Rule Changes for Digital Items


October has come and gone, and we’re heading into the holiday season with continued efforts to keep the Listia community safe and happy. Last month, we revised our rules surrounding photography and coupons. Today, we’re introducing additional measures to build an online marketplace full of great items (and experiences!) for sellers and buyers alike.

Digital Items

Starting today, all newly listed items with digital delivery will need to meet one of the two requirements below:

  1. The item can be used or claimed, and upon use, no longer has value and cannot be reused
  2. The item being listed is Bitcoin

Examples of things that meet the first requirement, and therefore are allowed:

  • Codes to redeem movies or games
  • Digital gift cards
  • Subscription codes for services like Xbox Live or Hulu Plus

Examples of things that do not meet the first requirement, and are no longer allowed:

  • E-books and PDFs, including instructions, recipes, how-to guides, etc
  • All other types of digital media (photos, music, text, etc) regardless of copyright ownership or resale rights

We feel that these changes surrounding digital items will help our community continue to grow in the best way possible. Today we’re lucky to have members who list things they no longer need, as well as others who create their own handmade items or buy new items to give to others. Digital items that can be reproduced indefinitely, however, don’t seem to fit as well into the type of community we’re trying to create.

The rule changes take effect immediately for all newly listed items (items existing prior to today are not affected). As always, you can visit our rules page to see the entire list of what is and isn’t allowed.

Thank you all for your support and patience as we continually work to make Listia the best that it can be!


  1. OMG this is awesome! I am so sick of sifting through auctions that I think are an iPhone and are just some instructions to jailbreak one! Grate job Listia!!!!!!!

  2. I love the nee rule changes, it will keep a lot of garbage auctions from populating the listings.

  3. well this should have been implemented along time ago. some people got hurt /scammed real badly from people listing “instructions with misleading titles or pictures of expensive items.

  4. I really hope that this doesn’t mean the removal of cross stitch patterns. I have gotten a lot of lovely ones that I have been unable to find anywhere else, and as a crafter that’s of huge benefit to me.

    • Examples of things that are no longer allowed:
      E-books and PDFs, including instructions, recipes, how-to guides, etc
      All other types of digital media (photos, music, text, etc) regardless of copyright ownership or resale rights Basically all digital items -except for
      Codes to redeem movies or games
      Digital gift cards
      Subscription codes for services like Xbox Live or Hulu Plus

      • @Jessy says: You’re ridiculous….If I earned something and somebody wants to buy it, they should be able to. This is pure BS. Can’t sell tradable guns I won in CS:GO……I put time into that and money. PURE BS!

    • Unfortunately, cross stitch patterns and other digital how-to or instructional guides will fall under this new rule. We hope this change increases the quality of items on Listia overall.

      • Tina Hoover says:

        But, if they will mail you a copy of the instructions, that’s acceptable???

      • listiaadam……….Does that mean that if we mail a printed recipe to the winner or a printed pattern to the winner via the USPS that these are still allowed?

    • You Listia people are stupid!!! What is wrong with passing along old patterns no longer under any copy write ruling…to pass these old patterns on to all the people who need them? This is one of the dumbest things to happen on any selling or “giving away” site…you people are stupid to make such a decision!! Some of us are NOT scammers…we are sincere hard working people trying to save old things to be used by new people. I for one will no longer be on Listia.

      • I agree. We use our credits to win the items that people don’t want anymore…..and someone OBVIOUSLY wants what we offer, as our auctions end with winners!!!

      • I feel the same way I have listed recipes and had people message me asking me to relist them because they didn’t win and they would like them so I have done so. I don’t understand why there is an issue with sharing this kind of stuff with other people. If people don’t like these types of auctions they should just not bid on them.

      • I just have one more question….where do you go to stop my membership to this site? I cannot find the place to do it…thanks

      • I beleive you have to submit a ticket to Listia and tell them you no longef wish to have an account with Listia. I’m sorry that you are leaving, and I know others will follow. But if you didn’t make your items digital and send them through the mail, that should take care of falling undef the rule!

      • I also agree. This is one of Listia’s worst decisions. I, too, will probably be taking my business elsewhere. How dare they discriminate these types of auctions based on the few that ruined them. I hope for the sake of the website they will reconsider what they have done before its too late.

      • go to pinterest to get patterns for free

      • I am very relieved, along with the majority, that Listia finally did this! Do you realize how annoying it is to sift through hundreds and hundreds of recipes and instructions on how to do things? It was ridiculous. If you still want to sell your patterns or recipes why not put them on a piece of paper, make copies, and send them out? A stamp is only 50 cents. Besides, anyone can do a simple Google search and find anything of that.

      • Ok most of us can understand getting rid of the recipe they do take up a lot of room. But crochet patterns are something we should still be able to share with the world.

  5. This is awesome. Now Listia can go back to being for actual “stuff” and not junk any one can get online for free !! Good move Listia

  6. Love the new rules.

  7. Woohoo no more recipes and jailbreak instructions or photos of flowers yay!! What about DIY items like how to build a robot for example. I guess that would fall in the NO category. Awesome new rules, most of those people dont care about listia anyways or they would be listing real items.

    • Examples of things that are no longer allowed:
      E-books and PDFs, including instructions, recipes, how-to guides, etc
      All other types of digital media (photos, music, text, etc) regardless of copyright ownership or resale rights .So yes that includes instructions and jailbreak auctions.
      Basically all digital items
      -except for
      Codes to redeem movies or games
      Digital gift cards
      Subscription codes for services like Xbox Live or Hulu Plus

    • But you can still do them by mail right? I’m confused

  8. Woo Hoo. Love all of the new changes! Thank you Listia!

  9. Lisa Lopez says:

    And how about Coca-Cola codes? They too, REALLY need to be eliminated. There are just way too many folks on Listia that try to scam you on something SO simple as a coke code. It is SAD that “people” are so trifling that they send bogus codes just to build their credits. Very, very frustrating for others! It becomes such a hassle that I get to a point that I don’t even want to participate on Listia because of the folks who are dis-honest!!! I mean, REALLY? Come on people.

    • Coke reward codes are allowed for now. As you can see, we are reviewing all rules and looking to make Listia a great marketplace for everyone. Thanks for the feedback.

    • I’ve listed many coke points, and any time someone had a problem with a code, i took their word for it and sent them a new one. There is no reason to ban these auctions, now if a user is scamming people, leave negative feedback and report the account.

      Sony reward points on the other hand, are not unique, if you buy 10 dvds for the same movies, they will all have the same code inside. many people listing codes for them, go online and just look them up. They too should be banned.

  10. Lisa Lopez says:

    Oh yeah! Thanks for the new rules. They Rock! Love you, Listia! (p.s. I will no longer be offering MCR codes for auction, even if they are permitted!) So, stay tuned for some BETTER stuff from Me!!! Wishing everyone many blessings and kind regards!

  11. Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!!! This is AWESOME!!! No more clutter on the wonderful website!!! THANK YOU LISTIA!!!!!!!!

    • Glad we could make your day!

      • I just have one more question….where do you go to stop my membership to this site? I cannot find the place to do it…thanks


      • Actually this is a fail….you need to better this rule. Tradable items should be listable! I earned them!

  12. Shannon Clark says:

    Ok i can see thngs like ebooks, music, ect things that have copyright. But what about how to’s and recipies. Ive gotten some great recipes off here. Alot of people are going to be very disappointed about this.

    • Any of the recipes that are currently on the site can be gotten online for free. Any how to , you can get online or youtube for free. A simple Google search and wow there they are.

      • But I like to get them from my friends! Of course I know I can go elsewhere! But that’s my choice! Or at least it was.. rats!

      • Not always the case…Sometimes recipes come from past generations & are handed down thru the years…all for the intention of being shared!!

      • No, NOT every recipe on here can be found for free – I sold recipes – recipes *I* created, *I* photographed my own food, and then typed up beautifully designed recipe cards that you could print out and add to your recipe box. Each new recipe took hours of work to prepare for sale – as much if not more work as the people who blog their recipes. I had repeat buyers who emailed me often telling me how much they enjoyed my recipes. The fact that I got some credits for it made it worth my time to do the work. Now that’s gone too. There were better ways to handle this than what was done. These changes were entirely too drastic, and I think we’re going to see a lot of fallout.

    • Go to that’s what that site is for…and they’re FREE!!!

    • Victoria Joerendt says:

      I agree. I sale many items but sell my own recipes on here. Guess no more. I have many people who bid on them. Oh well. Just another site telling us how we can and can’t do things.

    • I offer vintage eBooks. Their copyrights have expired. But many of these books cannot be found in libraries anymore. If I sell hard copies, I am not being environmentally thoughtful…..I’m killing trees, adding harm to the ozone via the moving of the postal vehicles/planes. If I burn them on CD, I am harming the Earth with those discs that will end up in landfill after the person adds the book to their PC,laptop or tablet. Digital books are the future…heck – they’re the present. If my items are selling, and I’m using the credits to prevent others from throwing items in the landfills – where is the harm in this????

