Listia Stories: It’s a Great Community

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar2_062315(NancyBeck) Listia has helped me get quite a few gifts for my 77 year old mother. She is mostly blind, and I found everything for her here … rings, clothes, Walking Dead items … I feel I can spoil her so easily here on Listia. I even got fabric and made living room curtains to match mom’s chair blanket. It’s been the best experience I’ve had online. And I’ve made so many friends, too. I hope it keeps going for so long; it’s a great community. (Pictured is a photo of my mother).

allstar3_062315(forrestfireb1) I started Listia in August 2014. I am disabled (bad back) and have depression (because I can’t get out like I once did). My computer is my way of connecting to the outside world. When I found out about Listia, I was a tad scared at first about what to expect. As time went on, I have found many things to auction off. I really love the friendship and camaraderie of this site. I have met many friends here, and even some in my hometown! Since becoming a member of Listia, I have gotten so much better with my Bi-polar and back pain, that it doesn’t bother me as much anymore, Listia, to me, is a virtual doctor. Thank you Listia and all the friends I have made. I have something to look forward to each and every day. I’m having so much fun doing this that I’m so glad I’m alive and get to keep on living in a manner that I used to not be able to do. and I have to thank for all you have given me. I just can’t say it enough… THANK YOU LISTIA!!!

allstar1_062315(iwhisenhunt) Just wanted to say thank you for making a free site. Because of Listia, my fiancé and I have our rings so we can finnaly get married. He didn’t want to have a wedding without the rings and Listia made it possible. So I just want to say thank you for making our wedding dreams a reality.

Listia Stories: It Makes Me Feel Good to Help Others

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar2_0631015(denisenicholsdesfosses) I joined Listia after a coworker showed me a brand new camera she had won and it was absolutely free!! I totally love this site… I’m always on it! (Just ask my new hubby lol) Plus, I have a huge family who always ask me to find things from clothes, Dr. Seuss books, Lego Friends and even Frozen toys for my nieces and their children that are unattainable otherwise.  This site has been a godsend since Day 1. I was even able to get most of my wedding things (including my bridesmaids’ handmade jewelry sets from a super Listian) on here.  Being a second marriage, I even listed my items after so that others may enjoy them too.  I have received amazing & positive feedback.  I even try to donate to your charities which financially I’m unable to do outside of Listia; it makes me feel good to help others.  I work hard to earn the badges and the trust from bidders on my auctions.  Thank you Listia for this wonderful place to give & get FREE items!

allstar1_061015(zephyr33542) Almost 2 years now I’ve been on Listia and have enjoyed it and making new friends (a few I’ve met in person!) I’m retired and have so many things to share with others, the list will keep me here for years!   It’s a great place to find unusual items, things of the past and wonderful gifts, just by giving my things to others!  How simple does it get?? With free tracking now (as of June1st), it should make it easier for many on a limited income too.  The Reward Store has allowed me to get holiday gifts now and save them for later as well as NOW gifts to myself!

Helping Give Back to Charities on Listia

GivingbackThe only thing better than receiving is giving. That’s why every month we select two charities to highlight as part of our Charity Program. With our monthly Charity Program, all members are encouraged to donate funds to charity without spending any money whatsoever.

Members are able to donate a few of their Listia Credits to any one of our monthly charities. While members donate their Credits, Listia matches those credits with real money which is then donated once the month is complete. Over the years Listia members have raised more than $40,000 USD for a wide variety of charities around the world!

We’re excited to announce the two charities for June on Listia.

TJ Martell

TJ Martell Foundation

Forty years ago music executive Tony Martell was faced with a devastating diagnosis for his young son T.J. His son who was a victim of leukemia at the age of 19, asked his father to do whatever he could to find a cure. When T.J. unfortunately passed Tony devoted his life to keeping his promise to his son.

The T.J. Martell Foundation was created and has since gone on to support innovative research and medical treatments for leukemia, cancer and AIDs. Tony’s promise has far exceeded his initial promise to raise $1 million dollars to fight leukemia and the Foundation has provided over $270 million dollars to support innovative medical research in fighting these diseases. Click here to learn more or donate today.


Mobile Loaves & Fishes

In the US there are more than 48 million people that live at or below poverty levels and cannot afford to cool or heat their homes, cook for their children or even have light during the night.  Listia has partnered with Gridmates in a joint mission to end energy poverty. By engaging and empowering people and businesses to supply the gifts of energy, Gridmates will help nonprofit organizations and individuals energize their lives! They are starting this quest by helping power Community First! Village, a project of Mobile Loaves & Fishes that is scheduled to open in Summer 2015.

