very rarely used anymore. Heaven forbid your listing is just a GIN only. That just does not even work. Sellers are fee’d to death, then bidders bid low as they feel our prices are high due to this credit ratio. I have moved most of my inventory to another site. There are fees involved such as .50 to list plus 10 – 20% cut, but if you use Listia own credit to dollar ratio, it’s less expensive to do the cash thing. Plus they either bill your lsiting fee, or if item sells it’s all taken care of before payout to you. You always know exactly how to price, including shipping, and your sellers profits. Extra bonus, no second party or running around, you can e en purchase your shipping and packing slips directly from site. Billed against the winning order. So what you get is a final profit. Yes, it’s super easy to use to.

      • connie hanson says:

        What “other ” site have you moved to Carolyn? I am finishing the auctions that have bids and moving on from there. Not the buyers fault so yes I plan to send out the items no matter what the loss is…but thats it looking for a new site to have fun with.

  14. Carolyn Castrillon says:

    Does anybody even know the calculations being used for credit to dollar ratio?!

  15. Seniors on a fixed incomes that we barely get by on can’t afford to bid on stuff with the higher bid amounts and get it now amounts people are putting on their auctions now
    much less have to pay for Listia Plus. I don’t know about other seniors, but I use all the
    tips and tricks I can get my hands on and I can’t earn enough credits to bid on hardly anything. You are screwing us seniors and I know I’m not the only one that feels this
    way. You attract people with the words free and pay with credits instead of cash and
    this is what we get in return for signing up. You tell people to offer free shipping, why should I when nobody else does. We seniors have been screwed enough give us a break!
    the changes and new things you’re adding to the site are only making it worse for us.

    • Jett Rink says:

      Sara I to am a senior,companies like Listia don’t give a rats ass about the seniors like 95% of companies.Lisita doesn’t care anything about the people anymore it’s all about the Benjamins

    • Lisa Norris says:

      It doesn’t do much good anymore for the disabled either. We too only get paid once a month and it is a very small amount at that. We cannot work through no fault of our own but we are below the poverty level. Don’t let anybody kid you that the government takes care of the below poverty people. Listia was not only a way to fill my day with enjoyment and new friends but it was how I got my staples that I really can’t afford to buy. I never bought credits, it’s done by all hard work and parting with things that are no use to me anymore. I have to pay for the shipping or nobody would even begin to look at my auctions as I only look at free shipping auctions myself. I’ve just seen shipping charges by one member of $31.99 for their item. I flagged it but it’s still there. Prices are almost a half a million now for the essentials that I used to be able to afford. The fees are ridiculous so I agree, they cannot call this a free site. When you operate a credit based company and you charge credits, it’s not free. It used to be a big deal if we saved our credits and reached a million. You can’t even get four items for that amount anymore. Not if you want something nice. I’m biding my time too…….

  16. This may be the most ludicrous thing I have read to date. There are so many members who have creative ingenuity, yet I continually remain astounded at the ill conceived promotions I happen by.

  17. This is for members who buy credits on a regular basis and they don’t auction items off
    It would not be wise to do if you DONT buy credits

  18. Mac Gyver says:

    Has anybody noticed that since we started talking about the credits and the rate, that the ratio to dollar has started to go down. Since my post on May 25th the $1.00 =12,000 points. Since then, the amount of credit to dollars has been dropping every day.
    Today May 30th, it is $1.00 = 10,200. Do you think that someone from Listia actually saw our questions and complaints on this blog and are actually doing something to try to help the sellers, or is this just wishful thinking.
    what do you think?
    Happy Memorial Day to all the Listia Members that are still with us and are still trying to hang in there.

    • It’s a holiday weekend and people are probably traveling and not on the Internet, so probably just wishful thinking. The true test will be if it stabilizes over the next week or two and doesn’t rise anymore than it has. Guess we should just keep our fingers crossed.

  19. Hahaha credits are now 15,400-$1. Keep buying credits just to lose value.

  20. What? Not free to use…. Apparently your adult teenager didn’t get ahold of your banking debt card 😳 . I have at this time a $5.00,$18.39, $65.36,$65.36,$65.36,$65.36,$65.36,$65.36,$65.36,$64.94,$64.94,$20.00,$50.00,$20.36,50.00,$20.00 charges to my banking account. I didn’t authorize these charges period!!

  21. WTG LISTIA !!! Lets make the points to dollar value higher and higher. Before you know it, Listia will be a thing of the past. I sure hope they wake up sooner than later.