      • I agree Kevin….I also sell…giveaway…eBooks…mine are made from expired copy write books which I myself scan and photo proof them and make into PDF form…some of these books cannot be found anywhere on the internet…some can and are given free one pattern at the time. Mine are complete books…not just one pattern….now if a person wants to go on the internet to find one copy of one pattern at the time they are free to do so…but I offer the complete book…even the advertisements…yes it could be printed and send via USPS but most are 30 pages long and have color pictures…no way could I afford or the recipient afford to pay for this printing…The patterns will be lost forever if not salvaged in some way and the best way to do it is digitally. My copies are falling apart…one page at the time…but I see myself as a conservator…I spend many hours on these books…I do not go to the internet and get free ones and then sell them. I search at garage sales and thrift stores and Ebay and purchase these books. I search to be sure they are no loner under copy write. If they are then the copy just goes into my library and I do not scan or reproduce it. So for you narrow minded and illiterate people who seem to think this is a scam then I feel sorry for you…because in thinking this way you are not contributing to the conservation of the hard work others have done in authoring these books in the first place. Most of these people are dead but their work lives on forever….my books do not show myself as author but the original author gets the credit….so rethink what you are doing…I have given hundreds of these books on listia and other sites…but now am reduced to offer in CD form….and shipping costs…this is just not right…

  13. Awesome Changes….I love it!!!

  14. NIce job Listia this is a very good rule =)

  15. Thank you Listia!! This change is long overdue.

  16. I’m so happy and will now come back. I got sick of all the digital stuff, even when I would uncheck that in my search, people would still put free shipping even though it was digital.
    I do though, like Coke Codes or Kelloggs codes… It’s to do-it- yourself of recipes I hate seeing, enough to make me leave after being a faithful Listian. Thank you for finally making this happen!!

  17. are we still going to be able to list recipes

  18. Dee Simmons says:

    Excellent! Tired of trying to figure out if I’m getting a “thing” or just instructions!

  19. Sad to lose an opportunity to obtain unique and / or unusual recipes. I will miss seeing these items of interest.

    • Any recipe you BOUGHT for credits was found for FREE online. They were taking advantage of the site. Use google search, go to if you want recipes.
      They had NO right to make a profit off recipes that were not theirs.

      • I don’t like to use Pinterest , they want you to sign up or sign in every time. Not interested in Pinterest! Lol! I like to buy from Friends on Listia!

      • Victoria Joerendt says:

        My recipes were my grandmothers and not off a site.

      • I am sure some of the recipes and books and instructions were reproduced from the internet…but not all of us were doing that….hard work was put into every Ebook I created…and legally so, but now I am punished and so are the recipients…tell me this is fair.

      • I imagine some of the recipes were family ones…….so…………..

      • No – NOT every recipe could be found online. Many, yes. But I sold original recipes that I created – yes, created. Not even recipes I found in cookbooks, but original recipes. I had a good following and had many people return for more. Now that’s gone. What a shame.

      • Tracy Brown says:

        Even though many agree that recipes aren’t really an item just sitting around the home that you no longer use, Recipes can still be auctioned on Listia as long as they are sent through the mail/USPS and not by digital delivery. Besides by being sent digital delivery only, the rules do not say that they cannot be posted.

  20. Lise Schleicher says:

    OK – but a digital item that is ‘hard copy’ and sent (say via US Mail) would be ok? So for example a cd or a dvd?

    • Yes, that is allowed

      • But that’s just cluttering up the world with more paper, Digital is better for the environment!! No waste!! No trees!!

      • JoAnn Broderick says:

        nol it is not allowed I tried that and this is what I got back – a threat!

        You have a new message from Moderator Bella:

        Hello TheGypsyWidow,

        Sorry and we hate doing this, but we deleted one of your auctions due to a violation of our Terms of Service ( or auction rules ( PLEASE DO NOT AUTO RELIST RECIPES AND OTHER DIGITAL ITEMS. Please don’t re-list this again, otherwise additional actions may be taken, up to and including a permanent suspension of your account(s). You may have worked hard to earn a good reputation on Listia…we highly recommend that you not waste that, because a suspension is permanent and can’t be reversed.

        We take inappropriate auctions very seriously in order to protect buyers and sellers like yourself. Please take this case seriously and consider your future auctions more carefully.

        Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with your other auctions!

        – The Listia Moderation Team

  21. It sounds like so many of you don’t bother to read full listings and only look at pictures. I’m not surprised given the lack of language and grammar skills, and the targeted age group. Now you can’t even give people the choice if they win between a hard copy and a digital file. Not to mention that even 2 days ago Listia moderators were blanket-changing auctions without any notice, to digital-only, and then sending messages out that people needed to update their auctions because they were in violation. That’s hit-and-run, sting-style. Great job, moderators, as usual.

    • Thanks Topher for your valid points. As a seller of vintage books, I appreciate your support. My 300+ fans will be very sad that these treasures I offer are no longer available.
      What about the people that buy junk off amazon and resell it here
      Gee, I thought we lived in America where we get to choose for ourselves .

      • Kevin and Topher….I think the moderators are just too lazy to find the listings which are truly against rules and those which are indeed legitimate…so we all suffer because of the few…they cannot find one Ebook which I offer which is still under copy write….all of mine have been researched by me to make sure…and the whole book is NOT offered anywhere for free, those sites charge a fee…only one pattern at the time…not the whole book….I agree also with Topher about the targeted people here on Listia….they want All free and are not willing to pay for the shipping much less the hard copy production….just my opinion…just saying…

      • Agreed….about to spend the credits I have left and leave this crap site….If I can’t sell stuff I earned like CS:GO guns….then this is just stupid!


  23. That is so dumb!!! I use Listia to get xbox live codes. I also make photos and things and put them on Listia. I be a lot of people will stop using this site now.

    • their will be a lot of people leaving listia now…the digital delivery system is what made the site…might as well go to ebay now..

      • The digital delivery listings of “recipes” “ebooks” and “Do it your self” crap CLUTTERED the site!! ALL of those things you can find online for FREE (just like YOU were and making a PROFIT off it!!). Have fun at eBay with their seller’s fees!

      • Amen, I’m about to go spend my remaining credits and get rid of this crap site.

    • The members that they lose for this will be a drop in the bucket. There are many that will come back now that this junk is gone 😀

      • Why do you feel that your opinion is more valuable than others??? You’ve been rude to so many on this thread. What gives you that right???? Your profit is no different than any other users’. We are all MEMBERS here…there is no hierarchy.

      • Because unlike many others I LIKE THE NEW RULES!! and I can FOLLOW the rules!!

  24. I only have a Listia account because I am a wildlife photographer. I never once got more than 100 credits a photo as I didnt want it. With this being the only reason i have my account is so I can share the photo’s nature laid in front of me and enjoy other photographers works of art, I wont be keeping my account.

  25. I actually own the copyright to the ebooks i sell here. I sell them on amazon under my real name, because I wrote them. The fact I could sell them here for a few 100 points and in turn bid on things was the only selling point for me… guess it’s back to ebay.

  26. I agree that selling content that is freely available elsewhere is wrong, but my books are not free and I am the copyright holder. I think this change came about because people were too lazy to read the auction listings. I’ve had to explain to people several times that my books were digital only when it clearly states so in my description.

    • I have the same trouble with lazy readers even with the details in all caps.

    • Scammers really ruin things for you, and I really do feel bad. I have been scammed and I find this rule great. I’m sorry that it actually hurts people that are legit.. Hope you can get it worked out. Good luck

    • I Agree 100%. I have a few Jewelry Pattern instruction sets that are mine, I typed up and all and offer to send via email as a downloadable file or I can physically send it, but I require the help off 2 stamps from them to offer set shipping costs. Otherwise Digital sending was completely free. Even tho this was 100% stated… I still had a few that DID not read the listing before bidding.


  27. I am the copyright holder to my art , I do sometimes sell digital images,because I like to offer things anyone can afford ! Plus I do think making people mail things isn’t going to help the environment any ! I am in favor of doing anything digital we possible can! More paper means more trees more pollution I say keep digital!! Plus I like my recipes digital! I like to get them here from friends , and I’m sorry many of my friends might be leaving. I’d much rather see those digital things come back and my coupons come back , I seem to be losing more than I’m gaining on Listia now. I agree those people selling instructions to various things is a bit f a problem ,but why not just have them say “Instructions only”! Or “Digital only” either on the title or ass this option to shipping?

