Introducing the Listia Spring Cleaning Challenge

As the days start getting longer and warmer, we start feeling that spring approaching. Our winter clutter has started to show it’s face though. We know how it feels when you don’t know where to start in cleaning and simplifying your home. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out and to stay clutter-free! Join the Spring Cleaning Challenge to make clutter a thing of the past!

During the month of March, we’ll be slowly help you declutter your house room by room and help you make it a regular habit in your life. Each activity you complete bring you closer to a drawing for a chance to win the prizes below.

  • 15 or more challenge goals: $100 Amazon Gift Card – One Winner
  • 12 to 14 challenge goals: $50 Amazong Gift Card – One Winner
  • 8 to 11 challenge goals: $25 Amazon Gift Card – One winner

The first goal is your closet! Start sorting today or tomorrow and list clothes, shoes or accessories. We’ll be updating our Facebook page every day with tips and the new goal for the day. So check back everyday or check the Listia app to see what today’s challenge is!

**Update April 4th, 2016**

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Listia Spring Cleaning Challenge! ūüĆĽūüĆ∑ūüĆľ So many of you participated and started living a simpler life one room at a time! Without further ado here are the winners!

Lisa M ‚Äď $100 Amazon Gift Card
Carolyn P.S. ‚Äď $50 Amazong Gift Card
Susan S ‚Äď $25 Amazon Gift Card

The winners will be contacted within 48 hours about their gift cards. Thanks again for participating everyone. We’ll be sure to do more of these fun competitions in the future! ūüėÄ


Listia Stories : Listia Has Changed My Life!

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 1,000 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

image1 (1)(¬†Josh1087)¬†Listia has changed my life! That may sound cheesy, but I am not even joking. I have been a member since 4/1/15 and I initially joined as part of an offer in another app. The goal was to bid on an auction, but I never imagined I would actually win it! Those humble beginnings started my Listia career and I couldn’t be happier! Listia has given me access to collectibles I just can’t find locally and thankfully there are no fees like other auction sites. I never collected coins before Listia and now I have a collection of over 1000 vintage coins! My wife is also a huge fan! I have gotten her dozens of brand name purses for next to nothing! I can’t thank this site enough for helping fuel my hobby without breaking my bank in the process! Thank you Listia!

christmas tree(betsysimmons90)¬†Hello Listia, I just had to share this with you. I did not have the money for a Christmas tree so I decided to use things I have gotten on Listia to make one. I cut out the shapes from cardboard boxes and I decoupaged them with pretty paper napkins that I got on Listia. The lights are from Listia and so are the butterflies. The flower on top is made using a bow maker that I won on Listia. I even got the 2 stockings from Listia last year. If it wasn’t for Listia I don’t know what I would do. Thank you so much for starting this site.


Announcing the Unboxing Video Contest Winners

city-night-explosion-fireworkThere’s no better way¬†to ring in the New Year than with some gifts of our own. We’re excited to announce the winners of the Holiday Video Unboxing Contest! There were some outstanding entries¬†from all of our fans and our team had a tough time deciding the winners. From video collages to heartwarming gifts, we loved them all. There can only be a few winners though. Without further ado!

1st Place – $100 Giftcard – Christina. Christina really showed off the holiday and Listia spirit!

2nd Place Р100K Listia Credits РGeorge. George showed off unique items and even racked up thousands of views on Facebook. 

3rd Place – 50K Listia Credits – Jenny. Jenny’s multiple videos showcased her items in great lighting and clear audio.¬†¬†

We can’t say how much fun the team had watching all of the videos. Many of the contestants even had multiple entries! We’ll be sure to do more of these contests if you enjoy them.

Let us know which was your favorite and what you thought of the contest below!

Listia Holiday Unboxing Video Contest

Unboxing Contest

One of the best parts of the Listia community is seeing all the unique, amazing items our members have won on Listia. Everything from new toys for your¬†kids, to iPads and even new fall clothing or makeup. With the holidays coming up, we wanted to highlight and reward you for sharing the things you’ve received from Listia with your friends. So we’re announcing the Listia Holiday Unboxing Video Contest!

