Shipping Timeframes Revisited

Hi everyone! We’ve heard your feedback on our proposed shipping timeframe change and have decided to cancel the scheduled change.  In its place, we have created a survey that will let everyone voice their opinions on both buyer and seller timeframes.  Check out the survey by clicking the link:

Listia Shipping Times Survey

Please take a moment to complete the survey (should only take a minute) to let us know how you feel.  We’ll come out with a formal rule after we go through everyone’s responses.

Keep in mind that all we want to do is improve the overall experience for everyone involved, so think about how you would want to be treated in both cases (remember, we are all buyers AND sellers).  The most common complaint is that some buyers take too long to send shipping info and some sellers take too long to ship items.  In these cases, its hard to settle disputes… so we need something in place to help everyone give and get in a timely manner.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback thus far! It’s really opened our eyes on certain issues and hopefully this survey will make sure we are doing the best thing for everyone.



  1. Tom_Suke says:

    This is a better idea, surveys will help, how do we take it?

  2. m3erryweather says:

    thankyou for reconsidering the 3 day shipping rule. We members truly appreciate knowing that the site owners and mods are listening to our concerns.

  3. m3erryweather says:
  4. Tom_Suke says:

    This is good

  5. Listia Inc. says:

    @Tom_Suke: you can check out the survey by clicking on “Listia Shipping Times Survey” – it’s a link =)

  6. Blueangrygoat says:

    Is there a way we can see the results of the survey?

  7. bigmike7 says:

    THANK YOU LISTIA GODS!!! I know that is considered yelling as it is in all caps and that’s what I meant. Please imagine me standing on a roof top yelling it for all of you to hear! 🙂

  8. dragonkeeper77 says:

    I definitely agree that there should be some sort of REASONABLE time frame for sellers to have items postmarked by and for winners to get the shipping info to sellers. It seems like I am writing to dispute an auction as both. But…..3 days seems a little too stringent, especially when many of us are disabled, or only have the genuine opportunity to get to the Post Office once a week. I think that a 5 day rule isn’t an unreasonable period of time.The only problem that I have experienced REPEATEDLY is lack of communication. Let each other know what is going on. All it takes is a quick “Sorry, but I wanted to let you know that you weren’t forgotten”, and most people understand that we ALL have crazy lives. It’s just good old fashioned, mutual respect and basic manners.

  9. sherrishopsalot says:

    With a ten hour work day 7AM tll 5PM, I barely get items mailed in my personal 7-10 day window… If we went to 3 days…needless to say, my listings would drop from 10-20 a week to 1 or 2…if that. Very happy to hear you guys changed your minds. The 10 day is fine. 🙂 These are free items after all..yes, somepeople feel like the points are money…frankly I’m not one. I’ve been waiting 15 days for a 21K credit item I won…but patience is a virtue. I’ve contacted the seller and she’s checking it out. I’ve had people complian with me after 5 days… and if I haven’t shipped or didn’t add tracking I refund…easy as that…but I would not like the pressure of having to ship in a set time or automatically lose the credits for the auction. That’s all…lol.

  10. tippervs says:

    I think you guys are doing a good and fair job,,,,i think if someone bids on an item they should supply info within 3 days,,,,i also think it is fair to allow up to 5 days to ship,,but the reciever should be told of the shipping date,,and the communication should be better between giver and reciever,,Thank you so much for this site,,,Have a great summer everyone!!!!!!

  11. brbmykidsbanack says:

    do not want the timeline to be so precise as some of us live on ssi an can only ship on the first of the month so if we say that this is the way we ship then let it be but if not posted that this is the way then by all means there should be a time frame an do not like the confirmation as this cost more money that i am not willing to pay extra for thanks for letting us decide

  12. coopersmom says:

    I think it’s a great idea.I also wish Listia would make it mandatory for everyone to offer free shipping for thier auctions. Why should some of us have to pay twice for shipping?I always offer free shipping and believe if you can’t afford to ship it yourself and pay for it, then maybe you shouldn’t list the items.In my opinion, this would help with all the scammers out there asking for boo-coo bucks to ship items.FREE SHIPPING FOR EVERYONE!

  13. Cindy Merchant says:

    I agree there should be no hard and fast rules on shipping times, but LOTS of communication. Not everyone is pulling in a weekly paycheck/drives/lives near a post office. Also, I believe that no-one should be allowed to charge more than the exact cost of shipping. bad enough some listers refuse to list anything w/ free shipping, they shouldn’t be allowed to make a profit, either-this is supposed to be a free (in a perfect world)site.

  14. Tiffenae says:
  15. mrskinzey says:

    I agree that the 3 days are too stringent. I get mine out in three business days, but I realize that not everyone can. I disagree with those wanting everyone to have to offer free shipping. We cannot afford to ship for free. To say that someone shouldn’t list if they can’t afford to ship free is really offensive to me. This site isn’t just for the low income/disabled only. At least, that’s not what I read anywhere on the Listia site. It’s supposed to be for everyone. If someone doesn’t want to pay shipping, then they have the option to only bid on those auctions offering free shipping. It’s that simple.

  16. mrskinzey says:
  17. Do people who have shipping charges in their auctions have to send the product even if the shipping charge is not received?

  18. Free shipping? That’s ok if you want to do it. But why should everyone be forced to do it? There are things offered on Listia now that would never be offered with free shipping.

  19. mrskinzey says:

    Calgreg, no you don’t send the product until and unless you receive the payment for shipping. I don’t and I’ve not had any problems thus far. I don’t see how they could expect to receive something if they don’t pay the stated shipping charge(s). I can’t afford to do that, so it’s not happening.

  20. brbmykidsbanack says:

    hey comment this could potentially answer all of your economic and stress related burdens

  21. JODI SEGAL says:


  22. i think this is very fine idea .I am completely agree with you.You guys doing a best job here.Thanx for showing the site……..

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