    • I agree Lucyinct, I also design images to be printed by those who need them in their scrap booking….all sites of this kind allow that but not here where a person can purchase them with points they have instead of money which they may not have…and I am all for saving trees…they are the very breath we breath…

  28. Melinda227 says:

    I like the coke codes,diaper codes etc glad the other ones are going, most people are getting them from online anyway and are free to obtain yourself

    • I disagree. I offer vintage ebooks. I have over 300 fans. I find books on subjects they request. They may be public domain, but they are not always easy to find. My offerings are legit with library IBN numbers. I provide daycare to my special needs grandson and my profits clothed him. I always listed my auctons under books except my books on Millinery which I placed in crafts. Ifpople are still seeing my auctions with a search that has Digital Delivery unticked – then that is a program fault of Listia, NOT ME.

  29. Tracy Brown says:

    Yay…It’s great to see these changes have been made on Listia. Are the posts for “spells” included in the not allowed list also? These seem to be over clouding Listia also.

    • Lisa Lopez says:

      Oh! I agree about the “spells”! Litter! Everywhere! Get rid of THAT! And bring back the digital food recipes!!! PLEASE?

      • recipes, spells, ebooks, DIY all not allowed

      • Tracy Brown says:

        I’m now seeing recipes listed with free shipping. I was told by a moderated that recipes them selves are no longer allowed. Is there confusion with the mods on what is allowed now since some are removed and others are not?? if they are allowed to be listed this way now then that defeats the purpose.

  30. I can see the reason for these changes. When you’re checking out a member you can see they’ve sold the exact same things over and over again. A recipe or background, or photo or quote. It just doesn’t seem right.
    I used to sell free coupons, you might say I depended on them to keep my account up. I was very disappointed to learn they were no longer allowed. But, oh well.
    Everything else I list is digital. Movies codes, Stouffers/Lean Cuisine codes, Lunch Mate codes, free gifts from cereal/snacks with codes. AND I only buy Pampers/Huggies codes. All these are digital. Will they be going in the next step to clean up the site??? I only ask because if so, then the Listia site won’t hold any interest to me.
    I really hope not!!!! I’ve met some really splendid people on Listia and would hate to lose these members who have become friends.

  31. Why are DIY digital delivery still being listed if this went into effect yesterday? I’m flagging away.

    • Victoria Joerendt says:

      Did you not understand? If listed before rule change then you can keep up, until end of auction or if it’s bid on. So the people who have them listed is allowed to keep till auction ends one way or another. Read before complaining or flagging people.

    • I just got a message from Listia about the new rules today and I have several recipes up for auction right now. I will be cancelling the ones I can but some of them will not allow me to edit them for some reason. I guess you will go flag all of mine. But at least I have proof that I just got notified of the changes by Listia in my message with the date & time on it.

      I wonder if that could be the same case with other people having them up for auction still too??? No of course not. Everyone but me goes and reads the rules every single day like you do I am sure. I didn’t even get a email about the changes till today. But sure it is only me………….

  32. EeveeCatlin says:

    What about art commissions are they still able to do that? I really like looking for good artists to draw my original character :c

    • 😦 ugh I’m afraid they taking that down too..I am one of the commissioners on there and they messaged me saying my auctions should no longer be listed :(( ugh 😦 so sad

  33. I have a set of receipe cards some of which I don’t use can they be listed as long as the physical card will be mailed?

  34. Well first off that’s fine by me but if listia is going to do that then they need to have there data department on there jobs because you can not change any information on any recipes that are listed I went through and took all of my recipes off of automatic relist but guess what you can not save any changes made too any of these listings so you will have to watch them and delete them if listia lets us delete them i have tried that but so far mine are still listed also. HELLO LISTIA HELP US IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE CHANGES!!!!!!!!

  35. Stephanie Knouff says:

    I Love the new rules! I was really taken back about a young girl selling digital pictures of herself. Digital photos for sale of children have no place on here or any other auction site. This is a good thing. WAY TO GO LISTIA!!!

  36. I love to win that Walmart card that would be awesome thank you so much good luck to everybody god bless you all

  37. leaving or not last night my tv went out on me I need a teammate keep your fingers crossed maybe I might be able to win one thank you so much God bless you

  38. julie witte says:

    I hope that the auctioneers selling the digital recipes will now switch to mailed copies. Yes, they should be ok per new rules right?

  39. I disagree. I offer vintage ebooks. I have over 300 fans. I find books on subjects they request. They may be public domain, but they are not always easy to find. My offerings are legit with library IBN numbers. I provide daycare to my special needs grandson and my profits clothed him. I always listed my auctons under books except my books on Millinery which I placed in crafts. Ifpople are still seeing my auctions with a search that has Digital Delivery unticked – then that is a programming fault of Listia, NOT ME.

  40. Shelli1017 says:

    Ok. I understand this new rule change, but I’m curious, if it’s something like a family recipe or a DIY instructional, can it still be listed as long as it is physically mailed to the winner ((and NOT digital sent via email or listia message))?? I’ve seen many people asking this, but listia has not replied. I am going to assume that it is aloud…because the rule is NOT that recipes, photos, or ,DIY are no longer aloud. The rules are that digitally they are not permitted.
    I understand the new rule, because the search page does get cluttered with a hundred of the same recipe..most of which are online photos n recipes of the food found online. I’ve seen members who have only been a member a few months with thousands of XP and auctions sold bc they list 50 recipes a day. Which does suck for others like myself who sell, and ship items yet have no where near that many XP, or feedbacks. But at the same time, I think that if it’s your own personal recipe that you wrote, and took pictures of then they should allow it. Personally i don’t list recipes, but I have a few dishes that are my own w/My own ingredients. And I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I like the Diy. I mean some of them. Not everyone has the time or patience to Google how tos. Plus it takes hours of studying and reading through different sites or videos to find out what really works. With personal DIY auctions, (most) the seller has done it before and they know it works. I have a list of “over 100 uses for vinegar”. It took me years to collect, and write up. I have personally tried every use, and love given it to my friends or family. I’ve auctioned it in the past, and though I don’t expect to get many credits for it, it still saves others from having to Google over, and over again if vinegar works to do a certain thing. Plus its interesting! Lol.
    I don’t think that anyone should auction PHOTOS OF ME at all…never did!! Not only is it easy for someone to steal someone else’s photos from fb, instagram, etc and pretend they are pix of themselves and auction them off..But I also think it’s degrading. And most times it is a young girl who is auctioning photos of themselves.
    I’m gonna have to check the rules Again, it’s been quite a while since I read them, and I’m thinking a lot has changed. I would like to know if things like Instructions on how to make … or poetry, recipes etc are still aloud —- as long as they are physically mailed??

    Also with all these changes and upgrades i sure hope Listia is not turning into another EBay. This was great when it was mainly all second hand, gently used item, or new items a seller never used.. But it seems more and more items are BRAND NEW coming straight from a factory or supplier in China or Japan. Personally, i think they should make it that if a item is not in your actual possession, (in the sellers hand) than it shouldn’t be aloud. I know many will not agree, but some sellers are getting items super cheap, making a heck of a lot of profit from it and winners have to wait months to get the items. Pretty soon the site is going to be nothing but overseas factory shipped items from professional sellers, just like eBay is now. I liked how listia is different from other sites because it’s like a online second hand store, that people who don’t NEED A ITEM — can trade it for credits for items they DO need. That’s what the site was originally about. Now though, it’s people purchasing new items over seas to be directly delivered to the winner. What made this site unique was it was not that i could win a own from some one who would purchase it from China and have it sent to me, like all the other sites like Amazon and eBay.
    I give it another few years, and this site will turn into another eBay. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my time on listia!!

    • Based on the rules, it seems like as long as the item is physical (recipes printed on paper, a printed out DIY), then they are permitted on the site. It’s only when you’re just copy pasting text, or emailing a PDF, that is no longer allowed.

      • IrritatedListian says:

        That defeats the purpose of this new rule. Now we have to weed through ‘recipe’ and ‘DIY’ auctions to see if it is digital or ‘mailed’. Is there really a difference between ‘copying and pasting’ on a piece of paper vs. ‘text or PDF’?

        Rule: ‘The item can be used or claimed, and upon use, no longer has value and cannot be reused’
        Emphasis on REUSED….the recipe/DIY item is being reused….just on a piece of paper.

        It is unfortunate that the rule, which was supposed to make Listia a better place, will still clutter the site with the same stuff people have been complaining about.

        The rule is supposed to taking quote: ‘additional measures to build an online marketplace full of great items (and experiences!) for sellers and buyers alike.’

        People are already skirting around it. I thought you were on the right side Gee.

      • so why then are they still allowing for digital delivery of any items?…if they want only that which is physical and of no further use to anyone??? Seems my ebooks were of more use and value than most of the physical items I received in the mail.

      • Tracy Brown says:

        I’m not sure the Listia mods have a correct answer to this now very confusing issue. It makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to make listing these as digital delivery against the rules but apparently it’s okay to list them as long as they are sent another way.

