Introducing Our Brand New Listia iPhone App!

At Listia, we’ve always strived to be the easiest and most rewarding way to turn your unwanted clutter into things you’ll love and actually use. From DVDs to clothing or toys, Listia makes it easy to unlock the value laying around your house whether you are on your computer or on your phone.

Today we’re excited to announce we’re making it even easier to declutter with our brand new Listia iPhone app. It’s the culmination of nearly a year of work and we couldn’t be more excited to show it to you. New features include:

  • Rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and easier to use!
  • Improved Messages! Messages appear as conversations now allowing you to talk to other members easier and more quickly
  • Notifications! Now you can see all your recent activity in one place.
  • Credit Activity! View all your credit activity in one single view
  • Saved Searches! We’ve now brought your saved searches to the app
  • Badges! We’ve improved your Badge view to be more descriptive and show your progression.
  • Gallery view! You can now view your search results in gallery or list view
  • Scheduler perk! When listing you can now use your scheduler perk when posting from the app

You can download the new Listia app for iPhone today to start decluttering and discovering!

listia_browselistia_auctionlistia_profilelistia_rewards_storePlease let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!

Listia Stories: A Great Way to Shop for Holiday Gifts

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

I’ve been a Listian since… by croakdesigns

allstar_110414 I have been a Listian since February of 2010!  It has been a great way to clear my drawers and shelves of unneeded knick knacks, jewelries, books, and all kinds of things, and it’s been a great way to “shop” for holiday gifts.  For the last few years, I’ve been able to do a good majority of my gift shopping via Listia.  I’ve been telling my friends about it, but so far they don’t seem to understand how amazing trading can be.  I got my daughter hooked though.  She currently has 30+ auctions running.  I think Listia is great as it is, but I think adding a “wish list” could make it even better. I would love to find a Trix Rabbit Pez dispenser to complete my cereal box Pez collection; I know it is out there somewhere 🙂


I joined on August 2013… by traceylynnmunkomba

0929142303I can not even begin to tell you how much Listia has changed my life. I joined on August 2013, and have been hooked ever since. On April 1st of this year (April Fools Day – and not a very funny one I might add), our house caught fire and we almost lost everything we owned. The outpour of love that I got from my Listia family was tear jerking. We now have a new home (and I even have my own “Listia office”) and my friends and family who were skeptical of Listia, are now believers! Thanks so much! (Here is a picture of my new Listia office).

Rule Changes for Digital Items


October has come and gone, and we’re heading into the holiday season with continued efforts to keep the Listia community safe and happy. Last month, we revised our rules surrounding photography and coupons. Today, we’re introducing additional measures to build an online marketplace full of great items (and experiences!) for sellers and buyers alike.

Digital Items

Starting today, all newly listed items with digital delivery will need to meet one of the two requirements below:

  1. The item can be used or claimed, and upon use, no longer has value and cannot be reused
  2. The item being listed is Bitcoin

Examples of things that meet the first requirement, and therefore are allowed:

  • Codes to redeem movies or games
  • Digital gift cards
  • Subscription codes for services like Xbox Live or Hulu Plus

Examples of things that do not meet the first requirement, and are no longer allowed:

  • E-books and PDFs, including instructions, recipes, how-to guides, etc
  • All other types of digital media (photos, music, text, etc) regardless of copyright ownership or resale rights

We feel that these changes surrounding digital items will help our community continue to grow in the best way possible. Today we’re lucky to have members who list things they no longer need, as well as others who create their own handmade items or buy new items to give to others. Digital items that can be reproduced indefinitely, however, don’t seem to fit as well into the type of community we’re trying to create.

The rule changes take effect immediately for all newly listed items (items existing prior to today are not affected). As always, you can visit our rules page to see the entire list of what is and isn’t allowed.

Thank you all for your support and patience as we continually work to make Listia the best that it can be!

A Listia Story: My Customized Halloween Costume

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Submit your entries to

Thanks to Listia …  by crcopley

allstar2_102214Because of Listia, I was able to find someone to make my 10 month old daughter (Abigail) a customized Halloween costume! We call her Abby for short or sometimes Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street character). This is her first Halloween and I really wanted to dress her up as Abby Cadabby in honor of her nickname, but I couldn’t find any Abby Cadabby costumes in stores that were her size. Everything was too big. Well, Listia made it possible for me to connect with a seller who custom makes tutu dresses. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to check my mail. When I opened the box, I was SO pleased with the dress. It looks fabulous! Thanks to Listia, I now have the perfect costume for my little girl’s First Ever Halloween 🙂

Listia Stories: My Life Has Changed

Listia Stories features you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

My Life Has Changed Dramatically by kaylaRrogers


I have been a member since August of this year and from the time I started, my days have been full of Listia!  I check on friends I have made, items needed that all other Listians so graciously post, and I try to return the favors myself.  I am disabled due to a very traumatic and unforeseen event.  This caused me to be a little bit of a shut-in and my motivation went down.  Once I found and got into Listia, my life has changed so dramatically!!  I have ambition now, love talking to the people I meet on Listia, and most of all, Listia gives me something important to do.  I take it seriously, as I would a job, and being a part of Listia has made all the difference in my life.  I am definitely addicted to Listia!! And loving every day of it!!!  Thank you so much to Listia and all my Listian friends who have helped me and been so kind just to brighten my days.

