Three New Hobbies To Try With Your Kids This Summer


In the summer lull between TV shows and summer movie blockbusters, it’s a perfect opportunity to spend some time in the sun and build memories with your kids that they’ll look fondly on. Instead of the normal night in on the couch, here are a few ideas that will let them see the world in a new light and think about the world in a new way.


Go Camping In Your Backyard

You don’t need to pack up the car and drive hours away from home in order to get spend a night outdoors. Setting up a tent in your backyard allows you to stay near your home while still letting your kids star gaze. As a plus, you’re only a few steps away from your kitchen in case you forget any last-minute snacks.

pexels-photo (1)

Make a Nature Map

We spend so much time in our homes but always walk past the trees or landmarks around them. Change it up this summer with a walk with your kids on an exploration tour. Ask your kids to bring some cardboard paper or coloring pencils and make your own map of your neighborhood. It will help their sense of direction and their curiosity. Mark large trees, statues, parks or even rivers you may see!


Write Handwritten Notes

Take a break from the sun and stay indoors to show appreciation for the people in their life by writing them a handwritten note. Whether it’s for a graduation gift, a birthday present or a dish they brought over or shared it’s always nice to practice being thankful. In an age where emails and Facebook status updates can be written in seconds, taking the time to hand write a note really shows someone cares. It’s also great opportunity to sit with your kids and share memories about the people they have in their lives.

You’re never stuck with the same summer choices if you think a little outside the box. With these quick tips we hope we’ve inspired you to try something new this summer. Share in the comments what your favorite family summer activity is!

Christina – Listia All-Star of the Week!

One of the best parts of Listia is the people that make up the thriving community. From the gifts people find and give to the friends people meet, the impact is always felt. In a new series on our blog, we’re going to highlight the people and the stories that happen every day on Listia.


For our inaugural edition, we’re excited to have All-Star Christina L!

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Massachusetts and I have resided in New Hampshire for 10 years. I pronounce all my R’s and do not have a “Bostonian” accent, unfortunately.

How long have you been a member on Listia?
As of September 2016, I will have been a member of Listia for 2 amazing years!

13435357_10154995059523986_5122872605511904075_nWhat has been your favorite thing that you’ve found on Listia?
I have found so many incredible items on Listia. I would say my favorite was a Build-A Bear gift card for my daughter. The pure joy she had when making 2 bears with accessories at our local mall really made me feel like I found the perfect item! Overall, anything that I get to find on Listia that I can do with my daughter really makes everything in life so perfect.

What do you do for a living?
I am an Arby’s manager and I love my job more than I could ever explain. Arby’s has changed my life for the best and helped make me an overall better person. I believe in the business and I love to make our guests happy with their food and Arby’s experience. I have been in the restaurant business most of my life and could not imagine doing anything different.

What do you enjoy doing for fun? 
During my down time, I enjoy being with my family. We are big car enthusiasts! We love all cars, but are die-hard Ford Mustang people! We highly enjoy taking part in car shows and races in our area. Our daughter, Shelby, has already told us she wants to be a mechanic like her dad! Sorry, Arby’s.

What’s been your favorite thing that you’ve sold on Listia?
I have been able to put many items up on Listia and I cannot think of any one item specifically that is a favorite. However, I really enjoyed doing Nintendo DS kits as well as gift cards that I do not plan on using! Listia gives all kinds of great options to really get your items out there for others to enjoy!

Have you made any friends on Listia? How did you meet?
Listia has had so many wonderful contests and goals that I feel really helped bring the Listia community closer together. Because of Listia’s Facebook page, I have met some truly incredible people! I have made numerous friends through Listia who I speak with quite often!

How has Listia inspired you?
Listia is like no other website. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge about Listia with people I meet and my co-workers. I love making youtube videos of items I’ve won from Listia to share with people who might otherwise, not know Listia even exists! Listia has inspired me not be afraid of telling people I got something for free. Listia has inspired me to be open and tell the world how the website works and give it a try! The worst someone can say is “No thanks”. Of course then, they miss out of some pretty amazing items and incredibly awesome people. Thank you for everything, Listia!

Thank you Christina for sharing your story with the community! If you’d like to share your story email us at . Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more stories and announcements!

Making May A Brighter Month By Giving Back


As part of our Charity Program, this month we have two new charities to help you give back to your community. With our monthly Charity Program, all members are encouraged to donate funds to charity without spending any money whatsoever.

Members are able to donate a few of their Listia Credits to any one of our monthly charities. While members donate their Credits, Listia matches those credits with real money which is then donated once the month is complete. Over the years Listia members have raised more than $50,000 USD for a wide variety of charities around the world!

The two charities for May are:


Foundation Communities

Listia and Gridmates are on a joint mission to Improve People’s Lives. In the US there are 48 million people who cannot afford to cool or heat their homes, cook for their children or even have light during the night. You have now the power to Energize People’s Lives. By providing the gifts of energy, Gridmates will help power 7 Learning Centers, an initiative of Foundation Communities that provides after school activities for children of low income families in Texas.

Foundation Communities operate 7 Community Learning Centers that are home to free after-school programs for 700 children. By contributing to this campaign, you’ll be helping us keep the PCs, lights and heating/cooling on. We need your support to keep the knowledge going and help children chase their dreams!

Be part of this great cause! You have the power to Empower Students to Dream Big. Click here to learn more or donate today.