        I’ve asked a mod about this and she said that recipes themselves are no longer allowed no matter how they are sent but I told her that the rules do not mention anything about this so how are users not going to relist them?

        And if they can be listed with other shipping methods then I just have to say that was a major failed attempt at trying to clean Listia up.

        I must also mention that the mods don’t seem to be noticing the reasons auctions were flagged by us. Many auctions I’ve seen have changed shipping to FREE. One in particular said in both the description as well as they’re answer to me asking that its sent by email or listia mail only. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that be digital? This aution was flagged by me 2 days ago but its still going.

    • JoAnn Broderick says:

      no you cannot offer them any other way I tried that offering a cd and this is the reply I got:

      You have a new message from Moderator Bella:

      Hello TheGypsyWidow,

      Sorry and we hate doing this, but we deleted one of your auctions due to a violation of our Terms of Service ( or auction rules ( PLEASE DO NOT AUTO RELIST RECIPES AND OTHER DIGITAL ITEMS. Please don’t re-list this again, otherwise additional actions may be taken, up to and including a permanent suspension of your account(s). You may have worked hard to earn a good reputation on Listia…we highly recommend that you not waste that, because a suspension is permanent and can’t be reversed.

      We take inappropriate auctions very seriously in order to protect buyers and sellers like yourself. Please take this case seriously and consider your future auctions more carefully.

      Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with your other auctions!

      – The Listia Moderation Team

      you cannot offer ANY THING even with an alternate shipping method other than digital that could be sent digitally too. It sucks!

  41. YES!! No more sifting through endless “digital” recipes to look for actual TANGIBLE cookbooks!! This will save a load of time and annoyance.

  42. Robert Hoffman says:

    This is a terrible change. I enjoyed getting ebooks and peoples personal recipes and many other digital items. Sure, many of these items could be found for free, but only after hours of searching for them and time is money. I mostly list charms and seeds now but I have a collection of rare and hard to find art prints that are public domain. I have spent years putting my collection together. I have traveled to museums and gotten permission to take photographs, hours cataloging, and editing these files so that they can be printed out clear and sized for framing. I am an unemployed single father and joined Listia last year around this time. Thanks to being able to list these digital prints, I was able to give my son a decent Christmas. Sure, I could print these and mail them or put them on discs and mail them, but those with the true Listia spirit offer Free Shipping. I have had over 700 happy auction winners of non digital items (seeds and charms) and only about 50 or so winners of my digital items and i have always offered Free Shipping. Digital items sell cheap and I could not bear the cost of printing or burning to a disc and then paying for postage for the ;ow amount of points that these items go for. Digital items also give Beginners a chance to win something for a small amount of points without having the rich point buyers outbid them at every turn because these items will be re-listed. A beginner can keep bidding their small amount of points on the digital items they want each time they are listed until they eventually win. Once again big money tramples the poor. I thought better of Listia. Digital items are not what should be banned. Outrageous shipping charges should be banned. There are too many people that have joined Listia in this past year, that are not giving their items away for points, they are selling them for money and taking the points as well. This is a far greater crime than selling digital items. Making money on Listia goes against everything Listia is supposed to stand for. Please reconsider this crazy ban on digital items!!! This amounts to an attack on the poor and those seeking knowledge and it will drive away many people to other sites. Eventually you will have a bunch of greedy people buying and selling for the minimum bid but charging the actual price they want through outrageously high shipping costs. If this happens, Listia becomes just another eBay. If people only read the description of what they are bidding on, there would be no problems. I have never been scammed by anyone selling digital items, but I have paid shipping costs that were above what the actual shipping stated when the package arrived and found later that I could have bought the item and paid true shipping on another site for half of what I was charged by some of the unscrupulous sellers charging for shipping on Listia. Do something for the poor!!! Do something for Freedom!!! Do what is right and get rid of this crazy ban on digital items!!!

  43. Why is that when you mail, and then people don’t give you your credits. A lady said she received my seeds but has not left
    fed back so I can’t get my credits for 20 days I want to bid on stuff and can’t fix this problem please

  44. Thanks so much for the change, Listia! I hated having to scroll through recipe after recipe when all I wanted was a nice, REAL cookbook! And finding a listing for what I wanted only to discover it was a PHOTO of the item! This is a positive change! Thanks!

    • See this is a problem which the people of Listia who get paid a salary…should be fixing…when search for items it should be a given to be able to search for hard copy rather than digital. This is NOT the fault of legitimate sellers…I list mine as the “sorter” should be able to sort these for the ones searching…so please don’t blame us ….put the blame where it goes…

      • Kevin Bridges says:

        AMEN!!!! I also tick the Digital Delivery.
        (Now let’s talk about how they’ve been screwing with where Feedback” should be accessed.)

  45. Dianne Kirkham says:

    I have to disagree with this new ruling. I have won auctions for quite a few e-books of beautiful, old, out-of-print books that I would never be able to afford any other way. It is wonderful to be able to see the beautiful illustrations and read these old texts. Also I am in Canada and it seems prejudicial to me as it costs a lot more for postage to actually send anything to me. I do pay it if it is something I really want or need. I notice that one Listia seller, from whom I have won many auctions for rare books, Kevin, has noted the environmental savings by sending items digitally if and when possible. It is too bad that Listia cannot find a way to differentiate between junk and valuable digital offerings. In my experience the sellers I have had the most difficulties with are those who are offering clothing! I have lost credits and money as these sellers have put me off and never sent the items. In some cases I have gotten my credits back but some have drawn it out to the point where I could not even recover my credits. It seems to me that many people are misdirected because they do not read! Just like anything you need to read the fine print. This new ruling is a big disservice to me!

    • Dianne: I will miss seeing you at my auctions due to this ruling. I enjoyed whenever someone would ask for a book on a particular subject and I was able to find what was otherwise a lost cause until I tried. We will keep in touch as we have become good friends. Sincerely Kevin & Anne

  46. I am impressed and agree that is the thing to do… If I can sell an ebook and write it myself then I felt Listia was about to go down. Now I feel that are taking the correct steps to make it what it really was meant to be. I hope the Listia workers will begin to see how a listing that says “18k chain” and nowhere says plated or filled. Then that’s a case of a dispute that needs to be lost by the seller. And they (after me being ready to walk) finally did return my credits and gave seller a warning. A warning is good unless it’s happened before. I won a FAKE coach purse, and I told the seller I hadno pay pal so could not pay the six dollar shipping. And she ate my credits. As a seller I would have returned. That seller needs to go. Fake coach purses are ILLEGAL!!! If someone tells you that the purse is fake they are a criminal for having a fake. LET ALL COACH BUYERS AND SELLER KNOW THAT FAKE IS A CRIME AND TS MAY SOUND OVER THE TOP BUT IF THE LAW GETS WIND OF THE FAKE COACH SELLER, THIER DOOR CAN BE KICKED IN AND THEY WILL BE ARRESTED. Hope you would know that running a website and all. Because Listia would be done if they do not take the most extreme caution on allowing a fake coach or fake anything high end, and be sure to remove the seller and a warning is not legal way of dealing when it comes to that. So u have a complaint. I will file it in the appropriate place. Thanks Listia your doing the right ting by stopping the e books and other very rude and cheap crap… Glad to hear this and glad to stay…

  47. This went into effect on the 3rd, this is now the 6th and recipes, pdf ect have been coming out of the woodworks left-right n’ center, ya flag them and mods leave them ~ Why?

    • Tracy Brown says:

      I have to agree with Krystal Wood. I’ve flagged several auctions also only for the mods to ask them to either add a photo or details??? Are the mods even viewing the listings we flag to see the very obvious reasons for flagging before commenting?

    • Listia contacted sellers like myself and told us that all auctions that were open on 11/4 would run, but would not auto-relist. Just calm down it will all be gone in a day or so.

    • Found the answer. The mods are saying since they failed to tell the people who are listing the recipes, DIY, pdf, etc. that there was a rule change, they can keep up any auctions they have now. This includes auctions they put up today. More listia BS. FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES LISTIA!!!!

      read the comments from this auction:

      • I think her reply is BS. I doubt a moderator told her she could leave it. I flagged it. Hopefully it gets deleted soon.

      • Tracy Brown says:

        Care bear, I was told by a mod completely the opposite. I was told that we should continue to flag any and all that are posting these. Once ts flagged, then it’s up to the mod on how to handle it from there. Any listings that were posted previous to this change can finish its timeframe but all others are subject for removal.