Starting today, November 6th, each person who creates an unboxing video sharing what they’ve won on Listia and puts their referral link in the video description, will be eligible to enter¬†the contest. Unboxing is just filming yourself opening what you’ve won on Listia, like showing a box of toys or makeup. See¬†how to make one here. You will receive 10,000 credits for every person that signs up and successfully completes their first listing with your¬†referral link. Not only that, when a new member signs up they’ll receive an extra 1,000 credits thanks to you!

To enter:

  • Upload a public video on YouTube or Facebook
  • Include in the title “Free From Listia Unboxing”¬†along with the name of the item you won (e.g. Free iPhone From Listia Unboxing)
  • In the description, place your unique referral link found here –
  • Share the video link or tag us on our Twitter page or Facebook page¬†

Due to popular demand, we are extending the contest until January 3rd, 2016! The winner will be chosen the following week! The promotion ends December 11th and we’ll be announcing the winners on December 14th. The 1st Place winner will receive a $100 dollar Walmart giftcard, the 2nd Place winner will receive 100K Listia Credits, and the 3rd Place winner will receive 50K Listia Credits!

We are looking for high-quality, unique and original unboxing¬†videos. Having a lot of views and likes doesn’t hurt your chances either.¬†ūüôā Learn how to make one and start uploading today!

Listia Goals – A Five Million Credit Giveaway

Listia Goals

Nearly a year ago, we released our completely revamped Listia iOS and Android apps to make it as easy as possible for you to simply your life and home while unlocking the value of items you no longer use. In seconds, you can walk around your room, take photos of items and put them up for auction. One of the things missing for our mobile apps has always been Listia Goals. Until today.

To celebrate the addition of Listia Goals to our iOS and Android apps, seven lucky winners will receive a total of five million credits! Rules below:

  • To be entered, you must complete at least one (of four) 5 Million Credit Giveaway Goals during the giveaway in October
  • Completing one goal enters you in our 500,000 Credit giveaways (6 winners)
  • Completing additional goals increases your chances of winning
  • Completing all four goals enters you in the 2 Million Credit giveaway¬†(1 winner)
  • A new goal will be published each week
  • Users are eligible to win one giveaway
  • Giveaway ends on 10/27/15 or when the last goal expires
  • Winners will be chosen the week after the last goal expires

The first goal is live now, click here or on the links below to get started! Check Listia Goals each week for the new goal –¬†

available on iphone goals available on play store goals

Update! – November 5th 2015

Thank you everyone for participating in the Five Million Credit Giveaway! After thousands of entries, we’re excited to announce the winners below!

  • Jean E.
  • Riah D.
  • Rebekah D.
  • Terry S.
  • Misty R.
  • Brody M.
  • Nichole B.

Thanks again! Keep an eye out for the next one!

A Night With The Stars

Getty Images for The Les Paul Foundation.

Getty Images for The Les Paul Foundation.

For many June is a month for high school graduation – a day filled with smiling photos and celebration. For Beth Barbis this year had a few extra camera flashes as she walked won the red carpet with her father at the Les Paull 10th Anniversary in New York City. The sold-out tickets, won by her mother Krystal on Listia, were a special graduation gift for Beth and a birthday present for husband Glenn.

From Glenn’s extensive record collection to Bethany’s saxphone playing, music runs deep in their familiy. So it was the “opportunity of a life time” to attend the 100th Anniversary event was in honor of Les Paul – the father of the solid body electric guitar. Les Paul is widely known as the inventor of multitrack recording, overdubbing, delay effects, and many other recording innovations that today‚Äôs recording artists use every day.

Venturing from Conemaugh, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh, they started their night walking down the red carpet in front of over 50 news crews who clamored to get the photo. Later the Barbis’ enjoyed a sold out performance by rock legends Joe Bonamassa, Steve Miller, Warren Haynes, Steve Vai, Neal Schon, Johnny A, Count’s 77 and Joe Satriani.