The Lung Cancer Alliance

The Lung Cancer Alliance is the leading and highest rated lung cancer nonprofit in the country. They initiated and continue leading the fight against lung cancer playing a critical role in every major advance since their founding in 1995. Every dollar provided to them is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish their lifesaving mission to:

  • Offer personalized support, information and referral services at no cost through a team of trained, dedicated staff members to help patients, their loved ones and those at risk.
  • Advocate for increased lung cancer research funding and equitable access, coverage and reimbursement for screening, treatment, diagnostics, and testing.
  • Conduct nationwide education campaigns about the disease, risk and early detection

Let’s show support for these charities and help make the world a brighter, safer place to live. Donate today to help make a difference.

Introducing the Listia Spring Cleaning Challenge

As the days start getting longer and warmer, we start feeling that spring approaching. Our winter clutter has started to show it’s face though. We know how it feels when you don’t know where to start in cleaning and simplifying your home. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out and to stay clutter-free! Join the Spring Cleaning Challenge to make clutter a thing of the past!

During the month of March, we’ll be slowly help you declutter your house room by room and help you make it a regular habit in your life. Each activity you complete bring you closer to a drawing for a chance to win the prizes below.

  • 15 or more challenge goals: $100 Amazon Gift Card – One Winner
  • 12 to 14 challenge goals: $50 Amazong Gift Card – One Winner
  • 8 to 11 challenge goals: $25 Amazon Gift Card – One winner

The first goal is your closet! Start sorting today or tomorrow and list clothes, shoes or accessories. We’ll be updating our Facebook page every day with tips and the new goal for the day. So check back everyday or check the Listia app to see what today’s challenge is!

**Update April 4th, 2016**

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Listia Spring Cleaning Challenge! 🌻🌷🌼 So many of you participated and started living a simpler life one room at a time! Without further ado here are the winners!

Lisa M – $100 Amazon Gift Card
Carolyn P.S. – $50 Amazong Gift Card
Susan S – $25 Amazon Gift Card

The winners will be contacted within 48 hours about their gift cards. Thanks again for participating everyone. We’ll be sure to do more of these fun competitions in the future! 😀


Listia Stories : Listia Has Changed My Life!

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 1,000 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

image1 (1)( Josh1087) Listia has changed my life! That may sound cheesy, but I am not even joking. I have been a member since 4/1/15 and I initially joined as part of an offer in another app. The goal was to bid on an auction, but I never imagined I would actually win it! Those humble beginnings started my Listia career and I couldn’t be happier! Listia has given me access to collectibles I just can’t find locally and thankfully there are no fees like other auction sites. I never collected coins before Listia and now I have a collection of over 1000 vintage coins! My wife is also a huge fan! I have gotten her dozens of brand name purses for next to nothing! I can’t thank this site enough for helping fuel my hobby without breaking my bank in the process! Thank you Listia!

christmas tree(betsysimmons90) Hello Listia, I just had to share this with you. I did not have the money for a Christmas tree so I decided to use things I have gotten on Listia to make one. I cut out the shapes from cardboard boxes and I decoupaged them with pretty paper napkins that I got on Listia. The lights are from Listia and so are the butterflies. The flower on top is made using a bow maker that I won on Listia. I even got the 2 stockings from Listia last year. If it wasn’t for Listia I don’t know what I would do. Thank you so much for starting this site.


Announcing the Unboxing Video Contest Winners

city-night-explosion-fireworkThere’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with some gifts of our own. We’re excited to announce the winners of the Holiday Video Unboxing Contest! There were some outstanding entries from all of our fans and our team had a tough time deciding the winners. From video collages to heartwarming gifts, we loved them all. There can only be a few winners though. Without further ado!

1st Place – $100 Giftcard – Christina. Christina really showed off the holiday and Listia spirit!

2nd Place – 100K Listia Credits – George. George showed off unique items and even racked up thousands of views on Facebook

3rd Place – 50K Listia Credits – Jenny. Jenny’s multiple videos showcased her items in great lighting and clear audio.  

We can’t say how much fun the team had watching all of the videos. Many of the contestants even had multiple entries! We’ll be sure to do more of these contests if you enjoy them.

Let us know which was your favorite and what you thought of the contest below!

Listia Holiday Unboxing Video Contest

Unboxing Contest

One of the best parts of the Listia community is seeing all the unique, amazing items our members have won on Listia. Everything from new toys for your kids, to iPads and even new fall clothing or makeup. With the holidays coming up, we wanted to highlight and reward you for sharing the things you’ve received from Listia with your friends. So we’re announcing the Listia Holiday Unboxing Video Contest!

Starting today, November 6th, each person who creates an unboxing video sharing what they’ve won on Listia and puts their referral link in the video description, will be eligible to enter the contest. Unboxing is just filming yourself opening what you’ve won on Listia, like showing a box of toys or makeup. See how to make one here. You will receive 10,000 credits for every person that signs up and successfully completes their first listing with your referral link. Not only that, when a new member signs up they’ll receive an extra 1,000 credits thanks to you!

To enter:

  • Upload a public video on YouTube or Facebook
  • Include in the title “Free From Listia Unboxing” along with the name of the item you won (e.g. Free iPhone From Listia Unboxing)
  • In the description, place your unique referral link found here –
  • Share the video link or tag us on our Twitter page or Facebook page 

Due to popular demand, we are extending the contest until January 3rd, 2016! The winner will be chosen the following week! The promotion ends December 11th and we’ll be announcing the winners on December 14th. The 1st Place winner will receive a $100 dollar Walmart giftcard, the 2nd Place winner will receive 100K Listia Credits, and the 3rd Place winner will receive 50K Listia Credits!

We are looking for high-quality, unique and original unboxing videos. Having a lot of views and likes doesn’t hurt your chances either. 🙂 Learn how to make one and start uploading today!