      • JoAnn Broderick says:

        I relisted auctions won yesterday but instead of digital I offered a cd with a shipping cost for the CD. I got an email that says:

        You have a new message from Moderator Bella:

        Hello TheGypsyWidow,

        Sorry and we hate doing this, but we deleted one of your auctions due to a violation of our Terms of Service ( or auction rules ( PLEASE DO NOT AUTO RELIST RECIPES AND OTHER DIGITAL ITEMS. Please don’t re-list this again, otherwise additional actions may be taken, up to and including a permanent suspension of your account(s). You may have worked hard to earn a good reputation on Listia…we highly recommend that you not waste that, because a suspension is permanent and can’t be reversed.

        We take inappropriate auctions very seriously in order to protect buyers and sellers like yourself. Please take this case seriously and consider your future auctions more carefully.

        Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with your other auctions!

        – The Listia Moderation Team

        Sounds like a threat to me.

  48. This is blantantly unfair to the honest people who list e-books. There was absolutely no discussion with any of us on how ro improve or make anything better. listia just cut us out!! People obviously want the e-books we have listed as evidenced by the way they keep selling. Since listia has done this a lot of us proboly wont have much if any use for listia anymore including myself. Listia you have aleinated and lost quite a few listians over this garbage decision which was done without those of us who it affects being able to defend ourselves in anyway. A sneaky backdoor way of doing it. Reminds me of that idiot occupying our house and how he does things. DISGRACEFUL!!!

    • Well said Jim! It’s sad that they consider us the most unsavory of members. If they want to get rid of clutter they should have started with auctions with stock photos…..which was against the rules in the first place.

      • Shelli1017 says:

        i dont think stock photos are against the rules.. i think that its not reccomended but not against the rules.

  49. Rebekah Eddy says:

    I have not had a problem with ebooks or pdf auctions. I think they are great and it is a shame that they are not going to be allowed anymore. It stinks if listians have been ripped off, but there are ways to get the credits lost back and the seller can be blocked and removed from listia. It hurts sellers who are legitimate. Ebooks and pdf are great to have and that is why they are so popular with today’s generation. Please reconsider.

  50. I am a listian with over 500 fans, and almost 500 positive feedback from buyers. I list MY OWN recipes, sewing patterns and pet DIYs. There have been so many people who very much appreciate my recipes and my pet recipes are very popular, I love making people and their pets happy. Some people even request recipes and they are such a fan that they bid on my auctions over and over again. However now that this rule is in effect all my fans will be let down. Listia’s reason for this may be it clutters the site, they are misleading and its taken off the internet. If you think it clutters the site, please make use of that shipping options area and uncheck the digital delivery box. If listia is concerned with people taking recipes off the internet, I do not do that and listia should be punishing the people who do instead of everyone as a whole. As for the instructions being misleading, this is entirely your fault if you read it wrong, unless the seller intentionally misrepresents it. In that case, again listia should punish those sellers instead of all of us. I always put INSTRUCTIONS or RECIPE in the title of my recipe, and in the description I describe the recipe and I put “recipe will be sent via email or message”. Sometimes I even put instructions only in all caps. If you do not read the title, delivery method and description, that is not my fault, they are there for a reason. Lastly, many people are going to be disappointed by this and leave the site, myself included. I have read the comments, and there are both buyers and sellers protesting against this. Some are sellers of unique ebooks, art, non copyrighted music and photography. Buyers are upset because they no longer have access to unique recipes.

    • Tracy Brown says:

      Since I began with listia, the way I’ve understood how things work as well as how its actually said is that its intended to be used to AUCTION ITEMS YOU NO LONGER USE OR NEED. I guess I don’t know where the confusion is in this.

      • I guess you don’t, because its been perfectly normal for almost a year for sellers to sell their own handwritten recipes and patterns, and it’s ridiculous because now I have to print out the recipe for the buyer and mail it to them instead of sending digitally which wastes money, time, postal service and trees. What is the difference from auctioning a cookbook to a handwritten recipe from my own collection?

      • Shelli1017 says:

        see i dont think this is right, its a double standard. i agreee, listias whole conncept is ” for people to list items that they no longer want or need- for credits to use on items they do want– that others have listed because they no longer need it”… CORRECT?? everyone agrees on that?
        ok, so how come it OKAY for the “professional” sellers to list items they dont actually have in their possesion to auction??? the sellers who list items that come straight from china or japan or straight from a retailer like walmart?? these sellers are not listing items that they no longer need or want.. they dont even have the items! They find a cheap supplier from overseas and auction off the suppliers items.. Then when someone wins, the seller orders the item right from their supplier in japan, or china or where ever and have it shipped directly to the winner…which btw takes months for the winner to receive… this isnt following by listias main focus point of getting rid of YOUR unused items?? these sellers aer making a hell of a lot of credits for pennies on the dollar. They always use only stock photos, and are turning listia into ebay and amazon…
        So by you saying the reciepes, the diy instructions, ebooks, patterns, photography, codes, poems etc do not follow the “getting rid of your unwanted items for items your want” —- than these “professional” sellers and ebay sellers arent following by the basic concept either. i know sellers who have NEVER LISTED A PERSONAL ITEM AT ALL– they never had to package or ship a item, because all they list are items brand new coming straight from the factory, or stores, or from japan and china, and the items ship right from the suppier- NOT THE SELLER..and these sellers have hundreds of thousands of credits, and have only been a member of listia for months.. not years.
        its not fair to the sellers who list their own items and work their buttts off too even get a fraction of sells, credits, badges, XP.
        people who list items like crafts.. “personalize a necklace” or “personal hand stamped charm- whatever you want it to say” or items like ” homemde baby bonnet, pick colors!” and “personallized tshirt” or “friendship bracelets” etc etc etc, – they too DO NOT fall under the whole LIST ITEMS YOU DONT WANT OR NEED FOR ITEMS YOU DO WANT…
        Its the same thing as people listing personalized recpies or DIY projects..
        Dont get me wrong.. i love the new items that come right from the stores or from a supplier in china or japan.. and i love the crafts and homemade jewelry… although i personally have never listed any of them, nor do i list digital items.. i only list things i have laying around the house…
        but none of those items go by the whole concept of “list items you dont want for items you do want..” either.
        and there are many of other items that dont fall under listias main focus line. i do not see why they have banned some items and not others. especially since from what i see much of what they now prohibit- does very well on listia.

  51. Well I guess I will be leaving Listia today. The main thing I posted were homemade recipes from myself or my mom or grandma, and spells I wrote myself. The main thing I bid on were patterns for cross stitch, recipes, and e-books and spells. Thanks Lisita for becoming another e-bay. This used to be a great site, then you had people ripping off others and Listia doing nothing but refunding credits (and taking a LONG time to even do that) and now you are cutting off about half the people on here. That’s great. It seems like do it yourselfers and poor people are always sh*t out of luck because even if there are thousands using a site like this for those things, the site just doesn’t want to be associated with it. Why doesn’t Listia just do their JOB and check posts out, or here is an even BETTER idea… since there are people complaining they didn’t know something was a digital item, why not make 2 sections to Listia? One as digital items only, one as physical items only? If you post something digital in the wrong place you get a warning, then if you keep it up you are banned? Oh wait, that sounds too much like right. Bye Listia!

    • JoAnn Broderick says:

      Absolutely true. It is Listia’s loss I guess for all of us who have used this site for years. You always have people ripping people off but when we are customers with THOUSANDS of positive feedbacks, its just not right. I’m outta here too. I’ll find someone way to share my collection of literally thousands of recipes.

  52. I just have one more question….where do you go to stop my membership to this site? I cannot find the place to do it…thanks

  53. This is BULLSHIT!! People like me have worked long and hard to keep a good feedback, I make my own digital items NOT JUNK and have many satisfied customers, this is NOT fair. But I see that the so called ” gift card codes” are still there, jeez I wonder why, mmhh oh yea, because Listia sales amazon codes, how convenient of them right!! This is utter bullshit.. If you’re going to take down all digital delivery goods, it should be EVERYTHING! Don’t punish good sellers like myself due to other people’s mistakes. I don’t sale regular items that much since I’m under a fixed income just like many others on this site.. so how in the HELL I’m I supposed to get credits now??? This is a double standard. Another problem is due to incompetent newbies that DON”T know how to read and want their credits back due to their mistakes, once again people like me get punished.. VERY disappointed with this new crap! You guys should of been paying attention to people that actually post junk in the site, but thanks to them and the moderators lack of attention, we have to pay the consequences. How great!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JoAnn Broderick says:

      totally agree with this!

    • Kevin Bridges says:

      They never minded when we used the credits won on our eBooks to win other auctions…..because it still helpS Listia to show that their site was active with auctions. How two-faced is THAT!!!! I’ve done a GIN for wireless bluetooth headphones for 26,000, GIN for a non-designer blouse for 12,000, 9,876 for a blu-ray movie without case or artwork – WERE MY CREDITS ANY DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER USER’S????
      And what about people who make crafts??? How is that something you don’t need anymore – IT’S SOMETHING YOU CREATED JUST LIKE MY EBOOKS!!!!