Beth had the chance to turn the tables and take photos of the stars and papparazzi herself before they headed to an exclusive invite-only after-party jam session with other musical greats at The Iridium Club on 51st which is where the great Les Paul played every Monday night up until his passing. There they were greeted with VIP seating, food and a giant birthday cake in the shape of the famous Les Paul guitar.

Exhausted from all the adrenaline and seeing all the amazing guitarists play, they headed home late at night from their “once in a lifetime” night in music history. Beth will be studying Photography and Business at Robert Morrison University in the¬†fall. You can view her photos from the night here.

Stay tuned as we bring more extraordinary items to our marketplace and make Listia the best place to declutter and simplify your life while getting¬†things you’ll love and use!

Helping Give Back to Charities on Listia

GivingbackThe only thing better than receiving is giving. That’s why every month we select two charities to highlight as part of our Charity Program. With our monthly Charity Program, all members are encouraged to donate funds to charity without spending any money whatsoever.

Members are able to donate a few of their Listia Credits to any one of our monthly charities. While members donate their Credits, Listia matches those credits with real money which is then donated once the month is complete. Over the years Listia members have raised more than $40,000 USD for a wide variety of charities around the world!

We’re excited to announce the two charities for June on Listia.

TJ Martell

TJ Martell Foundation

Forty years ago music executive Tony Martell was faced with a devastating diagnosis for his young son T.J. His son who was a victim of leukemia at the age of 19, asked his father to do whatever he could to find a cure. When T.J. unfortunately passed Tony devoted his life to keeping his promise to his son.

The T.J. Martell Foundation was created and has since gone on to support innovative research and medical treatments for leukemia, cancer and AIDs. Tony’s promise has far exceeded his initial promise to raise $1 million dollars to fight leukemia and the Foundation has provided over $270 million dollars to support innovative medical research in fighting these diseases. Click here to learn more or donate today.


Mobile Loaves & Fishes

In the US there are more than 48 million people that live at or below poverty levels and cannot afford to cool or heat their homes, cook for their children or even have light during the night.  Listia has partnered with Gridmates in a joint mission to end energy poverty. By engaging and empowering people and businesses to supply the gifts of energy, Gridmates will help nonprofit organizations and individuals energize their lives! They are starting this quest by helping power Community First! Village, a project of Mobile Loaves & Fishes that is scheduled to open in Summer 2015.

Community First! Village is a visionary 27-acre master planned community in Southeast Austin. The village will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for more than 240 disabled, chronically homeless people. Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social ministry that provides food, clothing, housing and dignity to homeless people in Central Texas.

Be part of this great cause! Let’s energize people’s lives. Click here to learn more or donate today.

Together we can show support for these incredible charities who aim to make the world a safer, brighter and more musical place. Donate today to help make a difference.

Introducing Our Brand New Listia iPhone App!

At Listia, we’ve always strived to be the easiest and most rewarding way to turn your unwanted clutter into things you’ll love and actually use. From DVDs to clothing or toys, Listia makes it easy to unlock the value laying around your house whether you are on your computer or on your phone.

Today we’re excited to announce we’re making it even easier to declutter with our brand new Listia iPhone app. It’s the culmination of nearly a year of work and we couldn’t be more excited to show it to you. New features include:

  • Rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and easier to use!
  • Improved Messages! Messages appear as conversations now allowing you to talk to other members easier and more quickly
  • Notifications! Now you can see all your recent activity in one place.
  • Credit Activity! View all your credit activity in one single view
  • Saved Searches! We’ve now brought your saved searches to the app
  • Badges! We’ve improved your Badge view to be more descriptive and show your progression.
  • Gallery view! You can now view your search results in gallery or list view
  • Scheduler perk! When listing you can now use your scheduler perk when posting from the app

You can download the new Listia app for iPhone today to start decluttering and discovering!

listia_browselistia_auctionlistia_profilelistia_rewards_storePlease let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!