    16,000 Credits / US$1
    (as of Aug 14, 2016 at 3:52am)

  22. I tried the Plus thing- It did VERY little for me IMHO….the credits for item is getting outrageous! VS Undies up to 300,000 Credits- Gimme a break! and all the Outside USA garbage, they dont let you filter that….Getting very Unfriendly to use anymore

  23. Listia is either getting hard up for cash and don’t care about the sellers or maybe both.
    The point to cash ratio just keeps going up and up and up.
    Current rate:
    16,300 Credits / US$1
    (as of Aug 18, 2016 at 2:11am)

    Anybody else concerned about this trend? I can say that I have changed my posting methods due to Listia continued point to dollar conversion that keeps going up and up and up. We used to have 40+ items listed every week, non stop. Now…barely 15 items for sale and NONE of the items are starting above 25K points.. instead of 499 points.
    When is Listia going to wake up and smell the Dying Roses… (AKA Dying Listia Site)

    • Carolyn Castrillon says:

      I have already moved my selling to another site. Only post on listia what doesn’t sell there, which isn’t much.

      • Hi, and Thanks for your reply. Could you please let me know what the name of the other site is if you don’t mind. (or lmk what the other site sounds like if you dont want to mention the name. thanks again in advance. =)

  24. Listia does it again.!!!! A New Point to value High !! Unreal…. we are going to lose more and more sellers if they keep this up !! WAKE UP LISTIA !!
    Current rate:
    16,600 Credits / US$1
    (as of Aug 19, 2016 at 12:04am)

    • I have been reading your great and honest comments,and I am wondering if anyone from Listia ever reads them,if they do they don’t seem to give a rats donkey about what we think


    Current rate:
    16,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Aug 19, 2016 at 2:11am)

    • Carolyn Castrillon says:

      I REALLY DON’T think any of Listia reads this. Campaign via dispute/tickets, those they read. May not respond, but it is direct.

      That’s what I have been doing, 4x a day, ever since credit/$ ratio hit over 10k.


      • I am too! Just sent them about a page and a half of suggestions for the site. Maybe they will listen, maybe they won’t, but you can’t complain unless you take action. So, at least I feel as though I have done my part to try to make the site better. whether they listen or not is up to them!

        There is strength in numbers, so if everyone starts to bombard them with messages about these ridiculous credit ratios, eventually they will have to listen. Especially, if we stop listing, which is what I am starting to do. Maybe they will take notice when their high-volume sellers all of a sudden stop listing all together! Sellers unite!

      • Carolyn Castrillon says:

        Already post all my items first on another site. It pays cash! Costa between 15 – 30%, BUT, You can open a store, offer for auction, or Buy It Now (GIN), get your postage right from the site. Billed from your profits. Even give you marketing reports and graphics to monitor your sales, cost of merchandise versus sales, final net profit. Distributed everyday you gave a positive balace over $5 to bank or paypal.

  26. Carolyn Castrillon says:

    Listia, with my poor math is hitting us sellers up for .30 on the dollar. 20% for sales over 499, then 20% per $, if you sell back those won credits. They’re making BANK! off of us, the backbone. Without sellers, no sales, no income.

    • Not to mention, with this new shipping feature, they are making about $.50 per transaction, as the postage is much higher than what you would normally pay going to the post office. They are fleecing us in every direction and running this site into the ground. I went from having about 150 items listed at any given time to about 120 now. Once my listings end, I am not relisting many of them, and will just let it dwindled down to nothing soon, as the credit ratios are causing me to lose lots of money!

      • Carolyn Castrillon says:

        The site I sell on charges exactly what USPS does, NO markup

      • Most sites actually give you a discount for using shipping services through them because they pass on the bulk savings that they get to their customers. At the very least you pay the same rate. Not listia however, they want to make money on every little thing that we do, and don’t realize that this only pushes us away. Makes no sense to fleece us on these fees, when they encouraged us to sell things for free with free shipping. Very counterintuitive in my opinion.

      • Hello, Could you please let me know the name of the other site is or if you don’t want to say the other name, just let me know what it sounds like so I can check it out.
        I would like to see what other options are out there. I went from having 50+ auctions up weekly to now under 15. and went from sending out 15-20 items a week to under 2 now so Listia lost all of those sales and point transfers. Eventually, when people stop buying the credits because they won’t be able to buy anything, that’s when Listia will FINALLY wake up.. but by then it will be tooooooo late.
        Thanks for any info on the other site in advance if you don’t mind sharing.
        Have a nice day.