  54. JoAnn Broderick says:

    auctions offering on a cd instead of digital, giving an option for digital but not giving it as first choice but if I can’t relist at all then as soon as my auctions are complete, I will use what credits I have and will no longer use Listia at all ever again, I will also let everyone I know, on facebook and in other ways, of your new policy change and to no longer use this site also. I have had thousands of successful auctions here with positive feedback. It is your loss I guess.

    JoAnn Broderick

    • I agree with what you say…I already ended all of mine and quite the site leaving points behind….I no longer wish to have anything to do with this site…..they are stupid…not even trying to understand that products no longer under copy write are legally usable to people who wish to help it continue in a society where everything is throw away…even good authors who are dead and no one to keep their copy write going….so their hard work continues.

    • Shelli1017 says:

      HEY, joAnn Broderick! i read your comment and id have to say no.. from what i was told by listia we cant offer on a cd instead of digital. i said the same thing to listia, asking if i offered free shipping and mailed the DIY Or reciepes or instrutionals, patterns, etc through usps- if it was aloud, rather than me sending it digitally. and they said no, that i was to refer to the “prohibited items” section in the rules. and that if i listed those items i would have my listia privledges to list, bid, comment, etc suspended or permimatly suspened. Another lady who normally listed her family receipes as digital delivery for years- she startetd listing them as free shipping and was going to ship the recipes via usps. but, Listia removed her auctions and told her that they were not aloud, and not to relist them either.
      personally i dont think this new rule is about digital delivery at all. it seems its more of a ADD ON to the prohibited items list. Because even if you wanted to physically send someone a pattren, spell, diy, project, photography, poems, recipes, ebooks via usps — its still NOT aloud. digital or usps

      I have a list of “101 uses for vinegar” that i personally wrote over many years of gathering info recipes from personal experiences, from family and friends and even from blogs or magezines. Over the last 5-6 years i have tried each use, and eventualy neatly wrote them all up in a binder.. i listed it a few times before as a digital elivery and sent through email. With the new change in rules, i thought of listing it a free shipping item and printing it out and mailing it to the winners but when i asked listia if it was aloud to be done that way, they said no. that its not aloud at all and i needed to refer to the “prohibited items” of the rules..


  55. HappyOneHit420 says:

    I agree with those who think its absolutely ridiculous that listia changed the rules. Digital delivery was like the biggest thing on this site, you’re going to lose so many loyal customers. However mailed instructions are allowed as far as I can see, so that’s what I’m going to start doing until you ban that too, then I’ll just take my business elsewhere. 🙂

  56. Listia needs to fix their site, it just keeps saying” a problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded” this problem has gotten worse over the last two weeks. Takes all the fun out when you can’t even watch your items or bid on others because it keeps crashing.

  57. Well yesterday I got an email from Listia saying they had accepted my application to stop my membership…just to make sure i tried logging in and it did not accept me…then this morning I get an email saying someone had “friended me” clicked to be sure it was not a hoax and sure enough…all auctions are still running and my membership is still good…so how do I stop this terrible monster? I deleted all the auctions I could but they will not allow me to stop the ones with bids…

  58. Kevin Bridges says:

    LISTIA MODS>>>>As you can see by the thread on this rule change – your members have tons of questions. It’s been 6 days and you puttered out on responding to questions after the first day of the rule change.

    You say the auctions of eBooks, How-To’s and Recipes clutter the site. But this content is created by members that you accepted to your site. Members that abide by your Rules and Polices, Members who use the credits they earn to acquire physical items offered on this site. Thus, participating in Listia’s viewpoint that their site is trying to be earth-friendly and reduce the mass of goods. Our auctions have help you acquire the ability to tell the public that your site works and is steadily productive with a growing user base.

    “Clutter on the site” ….hmm much rather have it on the site than the Earth. Digital is the new format for reading. Women tap a tablet to view a recipe while cooking. Businesspeople read articles and books on a laptop during a work commute. We have to stop using trees for print, it resource damaging.The rules state “digital items should not be listed with physical delivery options such as “free shipping” or “local pickup”” and users say they can see digital items when they want a physical item, even when they do not tick the digital deliver box.,,,then add a new section with all the same subcategories, BUT UNDER A DIGITAL ONLY SECTION. Satisfy the needs of all of your users.

    I would appreciate a few answers to questions that have come to me since the announcement.

    1. I do not understand the following rule:
    “Examples of things that meet the first requirement, and therefore are allowed:
    Subscription codes for services like Xbox Live or Hulu Plus”
    This is another example of the reproduced indefinitely problem. These sellers obtain these codes online, no different than public domain, and continue to go online and resell the newest codes obtained…and on and on and on. You are picking and choosing WHICH digital is listed and your reasons aren’t clear at all.

    2. No more digital delivery of eBooks, How-To’s, images and recipes. That’s understood. But what if it’s a hard copy. A hard copy that is write-protected and cannot be copy-and-pasted, so that it cannot be, as you state, “reproduced indefinitely”. This would make it eligible due to your rule “Digital items that can be reproduced indefinitely”. The disc must be kept by the buyer in order for it to be used. The item can be shipped free of charge or shipping fee charged as the rules allow “Provide one of the following shipping methods: Free Shipping, Exact Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping”.

    3. When you state that you do not want “items that can be reproduced indefinitely”, I wonder why you allow crafters to sell items (such as Pixie Fairy cell phone plug charms and knitted angry bird baby hat – any size}? Or the people who are using stock photos (AGAINST THE RULES!!) of items they mass order and sell as New in Package. These are not “How It Works: Declutter – Sell all the stuff you don’t use”; they are “items that can be reproduced indefinitely” or scammers using Listia as a resale shop. They clearly have more than one to offer, and in some instances are making a cash value higher than Listia’s specified shipping rate. Just because their item is physical does not constitute it to conform to Listia’s earth-friendly trading site for which it was created. It creates more waste.

    Which clutter is worse is the question at hand. Digital code on a server somewhere, or a carbon foot print that will take years to decompose in our Earth. With a little more added program code to the Listia website, you can keep the user’s who wish to stay – but feel that they are being unfairly punished and asked to leave. We did not break rules….you were allowing what we were offering and now you are picking which digital sellers you wish to represent. Shame on you!!

    • Shelli1017 says:

      NO, Kevin Bridges, you cant switch it to a hard copy. i mesaged listia last week and asked that same question. i said i understood recipes and DIY projects, patterns, spells, ebooks, poetry, photography, etc are no longer aloud digtally– however, if i were to auction it off as a actual copy and ship the item thru usps- if that would be aloud. They simply said NO and foo me to refer to the rules, and the prohibited items section. i guess items like Recipes, DIY projects, patterns and all that, are not just no Longer aloud digitally, but they just are no longer aloud period.
      i personally dont list many digital items like patterns, recipes, diy or anything. But once in a while I’ll list something digitally.. like, for example i have a list that i personally wrote myself called 101 uses for vineger. Over the past few years, when i came across a new way to use vinegr (wether i pesonally found out, learned from a family member or friend, or read about in a magezine) i would scribbled it down in this binder of diy i keep. I have personally tried every single use and eventually had a ton of uses, some commen uses like cleaning windows- others not so commenly known like to remove itch from bug bites or use as a carpet cleaner or stain remover) but eventually i wrote them all up together to keep nice & neatly like a recipe book- and i typed it alln up & gave them to friends and family. anyway thats probably the only digital item I’ve ever listed. When this new rule change took place i messaged listia and asked them if i were to print my 101 uses for vinegar out, could i list it- to be mailed to the winner, so its not a digital delivey– They said NO.
      There is another lady who has thousands off sales on listia who lists her family recipes. and she started listing them as FREE SHIPPING and was going to just ship the recipes in a envelope instead of digitally, but listia removed all her auctions and told her that recipes were NOT ALOUD at all. and threatened to suspend her if she relisted them.
      Basically what im seeing, is this is not a DIGITAL DELIVERY RULE CHANGE, its more of a new/added prohibited items list. Because you cant just take your digital recipes, DIY projects, JAILBREAKS, instructions, patterns, etc and send them physically through usps.

