Vote for Ink Protocol & Get up to 1,000 XNK Free!


Listia created Ink Protocol and XNK to make buying and selling safe and easy on any platform. Help the community by voting for “Ink Protocol” on KuCoin’s competition and earn FREE XNK credit. It’s easy and completely FREE to do.


  • You get 250 XNK in FREE credit just for completing the steps below. We will verify your submission and deposit XNK into your account within 7 business days.
  • BONUS #1: If “Ink Protocol” wins the contest, then you will get an additional 750 XNK in FREE credit from Listia!
  • BONUS #2: If “Ink Protocol” wins, everyone who voted will also share a huge XNK prize pool worth about $30,000!


This exclusive offer is available for a limited time only and is brought to you directly by Listia! Just complete the 3 steps detailed here and submit the form at the bottom. It only takes a few short minutes.

You MUST complete the steps by 3AM Pacific Time on July 15th! Make sure to get your Telegram username correct so we can verify, and your Listia username correct so we can credit the right account.

Promotion details and form submission:

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a ticket and we’ll help you out along the way!

21 Day & Scheduled Listings Available For All Sellers! Free!


Today we’re happy to announce that all sellers will be able to list up to 21 day listings and schedule start times for FREE! These two listing features allow you to list much longer auctions and also help you schedule your auction end time to ensure you are available to manage delivery of your items. This is also beneficial if you like having your auctions end at certain times of the day or on specific days of the week without having to manage exactly when you submit your listings.


Providing these 2 listing features to all sellers and eliminating listing fees last week (for start bid and GIN) are our way of simplifying the Listia experience. In order to reach that goal, we have also decided to discontinue the Listia Plus membership program. All active Listia Plus members should have already received an email with updates about the program on 3/31/18, but if you didn’t get it or if you have any questions please submit a support ticket and we’ll do our best to help!

We’re making tremendous progress on both Listia and Ink and we’re excited about the future of Listia. Simplifying everything and creating a safe and easy way to buy and sell are top priorities. We’ll have more updates to come so stay tuned!

Listing fee updates for start bid and GIN!


It has been an exciting month as we continue integration with Ink Protocol! Thank you for sending in your feedback! We really think there is something great getting started here and the Listia marketplace is proof of that. To make the marketplace even better, we’re announcing there will no longer be a 1 XNK listing fee for start bid and GIN!

No listing fee for adding a start bid!
Starting today, it will be free to list your items with any start bid! Previously, it used to cost 1 XNK for adding a start bid of 20 XNK or more. Listings that have a start bid of 20 XNK or more and end with a high bid will still incur a transaction fee (10% of the set start bid).

No listing fee for adding a Get It Now (GIN) price on auctions and fixed price listings!
Also starting today, it will be free to list your items with any GIN! This applies to both auctions and fixed price listings. Previously, it used to cost 1 XNK for adding a GIN of 20 XNK or more. Listings that end using a GIN of 20 XNK or more will still incur a 10% transaction fee.

Again, thank you for being a part of this amazing marketplace and community. Stay tuned for more updates!

2 Weeks With Ink! Some Common Questions

Listia and Ink have been integrated for 2 weeks now, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future! Listings in Ink are starting to grow quickly, and we’re working on a lot of new things for both Listia and Ink so please stay tuned! Along with that, we’ve gotten a ton of amazing feedback from the community. Here are a few of the common topics that came up. If you have any more questions, please reach out to us and submit a support ticket. We’ll have some more updates on everything soon!


What is so special about Ink and why did you change from credits?

  • Ink is yours and you can withdraw it off Listia to use on other services. We’re working on partnerships to get Ink on other services as we speak and we’ll have announcements on those as they come up!
  • There is a fixed supply of Ink and that means no more can be created. If you own Ink you own a piece of the total supply. No more credit inflation.
  • *Coming Soon* Reputation and feedback stay with you! If you want to buy and sell with Ink on a marketplace you have never used before, show them the reputation that you’ve earned from all your Ink transactions.
  • Dispute features to help when problems happen with a transaction. Unsure about a purchase? You can use the built in dispute features that are very similar to those that we have on Listia.
  • Sell your Ink outside of Listia on exchanges. More details on this process coming soon!