      • I am not sure what other sites Mac may sell on, but for me, in addition to listis, I sell on eBay, Amazon, letgo, offer up, craigslist, and 5 miles. A couple of these are app only, while others have websites that you can list from. I really like Listia, and use them quite a bit, but this increasingly higher inflation is driving me to look for other alternatives. I hope they can right the ship before everyone leaves and they have to close the company. Definitely looks like they are heading in the wrong direction.

  27. Hi Kyle, Thanks for the info. I started using Letgo, offer up, and 5 miles about a month ago. They work, but some of the sites have a lot of bogus replies or some people aren’t serious. I have sold things on all of those sites so I can’t knock the site since it’s free.
    I have an Ebay sellers account, but haven’t used it in 3-4 years since they started raising their fees. I heard that they changed their fees so maybe it’s time to take another look at them and Craigslist.
    Thanks again and Best wishes and good luck for more successful sales. =)


    Current rate:
    16,900 Credits / US$1
    (as of Aug 22, 2016 at 11:44pm)

    I have sent messages to Listia without any good answers of why they keep raising the prices… and they have never replied with any answers that make any sense.
    Don’t they realize that they are just killing their own site?
    Oh well, when they figure it out, it will probably be too late.
    Best Wishes too all and good luck. =)

  29. WTF again !!!!!!!
    Current rate:
    17,100 Credits / US$1
    (as of Aug 24, 2016 at 1:46am)

  30. I had to be off Listia for awhile. when I left it was a top site for me. I got as of craft stuff. When I came back the prices were skyrocketed inflation. This must be when they added “pay money” and buy credits around the time also. It reminds me of another site which was “free” Free website. Free coupons to lower prices on the pretty Jewelry for good prices. Suddenly they had really expensive Jewelry for a special club to sell which was $20 a month. To get a catalog is now a price. Coupons come out of your own pocket. And internet parties cost a fee. “Special ” website $20 a month.They kept adding until it got so bad with bad service when you asked questions..No answer!…That company folded. People left in droves. Listia credits and Prices now run higher than eBay it seems now with “cost of shipping” “free?” with how you have to pay for credits, pay shipping for so many items to even get enough credits for one little set of 5 tags? I will not even share it now to social sites. “It is not Free.” I care about friends too much to scam them. again, this is the way the “sell jewelry for free site went dow. Just saying.


    Current rate:
    17,400 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 9, 2016 at 2:53pm)

    Does anybody else thing that a life jacket won’t be enough anymore to help this sinking ship??

    • Mac, I agree that the ship is sinking very quickly. I myself have went from about 150 listings at any given time to about 60 right now. Slowly moving my items away and only listing certain things that my repeat customers like to purchase. It’s a shame, because the site had great potential and it was very fun to use for the first couple of years.

  32. Thanks Kyle, now if someone from Listia will agree and actually do something instead of just raising the point value. (IT WENT UP AGAIN !!! )

    Current rate:
    17,500 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 9, 2016 at 7:50pm)

    Current rate:
    17,700 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 10, 2016 at 5:11am)
    WTF… Im going to have to make all my auctions start at 1 MIL AND UP !!! LOL
    Listia is becoming a site just a waste of time.
    How sad !!!

    • What do you think does Listia ever read these post and doesn’t give a rats ass what we think or do you think they don’t bother to read them anymore they are to busy at the beach surfing.I have been at Listia for nearly 6 years,be then they used to really care about it’s Listians

    AN NEW HIGH !! Great for People that buy their points….
    but they are pushing more and more sellers off the site.
    Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

    Current rate:
    18,000 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 20, 2016 at 2:33am)

    WTF… Im going to have to make all my auctions start at 1 MIL AND UP !!! LOL
    Listia is becoming a site that is to stop by just a waste some time.
    How sad !!!

  35. Current rate:
    19,500 Credits / US$1
    (as of Sep 22, 2016 at 2:32am)


    Current rate:
    20,400 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 18, 2016 at 9:21pm)

    Does anybody think Listia will ever wake up, or will this site go the ways of the old stores that went bankrupt?

  37. WTF LISTIA !!!!

    Current rate:
    20,800 Credits / US$1
    (as of Oct 19, 2016 at 2:13pm)

    Get ready for every auction starting at 1 M soon… lol

  38. Can anyone help me. I need to cancel my listia plus account. I can’t afford to do this any longer due to becoming disabled and not having the extra funds. 😦

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