      Personally, i think listia is turning into a ebay. the main reason i love listia because it wasnt ebay– listia was suppose to be about taking your own items that you no longer want or need– trade them for credits, to spend on items others list that they no longer want or need.. However- while that may still be true, i have seen a huge decline in sellers who are auctioning off second hand gently used items, or new items that they dont need or want. Now i see more n more “commercial” or “professional” sellers and ebay sellers. so many items the sellers dont actually have in their posession. They find a supplier over seas who sells items super cheap, and auction off the items -while they dont actually have in their possession- than when the auction ends with a win, the seller orders the item from japan/china for pennies on a dollar n just have it shipped directly to the winner…which btw takes months! if i shipped a item, and the winner doesnt have it in about 2 weeks– they file a refund.
      Dont get me wrong–i love new items as well as the next person..and ive on items from sellers who dont have the actual item, they order it for me when i win… but it takes away from what listia was supposed to be about. “giving away ur unwanted stuff, for someone elses unwanted stuff.” Its not supposed to be “win items that others will factory order and pay for for you”. these sellers are making a killing off of it! i didnt realize,, until the other day i downloaded a new sel/buy/trade app, and seen items like a naked eye shadow pallette being sold for $7! on listia, that same pallette goes for 50,000 credits! and i seen brand new victoria secret hoodies being sold for $10-20, and on listia– they always end like 30,000-50,000 or more for used ones. lol. i think if you dont have the item in your hand/possession than it shouldnt be aloud to be listed. listia is turning into ebay–and i think they want that. they said these new prohibited items -the digital delivery- are not “supported with the direction they want listia to take”.

      another thing— listia is free. which is awesome. yes you pay for perks, and a gin and any start bid over 499, but its relatively free. however— if you read the rules– it says something like: Listia currently has no membership fees, however this may change in the future. if this does change, members will receive a email explaining the change in advance and will have enough time to decide whether or not they agree to the fees.
      —is this also a new add in to the rules? ive read the rules/ terms many times and do not recall ever seeing this??? if this is a new ADD ON to the rules, than im assuming they are going to start charging a membership fee.. otherwise, why say something like that.
      i guess, we’ll see. i imagine if they do it will start with the new year. October they prohibited coupons of any kind (which while that sucks– i understand, because most coupons do say: CAN NOT BE SOLD, TRANSFERED, so many people end up with fake coupons anymore -ever watch extreme couponing! lol) November they prohibbited any recipe or digital items like spells, or diys….I wonder what december will bring.

    • They don’t even read what you write. They don’t give a crap about their community. This rule is straight up shite.

  59. Shelli1017 says:

    i love listia—its been my life for a while now. i just dont understand the whole motive in all these new rules. if they want to clean up listia— than why not make it harder for scammers to get a listia account. or make it less easy for kids- CHILDREN to download the app and list fake auctions. maybe allow sellers to sell digital recipes n such, but have a limit- so theres not 3000 recipes from the same seller. believe me– i dont like trying to syft through a ton of fake auctions either. but what about the STUPID GARBAGE AUCTIONS!!! i mean its so annoying to see someone auctioning something like “single dirty sock. with holes, stains” thats riducous!!! yesterday i seen a seller have a auction for one bobbypin! and she had four auctions up of the same thing!! each auction was for one single black bobbypin!!! how is that not trash or clutter? i know she probably only listed them because listia was probably running a special offer like “list 4 auctions with free shipping and get rewarded 500 credits today!” or something like that– and that makes me angry. i try to work my butt off like many other serious sellers, to find and list actual items to get those bonus credits, and i dont always get them… bc i didnt list enouggh items.. it angers me that some people list bogus dumb auctions like ONE BOBBYPIN, or one safety pin– and they get the bonus credits!! – thats wrong, garbage and shouldnt be aloud.. why not do away with stupid garbage auctions like that?
    or you know what actually DOES clutter up the search?? the xbox 48 hour TRIAL codes, or 7 day TRIALS.. im NOT talking about a ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP XBOX LIVE or the 3 month memberships, those are one code–A MEMBERSHIP and- only aloud to be redeemed once and cost $10-$25 to buy…. im referring to the XBOX TRIALS.. they are free, online, some even reusable one time on each account. i see sellers listing like 30 auctions, all for one 7 day code. when you have ten sellers each list 30 individual XBOX 48 hour TRIAL code auctions, it clutters up the search. When i try to search for a one-month XBOX MEMBERSHIP, im stuck having to scroll through 3000 of the 48 hour trials.. just to find a real one month membership card. sellers should have a limit to how many TRIAL codes they can list at one time. especially since most of the trial codes can be found by googling around a minute online for reusable trial codes.
    i dont think listias whole no coupons, no diy, spells, recipes, ebooks, magezine subscriptions, projects, craft instructions, poems, photography etc etc has anything to do with cleaning up clutter. i would like to know though, what the whole motive is though.. are they trying to turn listia into a ebay? are we going to start getting charged membership fees?

    sorry if i offended anyone. this is just my opinion. i have no problem with anyone listing anything they want to list, I just think if they want to clean up alittle- they could have done so other ways rather than completely banning items like diy or recipes, spells, ebooks, photogophy etc. While i agree alot of people are finding recipes online, and using only stock photos for the recipes and simply copy and pasteing the recipes to the winner, that doesnt apply to everyone, some people actully have their own recipes, and their own photos of the preparing their recipes.

    for diy– i personally liked that. never listed any, but i liked seeing others auctions. yes they could be found online, but many things i didnt know you could even do–to find online. lol. like did you know u could make your own chalkboard paint??? i guess pintrest would be best suited for diy ideas. idk.
    listia is changing so much. but i wish they would do more about fake auctions. kids downloading app. i see at least 30 fake, scams auctions everytime i scroll through the search browse sections. but if i flag them all— than ill get in trouble for excessive flagging.

    hope listia finds a middle ground. so that all new and senior sellers alike are pleased.

    • Kevin Bridges says:

      Listia had a rule within the digital auctions that you could not have more than 100 listings at a time unless your win ratio was 51% or greater. I hardly ever went over 80 at a time so I would not have to be subject to that win ratio rule. So there WAS a provision for them to watch if someone was just dumping auctions onto their server without it producing winners. I’ll give them that much.
      And I have to give them credit for the Scheduler perk which I had used since April. It allowed be to keep my listings tidy…not cluttered…I sold Millinery books one day, The next, non-fiction and lastly cookbooks and children’s books.
      I may have to go to a monetary site such as payhip, which is a digital media marketplace. However, I like sharing them here. Barely any of my auctions closed higher than their starting bid of 499. A book for less than 50 cents!! In my town of Springfield, IL…the capitol city of our state, had six library locations….due to bad government budgets, they only have one location now – books are becoming scarce.

  60. White Tigress says:

    I love this rule! I was SO tired of seeing auctions for “picture of my cat” and things like that. No one wants a picture of someone else’s cat or someone else’s puppy, and if they did they could just go to google images and get a million pictures of someone’s cat for free!

    • So points are “FREE”…I mean to hear you people everything is free…..this is Listia’s description of the site…but shipping is not free…neither is paper….neither is printing..and digital is the new way of life….do not waste more trees…more clutter…do something that is really clean and non destructive…a lot of us like the world of digital…and we like being able to get information, which contrary to the belief of a lot of you uninformed people here , is NOT always readily available for free on the internet….the books I “givaway” are NOT free on the internet….each individual pattern within it may somewhere be free but not a book in its entirety. I scan each page and assemble the PDF from crumbling paper pages which will be lost forever….I am one of those who offers for a measly 499 points most of the time….what does 499 points “buy” nothing much…but some trash which should have been tossed in the landfill anyway. So I “giveaway” for more 499 points again and again til I can make sense of all the hard work I have done in digitally restoring this book no longer under copy write. So please do not discount the value to what some think important just because your narrow mind cannot see the value of it being a worthwhile service accepted everywhere except Listia.

  61. I am just wondering why the Listia moderators are not responding to all of the comments…well not as in ALL cause some are just plain stupid…with no insight as to the problem they think there is with digital delivery items. I think a well founded sound has been heard here for the reason why digital delivery of Ebooks, recipes and patterns has been made here. Salvation of these good items and the exemption of more landfills…I mean we even have been given the technology which justifies these kinds of things with the notebooks electronically…so I think and expect Listia to address us….this has been an honored way for years for the changes made in societies…to hear us out and then to respond with something other than an electronic response which has not been past a brain…You have heard here not only the sellers…but the buyers and are our wishes and needs of no concern to you in authority? There has to be a way with all of this technology….so that those who do not want any kind of digitally delivery to be able to browse through the listing without having to see what they consider junk…but also to allow us who do want digital delivery items to not only list such but for the buyers to be able to readily find them….now if Listia cannot work this technology out then they are not very smart and need to hire some intelligent folks who do know how to do this…In your advertisements you compare yourselves to the likes of Ebay,com…so why not figure this advanced concept as they did to be able to offer the digital delivery of items…they sort it out for the browsers and the listers…I for one think you can do it if you try…but you are not only not listening to us but you are NOT responding to us…I want to read one good explanation of why we have been prohibited …can you at least find the decency to do this…a full explanation!!! You owe me that…I have been a loyal seller on your site for over a year..almost 2…since I first heard the name Listia…I even wear your Tshirt to advertise….I made many points for you as well as myself and my bidders love the Ebooks which I offer which can can not get anywhere else for free…there is a charge anywhere else for the complete book as I offer it…I do not take mine from their sites…I only offer what I have in paper form…to the many who want them…there are NO laws broken by me to do this…I am simply conserving these old patterns which even the new generations love…I am preserving them with many hours of scanning and photo cropping and sometimes even page repair from the deterioration going on in the old books. I hold my head proud for what I do in this conservation project and ask for very few points in return…I thought this was the reason Listia began…to conserve rather than waste…please answer us …with a good explanation..