Where else can I use Ink?

Currently, Listia is the main service that uses Ink, but you can already use it directly with another person outside Listia if you are familiar with using Ethereum smart contracts. We’re also working on partnerships, tools, marketing, and distribution to help get Ink used in more places. Listia is just the beginning!

How do I price my items and bids in Ink?

The best way to think about Ink is to convert from a US dollar value. Currently, we are using a rate of $0.09 USD = 1 XNK. For instance, if you want to list a $10 movie you would perform a simple calculation, $10 / $0.09 = 111.11 XNK. In the future we plan on displaying a market rate along with some tools to make this calculation easier for the community.

Another way to think about Ink is to let the marketplace determine what your items are worth. This is very similar to how Listia functioned with credits.

How does the USD to XNK rate get determined?

Similar to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether, the value of Ink will eventually be market-based. Many cryptocurrencies are traded on exchanges, and can be bought and sold using USD or even other cryptocurrencies.

Today, we internally estimate the value of Ink to be around $0.09 = 1 XNK. There is some talk about the rate that you see on some other 3rd party services, but that rate is largely dictated by the activity on IDEX, which is a very low volume, decentralized exchange. We don’t believe that this price is indicative of the true market rate and do not believe the Listia marketplace should use this rate as a reference. Once there is a rate we think the marketplace can follow, we will display that rate where applicable.

Can the value of Ink change? If so, how do I adjust my selling and buying behavior?

Yes, the value of Ink can change based on the current price on 3rd party exchanges. We plan on creating features and tools for sellers and buyers to manage fluctuations in rate, and we’ll have more announcements on this soon!

How do I withdraw Ink?

To do this you need to have an Ethereum wallet outside of Listia that supports Ink. One that is popular is MyEtherWallet (MEW):

If you’re unsure of exactly how to do this, we’ll have some detailed tutorials on this soon. Be very careful when you withdraw Ink because once you withdraw it, we can no longer retrieve it for you. You will need to control your own wallets outside of Listia.

How do I exchange Ink for another currency?

In order to exchange Ink to another currency you need to use a 3rd party wallet and exchange that support Ink (MyEtherWallet and IDEX are 2 that meet this criteria). If you’re unsure of exactly how to do this, sit tight! We’ll have some detailed tutorials on this soon, please stay tuned!

Ink (XNK) is coming to Listia on February 28th!

The team has been working hard to get Listia ready for the biggest upgrade to the marketplace that we have ever done! On February 28th around 6AM PST, we will be switching the Listia marketplace over to Ink!


Our support pages have the most detail about all the changes so please take some time to read about the new features, different balances, converting credits, etc. Some highlights:

  • Getting Ink:
    • Start listing new items for Ink
    • Convert your existing credits to Ink (once you convert your credits to Ink this can not be reversed). Click here for more details.
  • Two Ink Balances: Instead of one credit balance you will have two Ink balances, a main balance and a store credit balance. Click here for more details. Your main balance will not reflect the credits you already own unless you decide to convert them to Ink.
  • Ink Listings & Start Bid/GIN Fees: All new listings will be listed for Ink so please be aware of that when you are setting your start bid and GIN values after Ink has been released. Start bids and Get It Now values are now free up to 19.99 XNK!
  • Ink Outside of Listia: You can take Ink from your main balance off Listia whenever you want! We’ll have more guides and tutorials on this in the future, but for now you can visit here for more details.
  • Credits: If you decide not to convert your credits to Ink, you can keep your credits and still use them on any listing in the marketplace. If you are interested in an Ink listing, simply bid using Ink values (Listia will convert your bidding limit based on your credit balance). The conversion rate is 3,850 credits per 1 XNK.
  • New Terms of Service: Please take the time to review our updated terms of service on 2/28/18 here.

Thank you for being a big part of our community and taking this big step forward with us! If you have any questions, please send us a support ticket and we’ll do our best to answer as fast as we can! We’re excited for Listia to grow and continue to be more valuable for all of it’s old and new members!