When I’m on Listia. . . by kristykayadkins

I joined Listia in August of this year. I have had a lot of health problems for over 20 years and 4 surgeries. My last surgery was a few months ago. I found Listia and it has helped me get through this hard time when I can’t do much. I can’t take care of my house and animals by myself right now. I am supposed to have another surgery soon and I know that Listia will help me through that, too. I have met some truly nice, caring people. When I’m on Listia, I don’t think about my health problems or my pain. I just have fun and enjoy the fact that people like the stuff I list and make. I am so thankful for Listia and the kind people that are a part of that community.  I will continue to be a member even when I am healthy and active.

Listia Changed The Way I Use The Internet 
by Androgynous14u

Androgynous14u on Listia

I joined Listia a few months ago. . .I have done over 25 auctions, have over 20 badges and made some honestly remarkable friendships with other Listia [members]. There is nothing that can usually stop me from hopping on here for hours out of my day, besides my health! Even then, I went to the Google Play store & it’s such a perfect application. Not too big or small & is right to the point. I’ve truly given up on eBay, and Craigslist is an afterthought. This right here is the way to go. The member Support Team is the friendliest and most helpful I have found anywhere!!! I plan to be on here as long as this site is available. If I could change one thing, it would be that I would have joined years ago! I’m up to 1873 experience points so I MUST be doing something right 😉  I just ask that this site stay up and NEVER EVER take it down. So many great, smart, helpful people on here who would literally give the shirt off their back for you. . .and they can actually do that here! It has changed the way look at & use the internet altogether.  I’m a Listia addict all the way.  Keep rocking. . .you’ve stolen my interest away from all other auction/bidding sites. I LOVE IT  “and  live it”  HERE!

Go Away, I’m Bidding 
by debrabenyshek

debrabenyshekI joined Listia March 29th 2014.  I do everything on my cell phone, [the] Listia website and app. I am so addicted to Listia that I am bidding while at family functions, at a restaurant, no matter what I’m doing or where I am. I have received so many beautiful things, functional things and have listed some things too. I’ve met wonderful people too.

A Slight Change To The Rules

Every day, more and more people join our community, and send us notes describing their incredible experiences on Listia. We are dedicated to growing a positive, healthy environment where members enjoy listing, bidding, socializing and winning items.  In an effort to maintain a safe & healthy climate, we are implementing two new rule changes, effective October 1, 2014.


Creativity is encouraged, but certain kinds of photos are no longer permitted.

Yes:  Photography of artistic / scenic quality, at Listia’s discretion
No: Selfies, ordinary photographs of other people or everyday items


No coupon listings of any kind are permitted, after October 1, 2014. We don’t allow coupons because it violates the manufacturer’s terms of use.

As we grow, we take all of your feedback  into consideration.

Note: New rules go into effect October 1, 2014. Listings prior to this date are subject to the original set of rules, prior to October, 2014. For a complete set of rules, please refer to

Listia Stories: There’s One Place Like Home

Listia Stories is a series featuring  you, and all of the Listia community members. Tell us about the friendships you’ve made, or simply why you love Listia. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to


I’m So Addicted, by Aaronrothenberg12:


Visit aaronrothenberg12 on Listia

I joined in march of this year and know I am hooked. Its been almost 2 years I have been out of work due to multiple bulging disc in my L4&5 along with blocked nerve ending damage. Listia became a gateway out. I won Birthday presents for my wife and son,  things I couldn’t afford because money has become tight. I’ve made a lot of new friends and even met some in person who lived close by, so I didn’t have to ship!  And [we’ve] had play dates with our kids. Without listia I would fall short on giving out gifts. So far all my wins went to my wife and son except one. I won a fishing lure I look forward to using one day. Thank you listia and all the great listians on this amazing site.


Friends From Around The World, by renaewilliams615:

Visit renaewilliams615 on Listia

Visit renaewilliams615 on Listia

I LOVE LISTIA! I have been a member for quite some time, and find myself spending a lot of my day on Listia. Listia has given me the opportunity to get rid of my unwanted items that I would otherwise just toss, and helps me get new items for my son and myself, that I otherwise would not have the money to spend on. I’ve met some Amazing people here from across the globe. It’s definitely the Most Friendly site ever! Thank you Listia for giving me a chance to grab some cool and much needed things 🙂




Home away from home, by TiffanyHunt

Visit TiffanyHunt on Listia

Visit TiffanyHunt on Listia

Listia is my home away from home! I’m always checking to see if I have any new bids, or fans. I’m able give away things I no longer want or need and in return get things I want for FREE! It’s an awesome combo! As a single mother of 2 boys times are always tight, i’m able to get them things they need. I’m always telling my friends at work about Listia, they all think i’m crazy until one day I walked in the door with my brand new Coach purse! They asked ‘where did you get that’? One word…LISTIA, and I didn’t pay a dime! I have been lucky enough to make some awesome friends along my journey, and look forward to making even more! Thank you Listia for making this such a fun site…I’m addicted, what more can I say?


I Am A Jewelry Artist, by Juniebug1

Visit juniebug1 on Listia

Visit juniebug1 on Listia

Listia made it possible for me to discover that I had a knack for making jewelry. One day I was looking through fb and saw the Listia logo. I logged on, received a bunch of credits right away and started shopping. My mom gave me a bunch of jewelry to list and I became hooked.  I noticed that some of her jewelry needed to be fixed so I took it apart and made other jewelry out of the old. I didn’t even know I could do that! Ever since then I’ve met marvelous , wonderful people her whom have become actual friends , I enjoy showing off my creations and I’m very addicted to the auction aspect it’s very fun. Thank you Listia and all my Listia friends.