  62. i love this site and i post alot of recipes and have won alot of recipes on here i post recipes alot cause i dont have the cash to send things out all the time i will figure something out tho

  63. I’m sad about this. I list digital art for scrapbooking here. I designed and created all the art myself and lots of people have bought it over time. I’m disabled and pretty much housebound so it allowed me to get things that I need around the house or wanted for fun. I can’t get to the post office to mail physical things anymore so the digital art was a nice thing. I guess once I use up the points I have now I’ll give up Listia since there’s nothing I can trade anymore. It was fun while it lasted, though! I enjoyed the thought of people using my art to create things for themselves.

    • I understand this Craftlyn, as I also am in that position…and if you are like me it gave you a reason for working with your digital designs and occupied a rather boring life…I made many friends here…and I also gave away many extras to those nice people…your art was a new way of life…do the things digitally which can last for eternity…I also scrapbook and using many of the digital offerings here is going to be missed…now I will have to go elsewhere and pay for it as those are not free at all anywhere…I am a little digitally artistic but not to the extent that many like yourself are…so thank you for the time you spent in the past making and crating for others of us who are not so artistic.Hope you find another venue where your digital art IS ACCEPTED…

  64. I listed mostly digital stuff from root instructions to diy hair bows….anything and every thing. I have spent a long long time gathering and making sure everything I listed worked and was legit but because people DONT READ THE DAMN DETAILS they are changing the rules? How is that fair? No one has to sift through anything leave the digital delivery box unchecked. People selling books they own? Pictures? How is it fair to them.

    I love how they stopped replying. Soon a good deal of their users will leave. Once. I spend my last credits I am having my account deleted and move to some where else…..somewhere fair.

    • Doing so right now…..I just now found this out…..BS rule. Meanwhile there was a chick selling “sex, cat, a photo of me” and then a lot of people selling “just give me free credits” and “nothing, air etc” and their listings just stay there……Straight up BS site…..they screwed themselves. They have super negative reviews on almost every review site and I’m going to add to them right now!

  65. Well, even tho I am mostly in support of this change, there is some fails on this… I do hand made jewelry as well as do a lot of baking and cooking at home. I have created a lot of my own recipes and have sold a few on Listia.. one was for my “All American Lasagna” And my “Lighter then Air” Pudding and my.. “Late-Night Peanut Butter Cup Special” and my “Simply SIn-Ful” Garlic Bread. And I have a few Jewelry Patterns that I created and wrote the instructions myself for which I always offer the Winner a Physical Copy or I offer to directly E-mail them a downloadable copy. No Idea how earning a few credits off of recipes that I created and wrote and decide to offer others is considered WRONG!?!

    • CactiCreeper says:

      Agreed I have a big book of my own recipes. One user recently got 4 of her own recipes removed even though it said physical shipping they assumed she got it off the internet told her don’t list them again when you can google them.

  66. Yes I wrote to the seller about selling instructions jailbreak…Every body can sell intructiobs and get credits…This is not correct..And Listia must stop those sellers….thanks

  67. CactiCreeper says:

    I hate the rules because I auctioned my own recipes and now I can’t unlike others I started at 0 and rarely got to 100 I did that because my parents during the move got rid of some of my stuff that I could of sold but they never asked me so I don’t have anything at my home to auction unless I draw something. But people saying people who auctioned stuff like this didn’t care for Listia are dead wrong me and my husband are very tight on money so the credits I saved since May got me a few items and my son a Christmas gift. When you have nothing to really sell but recipes and stuff that’s now not allowed and no money to buy credits Listia has become worthless not everyone has a lot of junk like other people.

  68. Ok if we are not allowed to post digital stuff why is it still listed as an option. For those that are into crafts we want to be able to share these thing with more then one person especially crochet and knitting projects or other fun craft projects. Why should we be punished because of a few jackass i really think that you should consider allowing craft items to sent digitally. Please!!!!

  69. I don’t understand how they say digital delivery is not allowed anymore and yet people are posting a TON of TCGO (trading card game online) pokemon booster codes which are all digital and no one takes them down or even tells the people posting them they’re against the rules. So are we just not enforcing this rule or what? All you have to do is type in TCGO and theyre all digital

    • Kevin Bridges says:

      Those are allowed because they are similar to the Xbox codes…use once and then they are unusable. So Listia allows that. (Even though they get them for free just like those who used to offer public domain books.)

      • I wish you people would get this straight….the crafting eBooks which come from books no longer under copy write which are in public domain cannot be found anywhere for free…you must pay a charge for them…only the individual patterns one at the time are free…and this is not a whole book it is one pattern at the time…I offered here the whole book for free for only a few points for my time…and I spent hours scanning and making these ebooks available here…but the whole book is not free anywhere else on the internet…please get this you people…

  70. And internet patterns are not always free.

  71. This website is really starting to piss me off. Don’t take down a fucking auction right when it ends after, mind you, 21 days. What the hell is wrong with this website?? ??? If I’m not getting reimbursed for this I will make damn sure that me or anyone else I know will never know the unpleasant and unprofessional, sloppy experience of Listia.

  72. This website is a fucking joke

  73. I for one wish they would get rid of the half nude women modeling “sexy” garb..the items are ok but must we see someone showing off their assets. And Condoms & other sex crap..

  74. I love the new rules, scrolling through a bunch of crap was annoying. However, I am disappointed to see embroidery files go. You cannot find them for free online, and the person who digitized it, put a lot of work into it. The only way to send these through the mail would be in a flash drive or memory card and that would get expensive. I’ve won a bunch of designs I am grateful for because they are very time consuming to digitize

  75. My only issue is books, self wrote stories.. Those where always so fun to write and sell.. and BUY.. 😐

  76. This is REALLY disappointing. I have been writing an eBook exclusively to sell on Listia. Talk about time wasted :(. I spent countless hours writing the text, taking screenshots and putting together artwork and making it nicely formatted. I was hoping to start a mini career as an author, but now I won’t be able to sell them on Listia? Major bummer.

  77. So are promo codes for a free pizza still allowed I work for a pizza franchise and get codes around the holidays I posted some but they were deleted and my auction for a 5.00 vudu credit was deleted

  78. You know, I’d be less annoyed by having perfectly legitimate digital items weeded out if they’d also weed out the frivolous auctions as well. Things like: one small paperclip, one piece of paper. One small post-it note. We all know these auctions are listed simply to get the bonus points for listing free shipping or to satisfy the occasional bonus listing tasks. A person could gather a goodly amount of points without ever having to ship out anything. I wish some ambitious programmer would start up a Listia-style site just for digital art, e-books and recipes!

  79. Should also get rid of the sellers who lie about what they have listed and them make buyer pay to send it back.

  80. OK, I’m NOT a fan of this change at all. I can agree, there’s been a tonne of digital trash on the site, but you’ve just barred my art! I’m a Photographer, with multiple awards, and I cannot list my digital art?! How’s that fair?

    I’m not some Joe Schmoe that downloaded a tonne of images, compiled them into a PDF and sold them off. I’M A VERIFIABLE PHOTOGRAPHER! <- 67 awards, in a worldwide community of 5 million Photographers

  81. jordan zarn says:

    someone sold me a tablet thats already been sold what do i do! please help!

  82. DURP_BULLET says:

    How do you change from digital delivery to free when you already posted the item your selling?

  83. WTF is wrong with you guys!? If you OWN the item, you should be able to sell it. That is a BS excuse…that whole “We feel that these changes surrounding digital items will help our community continue to grow in the best way possible. Today we’re lucky to have members who list things they no longer need, as well as others who create their own handmade items or buy new items to give to others. Digital items that can be reproduced indefinitely, however, don’t seem to fit as well into the type of community we’re trying to create.” shtick. Why should I refer more of my friends to an unfair site. I EARNED MY DIGITAL ITEMS so I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SELL THEM. YOU DO REALIZE MAGIC CARDS AND VIDEO GAMES AND ALL THAT CRAP CAN BE RE-SOLD SO YOUR LOGIC IS ILLOGICAL!!!!

    • I agree that digital items which have been designed by the seller should be allowed. Many people appreciate being able to print off what others have worked hard to design. Listia has walked all over my toes and will no longer be a place for me to use!

  84. David Sohn says:

    Why the heck did you ban coke rewards? We’re they hurting you in some way? What was Tue Hitler reasoning for banning a legitimate item?

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