Community First! Village is a visionary 27-acre master planned community in Southeast Austin. The village will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for more than 240 disabled, chronically homeless people. Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social ministry that provides food, clothing, housing and dignity to homeless people in Central Texas.

Be part of this great cause! Let’s energize people’s lives. Click here to learn more or donate today.

Together we can show support for these incredible charities who aim to make the world a safer, brighter and more musical place. Donate today to help make a difference.

Listia Stories: I’ve Met Many New Friends

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar1_052715(kimmie321) I’ve been a member of Listia for over 4 years.  I check into Listia first thing every morning. I love browsing through all the auctions, seeing and finding items I cannot find where I live. When the holidays are coming up or I have someone’s birthday, I now go to Listia first. I know I can always find that perfect gift. I often find myself when out shopping looking for new and interesting items to post on Listia. I love the idea of being able to give away items that will help others on here.  For me, Listia started out as a hobby but has become so much more for me as time went by. I’m always thinking about how to list my items to make them more fun for everyone. I love this site and have meet wonderful new friends I would not have gotten to know without it.

allstar2_052715(andreahartbengyel) My husband told me about Listia and that I should check it out. I joined a year ago just out of curiosity. I soon found out how much fun it was to win items! I was doing a lot of surveys to earn credits to buy crafts and clothes for the kids. Then one day, I thought, why not list stuff for credits instead of doing all these offers. I was hooked to selling on Listia in no time! Last year, I had to quit my job  but Listia has really been my outlet and kept me busy from getting depressed. I have worked all my life and it was a very hard adjustment. I love all the positive feedback I have gotten on here. It makes me feel appreciated and happy to read all the awesome stuff people say. I take Listia very seriously and hope to be around many more years.

allstar3_052715(mandykeller1004) I’ve only been on Listia for a few months now and stumbled upon it by chance. I was skeptical at first but when I won my first auction and the seller contacted me right away, I was so intrigued. A few days went by and I actually received my item in the mail and it was from that point on that I’ve been addicted to Listia. As a single mother it has been a life saver when I needed it the very most! My children’s entire Easter (besides the little bit of candy of course) was from Listia! My heart was so full and happy as I put their Easter baskets together Saturday night before heading to bed. I just stood there and stared at them for a moment because I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve also recently moved into my first home where I can actually plant flowers and plants like I’ve always dreamt about.  Through Listia, I have not only won 15 or more types of flowers my children and I can plant here very soon but I’ve also adopted my 6 new house plants that I absolutely love : ) I’ve been blessed to meet many of amazing new friends that I’d never have the chance to meet if it weren’t for my Listia. Keep it up!

Listia Stories: The Awesome Trading System

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar3_051315(kweandee) One of my best friends referred me to Listia back in February of last year. She said it was a great way to get rid of old stuff and get new stuff in it’s place. We have been absolutely addicted ever since! I’m one of those people who hate throwing good stuff away or sticking it in a drawer to collect dust when someone else out there who could enjoy them, yet there’s only so many items places take in terms of donations (mostly just clothes). Listia was the perfect place to put them. I love seeing the things I have find a new home with people who will appreciate them as much as I did and aside from finding an array of new items to enjoy myself, I’ve been able to find a variety of items to give as gifts to my family and friends as well. The people I’ve met on here are also some of the friendliest people I’ve ever known. I honestly can’t say I’ve never had a better online experience then I’ve had on this site and just wanted to say thank you to whoever created it. :)

allstar2_051315(ssj4ubuy) I just want you (Listia) to know that I have been partially disabled and have depression and anxiety issues and my last year or more has been spent checking in and listing the best items possible and have really enjoyed helping people get interesting things. I have made efforts to get people to join as much as I can and list as much as possible also. I really want to earn the all star badge because I have been trying my hardest to send super fast with tracking and insurance even many times and always have been fair if someone has any issues. I truly believe in this site and the awesome trade system you guys and gals are providing. Thanks for your consideration and for making Listia. It’s the only auction site I use. No Amazon or eBay even. Thanks again for everything you provide!!

allstar1_051315(97141mom) I remember waking up at 7am one early morning and I clicked on Facebook and saw a post about Listia. I was curious. So, after I signed up, I noticed a lot of people giving stuff away. I was hooked. I am a part time self-employed divorced mother who has been through hard times and good times. I am also a true artist who loves art. I found good friendships and art supplies so I can fulfill my dreams. I believe Listia has helped me with that. I’ve found some good friends on here, who appreciate me for me and enjoys life.