Listia’s Ink (XNK) Crossword Promo!


Ink Crossword Winners!!!

  • 3M Credits – Zarifa, Michael, and Jody
  • $75 Amazon GC – Maria, Gayle, and Kristina
  • 2M Credits – Sara, Laura, Bunny, and PinkPlayer
  • $50 Amazon GC – Paul, Sheila, Emily, and Pari
  • 1M Credits – Ivan, Cathy, Jenny, Cindy, and Theresa

Congratulations!!! And please stay tuned for our next promotion!

Ink (XNK) is just around the corner and to celebrate we are doing another crossword puzzle promotion starting on February 1st! We have some updated information about what’s going to happen here: We’ll have more information soon so please check back!

The crossword rules and format are similar to all previous crossword promotions, but just in case you’re new or you’ve forgotten, the details are below. Since there are a couple split credit prizes, you’ll want to keep answers to yourselves instead of sharing them 😉

In the past we’ve had some members report issues on their Android devices and in most cases we have not been able to reproduce the issues. If you are using an Android device and are having issues with the crossword puzzle saving, loading, entering answers, etc. we suggest you use a computer and log on via web browser. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Ink Crossword Promo Details

To get to the puzzle on 2/1, click the “Play & Win!” link at the top of the Listia web page, or click the “Play & Win!” link in the menu of either of our mobile apps.

  • Live 2/1/18 through 2/8/18
  • Unlock the crossword puzzle by sharing on Facebook or Twitter
  • Once shared, one clue in the crossword puzzle should be unlocked
  • Special Listia Crossword goals will be released every day through Thursday, 2/8/18. Each of these goals will unlock a certain number of crossword puzzle clues and may even reward you with credits.
  • Listing goal categories: Electronics, Health & Beauty, Clothing/Shoes & Accessories, Collectibles, Toys & Hobbies, and Video Games
  • Once the clues are unlocked you may enter the answers in the crossword puzzle
  • Each time you successfully answer sets of crossword puzzle clues you will be automatically eligible to win 6 different tiered prizes
    • 5 Answers – 10 random members that answer 5 clues will win a $5 Amazon gift card
    • 10 Answers – 5 random members that answers 10 clues will win 1,000,000 credits
    • 16 Answers – 4 random members that answers 16 clues will win a $50 Amazon gift card
    • 22 Answers
      • 4 random members that answers 22 clues will win 2,000,000 credits
      • 5,000,000 credits will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 22 clues (eg if 100 members fully complete the crossword puzzle, each member will get 50,000 credits)
    • 28 Answers – 3 random members that answers 28 clues will a $75 Amazon gift card
    • 34 Answers
      • 3 random members that answers all 34 clues will win 3,000,000 credits
      • 10,000,000 credits will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 34 clues (eg if 100 members fully complete the crossword puzzle, each person will get 100,000 credits)
  • There are 34 total clues, but there will be enough goals to unlock ~55 clues (you don’t have to do EVERY Listia Crossword goal to complete the puzzle)
  • The last Listia Crossword goals will be live on 2/8/18 (PST). Once these goals end, the contest is over and you will no longer be able to unlock clues or enter answers.
  • Winners will be chosen a week after the promotion ends and will be contacted via Zendesk ticket or Listia private message

Thanks and have fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a ticket here.

Happy Thanksgiving from Listia


Hi everyone! We wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! The Listia team is so very thankful for each and every member of our wonderful community. Through all our ups and downs, we are still working hard each day to make sure things are running smoothly and Listia is getting better each year. So, from the bottom of our hearts.. Thank YOU!

As you finish enjoying your friends, family, and of course a lovely meal.. here are a few things to look forward to from Listia over the next week and more. Enjoy!

Listia Cyber Week 2017

Gift cards, bonuses, games, goals and OVER 38 MILLION in FREE CREDITS!

Get More From Your Listia Credits in 2018

Our new currency will be better than ever. Start earning more credits today to ensure you have a ton of new Ink Tokens when we launch early next year!