Listia Stories: I Can Always Find Something For Everyone in my Life

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

allstar1_042915 (Pythoness) I haven’t been with Listia long but I’ve had nothing but wonderful interactions with everyone on this site! I’ve had some physical problems lately and been very homebound but today was a good day for me. I was able to go get the mail myself today and WOW what a surprise I got!! Seven items that I won ALL came in the mail today! Every piece was perfect and some even better than I expected. I felt I had to share this with you and let you know that you have some wonderful sellers and one very happy newbie! Thanks so much for this site…it has brought me some happiness. :-)

allstar2_042915 (aaronhanshew) I have come to absolutely love and worship this site. It is one of the greatest sites hands-down when it comes to trading and getting things that you want. I have rebuilt my RPG collection from this site and I love vintage video games and this site always has what I want! Some people may be weary when it comes to Listia but I think it’s one of the greatest inventions ever (way better than eBay). You can get everything that you need on this site and more! I make sure I check it every day to see if auctions have come up that I would be interested in. It’s always fun listing an auction on the site, too. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of something they don’t need anymore and get something that they DO need!? A big thanks to Listia and everyone who keeps it running smooth. I love this site and will always appreciate its treasures!

allstar3_042915 (valentinasullivan) I started with Listia via a friend’s Facebook page in 2012. I never really did much with it until the end of 2014. I quickly became hooked! I have met so many friends on Listia and have had so much fun doing various auctions that people have loved. I can’t thank you all for Listia as I am disabled and this is one of the only ways I have to communicate with other people. Listia has helped me branch out and become a happier person! I am a Listian for life! Listia has allowed me to get rid of things I don’t need and get new items I do need or want. I tell people all the time about Listia and the wonderful things it’s allowed me to do. I can’t imagine my life without Listia and my Listia family! Thank you so much for such a wonderful site! ♥

allstar4_042915 (MystLyn) Listia has been my number one way of finding gifts for my family and friends. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or just because; I can always find something for everyone in my life. It’s quick, easy, and great. I don’t have to go to the store, I can sit at home and bid for the items! Most Listians ship fast! It’s great to be a part of Listia!

Listia Stories: It’s the People That Matter

allstar3_041515(LizzieBelle82) Listia has brought a new phase in my life. I have lost interest in just about everything lately, but Listia helped me “come back to life”, so to speak. Sometimes you “meet” people that are genuinely kind or who even genuinely could use some help.  I met a 70-year-old grandmother and she was so sweet so I surprised her with a bunch of office stuff for her grandkids.  I didn’t do it for points; more of a thank you or anything else in return.  I did it because she is part of what makes up Listia and part of what has helped me feel alive again.  Finding cool stuff and “fighting” through auctions is fun, but it’s the people that matter and the stories you hear. That’s why I love Listia!

allstar4_041515(Triciakidd96) I’ve been a member for a little over a year now. When I first joined, I was more thinking it might be a nice way for me to be able to get gifts for my Fiancé without him knowing about them in advance. We both are disabled and live on a very fixed income, so buying gifts… well, there just isn’t money for that! With Listia, I have the ability to get my whole family and friends gifts now. I think the best part of Listia are the friendships I’ve made here! From the moment I joined, I had people taking time from their busy lives to help me learn how to navigate my way around both the website and learn the android app. The people here on Listia have become my second family for sure!! Thank you Listia!!

allstar1_041515 (biocin) When I first joined Listia in December of 2013, I quickly decided that this was for me! I had to think awhile to decide if I had anything to offer for auction interesting enough to snag my first win! (It was a successful auction and I was hooked!) As you know, I frequently spend hours checking my bids, writing messages, and greeting new fans. Thank you Listia for putting up with me and for having such an engaging website. I meet people every day and don’t have to leave the house! I LOVE IT!

allstar2_041515(montybrannigan) My name is Monty and I truly believe that Listia is the greatest site I’ve ever had the privilege of signing up for. I’ve met some interesting people and at times have learned new things (and I like to learn). Some of things I’ve won on here I don’t think I would have found otherwise. Coin, cards and comics that I needed for my collections. Not to mention birthdays, Christmas and other presents that fit my people just right. And thanks to all the great people that bid on my stuff you make it all possible. I will be on this site a long time to come. Thank you Listia.


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